Eye Cream with SPF: Stop Missing Your Eye Area!
Eye Cream with SPF: Stop Missing Your Eye Area!

Eye Cream with SPF: Stop Missing Your Eye Area!

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We’re told, countless times by skin experts, to never skip wearing SPF and to apply it where the sun rays touch the skin. Despite our best efforts, there’s one key spot that we often miss… the eyelid area. If you’re guilty, then read on…   

We consulted with top skin experts on why eye cream with SPF should be part of your UV-fighting daytime beauty routine.  


Should you use an eye cream with SPF?

The skin around the eye area is naturally more sensitive than the rest of your face. Which is why it’s not only important to choose the right make-up for sensitive eyes, but also the right skincare. And even if your eye area isn’t sensitive, as far as dermatologists are concerned, you should always use an eye cream with SPF 

Eyelid skin is so thin that it is extremely susceptible to sun damage. In addition, it’s more prone to burning, fine lines, and wrinkles than other parts of the skin, which is why it requires special care.  

Some of the worst skin cancers are in the eyelid area, according to US-based cosmetic dermatologist Dr Karan Lal.

“Eyelid skin is the thinnest skin of your body. Sun damage to the eyelids can cause increased skin laxity and crepeyness,” Dr Lal explains. “Using sunscreen can prevent sun damage from occurring on the eyelids which in turn will help keep your eyelid skin-tight, free of discolouration, and less saggy. If you don’t use sunscreen on your eyelids, you may develop dark eyelid skin, saggy eyelids, and/or skin cancer. Skin cancers are common on the eyelids and can be devastating.” he adds.  

Columbia University Department of Ophthalmology cautions that the eyelid region is one of the most common locations for skin cancers, with up to 10% of all skin cancers occurring on the eyelid 

So yes, an eye cream with SPF is essential and should have a place in your daytime skincare routine.  

Can you safely use a face SPF around your eyes?

“It’s absolutely safe to use face sunscreen for the eyelids,” says Dr Lal. “There are also eyelid specific eyeshadows with SPF which are great too if people want an eye specific spf with cover up.”  

A good example is Shimmershade SPF 30, £29.95 from Supergoop. This cream eyeshadow is formulated with mineral and clean chemical actives that protect your eyes from UV rays. It blends perfectly with just a single swipe of a finger without creasing, flaking, or fading.   

“I usually recommend a face SPF for the whole face and eyelids. People often find it too much to use two different types of sunscreens for the face. There is no difference in the active ingredients between eyelid SPF and most mineral facial sunscreens,” he says. 

Dr Lal shares his top mineral sunscreens:   

1. Anthelios UVMune 400 Hydrating Tinted Cream SPF50+ Sun Cream

Anthelios UVMune 400 Hydrating Tinted Cream SPF50+ Sun Cream 50ML

Anthelios UVMune 400 Hydrating Tinted Cream SPF50+ Sun Cream, £18 offers high protection that is ultra-resistant: water, sweat and sand resistant and has anti-eye stinging qualities so no more tears! It also has a lightweight texture and is non-greasy. 

“This is great for those with sensitive skin and is a gentle lotion that is easy to spread.” 

2. Drunk Elephant Umbra Tinted Physical Daily Defense SPF 30 

Umbra Tinte™ Physical Daily Defense SPF 30

Drunk Elephant Umbra Tinte Physical Daily Defense SPF 30, £31 is a tinted daily sunscreen loaded with potent antioxidants all working to minimise the appearance of photoaging for a more youthful-looking complexion. It is safe to use in the eyes and can also benefit from the SPF’s anti-ageing benefits that are aimed to fight fine lines and wrinkles.  

“This is tinted and great for people with darker skin tones who don’t want to have a white opaque sunscreen look on their eyelids.”   

Searching for what SPF is best for your face? Read this guide.  

Best eye creams with SPF

For the eyelids, I recommend a mineral-based sunscreen as these are gentle on sensitive skin areas. Chemical sunscreens can burn and sting the eyes. They can even cause allergic reactions in people with sensitive skin,” Dr Lal cautions. 

1. Hello Sunday The One For Your Eyes Eye Cream SPF 50

Hello Sunday The One For Your Eyes Eye Cream SPF 50
, £16 not only protects your eyes from the harsh UVs but also firms the area around your eyes to leave you looking bright-eyed. This SPF 50 mineral cream is certified eye-safe, meaning it won’t sting or burn your eyes.  


It has wheat protein for an instant brightening effect, a rich mix of peptides to help reduce fine lines and wrinkles, oatmeal to neutralise free radicals and reduce oxidative stress for a youthful eye glow, lactobacilli fermented natural oat active which tighten, and add a radiant glow to the under-eye area and finally, 100% mineral and antioxidant filters to keep your eyes UV protected. Need we say more?  

2. Medik8 Advanced Day Eye Protect Anti-Ageing Eye Cream SPF 30


Medik8 Advanced Day Eye Protect Anti-Ageing Eye Cream SPF 30, £39 has pollution shield, anti-infrared, anti-blue light, and anti-A.G.E technologies which covers all your eye anti-ageing worries. It has SPF 30 and is super lightweight, which makes it perfect for daytime use.  

3. Mineral Sun Care Compact UVA/UVB 30

Mineral Sun Care Compact UVA/UVB 30

Beauty Daily recommends this on-the-go Mineral Sun Care Compact UVA/UVB 30, £27. The antioxidant high-protection tinted liquid is suitable for all types of skin, even ones with the most sensitive skin. It has a portable case and a washable sponge for applying anywhere you go. It’s perfect for touch-ups!  

This compact is powered by a unique combination of two of Clarins complexes: SunFilterComplex and SunPlantComplex. SunFilterComplex is mainly responsible to ensure the skin’s optimal protection against sun’s rays: UVB and UVA. SunPlantComplex is a synergy of six plant extracts that prevent the skin from sun-related ageing and make sure the skin is hydrated. 

Another one we love is the ultra-versatile Invisible Sun Care Stick SPF50, £19 which is formulated to protect the most sensitive parts of the face, eye area included. You can also use it for your entire face. What’s not to love? 

Invisible Sun Care Stick SPF50

It has a “bare skin” texture that stays invisible, and you can easily slip it in your pocket when you go for a walk, your mini bag on a day out or carry on when you fly!  

Eye SPF application tip: “I recommend using your mineral sunscreen every morning. Moisturise first and then apply a thin layer of the product and spread across the upper and lower eyelids in a circular fashion,” Dr Lal advises   

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eye spf summer 

Dermatologist approved ways to protect eyes from UVs

1. Invest in a UPF 50 hat  

You might ask what UPF means. According to The Skin Cancer Foundation, Ultraviolet Protection Factor (UPF) indicates how much UV radiation (both UVB and UVA) a fabric allows to reach your skin. A UPF 50 fabric blocks 98% of UV rays reducing your exposure risk significantly. So, when it comes to investing in a hat, it’s worth investing in one with UPF 50 protection.  

Opt for a broad-brimmed or bucket hat to protect your upper face, neck, scalp, and ears. Wide-brimmed hats can block an additional 50% of UV rays. From sun hats for the beach and sun hats for hiking to bucket hats there’s one to fit your style and the occasion.  

Sun Hat

Our top hat pick for the summer weather is Sunday Afternoons Hats Leisure Straw Sun Hat – Natural-Brown, £29.95 

This chic sunhat in natural brown is made from 100% natural straw. It has UPF 50+ rating on the brim and top-of-crown lining for an optimal sun protection and to protect those pretty eyes of yours. The hat also has an adjustable chin strap to keep the hat in place against the UK winds.  

2. Wear UV-protective sunnies

The first rule of thumb is to opt for 100% UV protection sunglasses. So, check the labels before adding to your cart. Invest in a pair of massive sunglasses to protect your eyes and the skin around them.   

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