Mum-To-Be Spa Day: 4 Pregnancy Day Spa Treatments To Try  
Mum-To-Be Spa Day: 4 Pregnancy Day Spa Treatments To Try  

Mum-To-Be Spa Day: 4 Pregnancy Day Spa Treatments To Try  

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Lavish spa and massages may not be part of your usual beauty routine, but carrying a child for nine months? Yes, you deserve the world. So we couldn’t think of a better way to spoil, pamper, and indulge yourself than a pregnancy day spa. From pregnancy spa facials to body treatments, we listed the best pregnancy spa treatments available for that covetable healthy and happy-mama glow.  

Can you go to a spa while pregnant?

There’s many things that are best avoided during pregnancy (including certain skincare ingredients!). But thankfully, you can visit the spa. However, it is always recommended to consult with your healthcare professional before booking to assess the risks. If you get the green light, consider booking the ones dedicated to expecting mothers because not all spa massages or facials are created equally. Pregnancy day spa massages are best to be kept gentle rather than stimulating and non-pregnancy safe products should be avoided. Clarins Skin Spa has dedicated pregnancy spa treatments, and all Clarins essential oils and skincare products are pregnancy safe and suitable for all skin types.  

To keep you from guessing, Beauty Daily consulted with Lucy Mcclure, Clarins Treatment Training Development Manager, to share her top pregnancy-safe spa treatment recommendations and give you a clear picture of what happens in a pregnancy massage. 

1. Mother-To-Be Pregnancy Massage

This head-to-toe pregnancy spa treatment is perfect for all expecting mums: those whose baby bump is just starting to show or those nearing their due date.  

It focuses on nurturing and soothing your face and body using the most gentle products to nourish your stretched skin and improve its tone and elasticity.  

The dedicated Clarins spa and beauty therapists will indulge you with 100% organic and pure plant essential oils paired with sensitive and relaxing massage movements to release tensions in the back, shoulders, and legs (or where you feel discomfort). At the same time, the facial will boost your pregnancy glow and encourage a deeper level of tranquillity. Take this time to empty your mind, and concentrate on the hand movements of the therapist – keeping your breathing in time with the slower pace of movements.    

Book Mother-To-Be Pregnancy Massage 60 min. £51 

2. Beauty Sleep   

If you struggle to get a good night’s sleep, don’t worry; experts say it’s normal. Physical discomfort (with your growing baby bump, finding the perfect sleeping position can be a hassle), changing hormones (let’s not even get started), and of course, a rollercoaster of emotions (excitement and anxiety). All of these can lead to a host of sleep problems. It’s believed that at least 50% of pregnant women suffer from insomnia.  

So if you are desperate for a snooze, the Beauty Sleep is our best pick for you.  

This pregnancy spa treatment aids relaxation and sleep whilst eliminating stress and fatigue. It is truly a sensory experience for mother and baby using colour therapy, personalised music, and a water pillow to take the weight off your feet and give you that feeling of floating on a cloud. This treatment is ideal for expecting mothers struggling with sleep and who need some me time,” Mcclure says.  

Since we care, here are some Beauty Daily sleep hacks you can master even at home. Pre-slumber mist a chamomile-infused Eau Ressourçante, £40, on your pillowcases and bed linens. While in bed, quickly massage the temples of your head using this Face Blue Orchid Treatment Oil, £40, or gently massage your baby bump with Tonic Oil, £44, to firm, tone and improve elasticity, smoothing the appearance of stretch marks. 

Book Beauty Sleep 70 min. £74 

3. Ultra-Relaxing Facial

Everyone talks about the ‘pregnancy glow’ – but it doesn’t happen to every woman. So, if your skin is acting up or you are just keen on some relaxation but don’t fancy anyone near your bump, a facial should be your go-to. So take some time out by booking a nature-inspired Ultra-Relaxing Facial.  

This treatment combines guided breathing exercises, a deeply relaxing Ayuroma Touch massage, and calming essential oils. As a result, your mind will be rebalanced and refocused, and your tension will disappear.   

The treatment begins by choosing your well-being colour to create a feeling of serenity, relaxation, happiness or to be at peace with nature. During the skin analysis, the Clarins experts will use ‘emotion’ touch pressure points to discover areas of stress and tension. This allows a personalised approach to each treatment.  

“Your senses are relaxed with an opening ritual focusing on breathing for the ultimate escape from the busy world. Your skin is enveloped with cocooning cleansing milk to lift off impurities and soften the skin, whilst a comforting scrub polishes away even the tiniest of dead skin cells. Inspired by Ayurveda medicine, three drops of your chosen oil to the 3rd eye and thymus gland to calm and release stress, followed by a tension busting massage to the décolleté. Whilst your facial massage relaxes facial features and hydrates the skin. If the expectant mother is looking for all the relaxing benefits of a massage, in a facial, this is the treatment for them,” explains McClure.    

Book Ultra Relaxing Facial 60 min. £64 

4. Expert Facial   

If you’re looking for a perfect pre-baby shower facial for that oozing mama sparkle, McClure recommends booking an Expert Facial.  

“After a thorough skin analysis, our therapists will personalise products to their clients’ skin, combined with a double exfoliation, 25-minutes of power-boosting massage and triple masks,” she says.  

Book Expert Facial 25 min. £74.00

Just remember the spa rules: The NHS advises avoiding using saunas, jacuzzis, hot tubs and steam rooms during pregnancy because of the risks of overheating, dehydration, and fainting. Pregnancy massages and treatments are often only recommended after the first 12 weeks. 

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