How To Relieve Dry Skin On The Face
How To Relieve Dry Skin On The Face

How To Relieve Dry Skin On The Face

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Does your skin often feel tight and uncomfortable? Prone to redness or fine lines?  Dry skin on the face can manifest differently from person to person and comes in many guises. A common skin type, it may be prone to a rough flaky texture, itching, or can even feel sore. It’s often prone to irritation and sensitivity. So how to treat it?  

Luckily Beauty Daily has plenty of experts on speed-dial to help! We reached out to a few to find out how to address the most common bugbears concerning dry skin on the face. From the causes, symptoms and the best treatments as well as ways to keep dryness and flaky skin at bay.  

Dry Skin

Causes and symptoms of dry skin on the face

Dry skin on the face has many causes – the main one is genetics, which you can’t really do much about. It may be a symptom of a chronic skin condition, or led by external and internal factors, such as physical and emotional stress, ageing, using harsh skincare or irritation.    

Dry skin on the face and body is rough, dry, sensitive, and itchy,” notes US-based Dermatologist Darren Casey. “It can be caused by the environment when heat is on, or weather is cold. We also see patients with eczema, psoriasis, hyperkeratosis, and hypothyroidism who have genetically dry skin.”  

A 5-step routine for dry skin

1. Cleanser

If you love a full face of makeup each day, it’s best to double cleanse come the evening. Remove daytime SPF, make-up and pollution from the face using the Cleansing Micellar Water, £24. This micellar water is powered by plant extracts such as organic golden gentian and lemon balm, which can soothe dry skin. Plus, moringa oil makes sure your skin is pollution-free 

For your second cleanse, opt for a rich, creamy texture such as a Soothing Gentle Foaming Cleanser, £23. It’s formulated with shea butter, which provides relief to dry skin issues and is ultra-gentle on sensitive skin. Casey recommends washing with a gentle cleanser with lukewarm water. End the cleansing method by rebalancing your pH with a swipe of the Soothing Toning Lotion, £34.  

2. Moisturiser

Fragrance is not your dry skin’s best friend! It’s a common irritant and can leave skin red and stinging. Casey recommends moisturising with fragrance-free moisturisers containing ceramides, hyaluronic acid, and facial oil. “I like pure coconut oil as a moisturiser,” he advises.  

Choose a daily day and night cream that suits your other needs like hyperpigmentation, age spots, or fine lines and wrinkles. Make sure to opt for a rich, creamy texture formulated for dry skin.  


“My three favourite products for dry skin are CeraVe Moisturising Cream, £12.08 (rich in ceramides and hyaluronic acid) and Aquaphor Ointment, £8.82 for lips, cuticles and inflamed cracked skin. I love lotions with alpha and beta hydroxy acid like CeraVe SA, £11.25 for rough, bumpy skin,” says Casey.  

3. Exfoliation  

“Sometimes we recommend gentle exfoliation if patients have lots of dead flaky skin, ”  Casey explains.  

Comfort Scrub

Beauty Daily recommends exfoliating once a week with the Comfort Scrub, £26 

This gel-in-oil formula transforms into a silky, milky consistency upon contact with water. It contains sugar microcrystals derived from beetroot, to combat skin’s dryness by very gently removing dead skin cells. It is so gentle it can be applied to lips to remove flaky skin. It is formulated with wild mango butter, which is rich in essential fatty acids to soothe even the driest of skin.   

4. Face Mask And Oils

Charlotte McHale, Clarins Training Manager, recommends applying a face mask twice a week.  Her chosen combo? The SOS Comfort Face Mask, £31 mixed with the Santal Treatment Oil – Dry Skin, £37. This duo will calm and soothe your dry face. Leave on for 10 minutes* for deeply nourished skin that is soft, supple, radiant and feels great.  

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5. Face Mist 

Hydra Essential Face Mist

When out and about, it’s a good idea to keep a facial mist handy, to spritz on the go. We love the Hydra-Essentiel Hydrating Multi-Protection Mist, £26. 

This super-hydrating face mist leaves skin radiant, plump, and protected from the effects of environmental stressors. It is powered by the multi-hydrating complex, a blend of Organic Leaf of Life and Organic Houseleek extracts and Hyaluronic Acid that draws moisture to the skin. You can use it before applying makeup, or over makeup as a perfecting touch, or when you feel your skin needs hydrating.  

7 skincare ingredients to add to your dry skin routine now

Hyaluronic acid

If you are looking to up your skin’s moisture levels, opt for products infused with hyaluronic acid. It is a moisture magnet that will tackle your skin’s dryness issues. 

Beauty Daily loves the products in the Hydra-Essential Range. They include a plant active ingredient, Organic Leaf of Life, which works similarly to hyaluronic acid in that it can absorb 1,000 times its weight in water.  

This ‘super plant’ thrives in the driest of climates and can soak up moisture like a sponge, retaining water in the heart of its leaves.  

Hyrdra Essential Dry Skin

Hydra-Essentiel Rich Cream – Very Dry Skin, £26 is our pick for people looking to address their dry skin on the face issues. Apply morning and/or evening to the face and neck. Its smooth, lightweight texture instantly comforts the skin. Your parched skin will feel comfortable and radiant with consistent use.  

2. Ceramides

Another skincare ingredient that can help combat dryness is ceramides. Ceramides are skincare heroes as they prevent the skin from dullness, dryness, and dehydration. Although they are already found naturally in our skin, they deplete with age – exacerbated by factors like sun damage, hot water, or harsh soaps. Ceramides are key ingredients in the Multi-Active day and night creams.  

3. Glycerin

Just like hyaluronic acid, is also a moisturising powerhouse. Although not as popular as hyaluronic, it can penetrate deeper into the skin and provide long-lasting hydration keeping dryness at bay. Glycerin, among other hydrating ingredients, is found in Tonic Moisturising Balm, £35   

4. Squalene 

Referred to as the “Big Gulp” of moisturisers by the pros! Its thin consistency not only means it absorbs quicker, but penetrates more deeply into your skin.  

5. Shea butter

Proven to have efficient anti-inflammatory properties and helps quell any redness or blotchiness.  

6. Panthenol

A provitamin and skin protectant with anti-inflammatory properties. It can help improve skin’s hydration, elasticity, and smooth appearance. It also soothes dry, flaky skin. It is one of the main ingredients in the Hydrating Toning Lotion, £24. This alcohol-free toning lotion is also enriched with aloe vera and saffron flower extracts, which hydrate the skin leaving it feeling fresh and comfortable. 

7. Dimethicone

A gentle moisturising ingredient for both the face and body, it helps provide long-lasting smoothing benefits for the skin. You can find it in the SOS Hydra Refreshing Hydration Mask, £31.  

If none of these work or bring relief, best to see a dermatologist.  

Prevent dry skin on the face with these 10 expert-approved tips 

  1.  “I recommend drinking lots of water, eating food rich in omega acids, and running a humidifier in your bedroom,” advises Casey.  
  2. Avoid harsh skincare ingredients and turn down the shower temperature from hot to lukewarm. 
  3. Avoid stripping ingredients and opt for gentle skincare products. 
  4. Don’t over-cleanse or over-exfoliate.  
  5. Don’t wash your face multiple times a day.  
  6. Never forget your moisturiser. 
  7. Skip hot and spicy foods and drinks, as these can trigger a flare up. 
  8. De-stress! Stress can dry your skin out and your fight-or-flight response takes over. As a result, you experience a spike in adrenaline and cortisol. It makes you sweat a bit more, which leads to dry skin. Make sure to take time to wind-down, and hydrate. Read more about The Signs Your Skin Is Stressed and How To Solve It. 
  9. Avoid excess alcohol consumption. 
  10. Quit smoking.  

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And no need to put up with dry, thickened skin on your feet either!

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