The Natural Anti-Ageing Skincare Ingredients To Try
The Natural Anti-Ageing Skincare Ingredients To Try

The Natural Anti-Ageing Skincare Ingredients To Try

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We can point you in the right direction if you’re on the hunt for natural anti-ageing skincare. There are plenty of plant-based extracts that can work wonders for your skin. But first, let’s understand what ageing means for our skin and whether we can (or should) try to work against this natural process.   

There are two types of skin ageing: physiological (this is inevitable and genetically determined) and secondary (caused by external factors like sun exposure, pollution or stress).  

For instance, if you smoke – then you are more likely to develop smokers lines and will need to treat the mouth area for wrinkles above the lip.

No cream or magic potion you slather on your face can completely reverse the ageing process. As you age, you will develop some lines and creases that indicate a life well-lived. But it’s the secondary ageing caused by external factors that can be prevented.

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What are the first signs of ageing?

For most women, the earliest signs of skin-ageing will show up in their late 20s and early 30s. Depending on how well you took care of your skin in the past, these signs could be subtle or more obvious. They include: 

  • Thin, faint fine lines around the eyes and mouth area 
  • Sun damage-related spots and pigmentation 
  • General dullness and lacklustre skin 
  • Puffy under-eyes

When should I start using age-defying products?

That’s a layered question. We would argue that the most important “anti-ageing” product you can use is sunscreen – which you should have been wearing since you were a baby. In terms of targeted treatments for fine lines or pigmentation, you can start defending your skin against them as early as age 25. 

At around age 30, stress and lack of sleep can wear out fibroblasts (a type of cell found in connective tissues that secrete collagen), making their activity slow down and the first signs of ageing appear.   

From the age of 40, the skin regenerates itself more slowly and loses its firmness. Thus, wrinkles appear. By 50, age-related hormonal changes affect fibroblasts’ activity, which impacts the skin’s density. As a result, wrinkles become more profound, and the skin slackens and loses its plump look. 

The ageing process is very gradual and genetic and lifestyle factors play a huge role in deciding its speed. But a healthy lifestyle and some good skincare can go a long way in slowing down the process. 

The natural anti-ageing skincare ingredients to look out for

There are countless ingredients that promise to fight premature signs of ageing in the skincare world, and a fair few deliver results. But you’re here because you’re a fan of all things plant-based. So, here’s a list of natural anti-ageing skincare ingredients that work hard to restore that youthful glow we love so much.  


Harungana is a tree that’s native to Madagascar. In traditional medicine, the plant’s orangey-red sap is used to soothe skin irritations. 

When the harungana leaf extract is used it skincare, it boosts the activity of fibroblasts and stimulates the production of collagen to replenish the skin at all levels.  

Try: All products in the Super Restorative range are packed with harungana extract, that’s meant to be as effective as retinol. Choose the formula that slots into your skincare routine the best – it could be a day cream, night cream, serum or eye cream. 


Turmeric, derived from the root of the Curcuma longa plant, is an antioxidant that offers a bunch of benefits when consumed as well as when applied topically. For example, it can boost your skin’s natural hyaluronic acid content (making it appear plumper) and protect it from environmental damage. 

Try: Double Serum contains a specific turmeric extract rich in turmerone: a compound that protects the “listening” system of cells to optimise cellular communication, resulting in firmer, more radiant skin. 

Green tea 

This is another plant extract with powerful antioxidants and skin-soothing properties. Green tea contains polyphenols (micronutrients that naturally occur in plants) known to be free radical scavengers. This study tested its moisturising properties in cosmetic formulations and found that it significantly reduced skin roughness after 15-30 days of use.  

Teasel extract 

Teasel is a plant found in France. When its extract is used in skincare, it protects cells from oxidative damage and promotes the production of ATP – an energising molecule – which helps fight against free radicals.   

Try: In the Multi-Active range, teasel is concentrated in an intelligent micro-capsule programmed to specifically target the fibroblast. On contact with the cells, the capsule delivers all the antioxidant properties of teasel extract. The fibroblast activity is preserved, premature skin ageing is therefore prevented. 

Clarins Multi-Active Day Cream, £47

Clarins anti-ageing day cream  

Licorice root 

A fantastic skin-soother – liquorice root (also known by its scientific name: glycyrrhiza glabra) is known to help fade dark spots and even out the skin tone. Because of its calming properties, it’s often included in products targeted toward sensitive skin.  

Kangaroo flower 

Along with resembling a kangaroo paw, this plant native to Australia displays similarities to skin. To regenerate, it attracts pollenating birds; and to optimise its chances, it develops flower clusters – just as the skin regenerates by grouping its baby cells.  

Therefore, in skincare, this plant extract strengthens the bonds between baby cells. It also improves the quality of their protective bubble. The result? Skin looks firmer and regains its spring. 

Try: Kangaroo flower extract is the crucial ingredient in the Extra-Firming Day and Night creams. They both target wrinkles and fine lines, working to reduce their appearance and make the skin appear firmer. 

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