How To Exfoliate Your Face Based On Your Skin Type
How To Exfoliate Your Face Based On Your Skin Type

How To Exfoliate Your Face Based On Your Skin Type

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When it comes to face exfoliators, it can take effort to figure out which will suit your skin best. And it’s no wonder it can be overwhelming, as there are so many available – everything from gritty scrubs to liquid exfoliants on the shelves of our beauty stores. But if you want to work out how to find the best exfoliator for your face, look no further. We spoke to some experts to get their advice on where to start.

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Best face exfoliators  

Clarins Beauty Flash Peel, £38 

beauty flash peel

Another powerful concoction to melt away the bonds that hold dead skin cells together. Containing AHA and BHA exfoliants, simply leave on the skin for 10 minutes before swiping it off to reveal ultimate radiance.

Clarins Fresh Scrub, £26 

fresh scrub

A cream-gel texture, this refreshing exfoliating face scrub is essential for anyone with dry, lacklustre skin. Containing a combination of larger and finer exfoliating beads, it’ll buff away the top layer of skin that causes dryness and dullness.

Clarins One-Step Exfoliating Cleanser, £25

One Step Gentle Exfoliating Cleanser

An exfoliating cleanser that combines orange extract, moringa seed extract, and silica microbeads to cleanse, exfoliate, and purify the skin. This multitasking exfoliating face wash formula leaves the skin refreshed, smooth, and radiant.

Clarins Comfort Scrub, £26

Clarins face scrub

Enriched with sugar microcrystals, shea butter, and moringa extract, this top rated face exfoliator for sensitive skin gently exfoliates, nourishes, and soothes the skin, leaving it soft, radiant, and comfortable.

Clarins Gentle Peeling Smooth Away Cream, £26

Clarins Gentle Peeling Sooth away cream with primrose extract

Clarins Gentle Peeling Smooth Away Cream contains soothing primrose extract, natural clay, and microbeads to exfoliate and renew the skin. This gentle face exfoliator cream refines texture, revealing a smoother, brighter complexion.

Clarins Pure Scrub, £26


Infused with natural microbeads, tamarind pulp acids, and shea butter. This refreshing scrub gently exfoliates and purifies, leaving the skin smooth, radiant, and refined.

What is the best face exfoliator for each skin type? 

According to Spirithoula Koukoufikis, Senior Medical Aesthetician at Skinfluencer, different skin types should seek out different exfoliators. “The best exfoliator for oily skin is a physical exfoliator such as a scrub or a cleansing device,” she says. “But be sure to analyse the type of exfoliating beads in your product, as certain types can cause micro-tears in the skin,” she continues. Koukoufikis adds that dry skin can use a creamy, lotion texture or chemical exfoliant, and combination skin types can generally use any type of exfoliator.  

Difference between face exfoliator and face scrub  

There are two different types of face exfoliators – chemical and physical. “Chemical exfoliation refers to when chemicals are used to exfoliate the top layer of the skin to remove the dead cells that sit on the skin’s surface,” says Dalya Sager, Global Trainer at Skinfluencer. “Water-soluble alpha-hydroxy acids (AHAs) produce a peeling action, which helps fade pigmented spots and even rough or bumpy patches. For more mature skin types, glycolic acid from the AHA family penetrates the deepest and can stimulate collagen production, improving skin texture and tone. Beta-hydroxy acids (BHAs) are oil-soluble and can clear excess debris and sebum,” she continues. 

Regarding face scrubs, we refer to physical exfoliation methods such as microdermabrasion and salt or sugar scrubs. “Opt for a face scrub that contains microexfoliants, which are small-size, non-coarse particles, that will not cause any trauma to the skin,” says Sager.  

How to exfoliate your face  

Wondering what’s the best way to exfoliate your face? Look no further…

Step 1: Apply your chosen exfoliator to the face after cleansing. 

Step 2: Use circular motions to exfoliate the entire facial area, but avoid the eye contour area. 

Step 3: If a product sits on your face (such as a chemical peel), wait a few minutes before rinsing it off. If it’s a face scrub, lightly rinse your face with lukewarm water. 

Step 4: Pat the face dry and apply hyaluronic acid followed by a moisturiser. 

How often should you exfoliate your face?  

According to Dr Maryam Zamani, less is more when it comes to facial exfoliation. “Exfoliate gently in the evening 2-3 times a week. If your skin has become sensitive, listen to it, and ease up on actives for a while until it has fully recovered,” she explains. 

This advice will differ for other parts of your body – your face skin is sensitive compared to say your feet. This skin on feet can be exfoliated more often, for longer.

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