The Best Moisturisers For Oily Skin, According To A Dermatologist
The Best Moisturisers For Oily Skin, According To A Dermatologist

The Best Moisturisers For Oily Skin, According To A Dermatologist

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Moisturiser for oily skin? We can sense scepticism. Oil-blotting sheets, midday touch-ups: women with an oily skin type deal with extra shine every day. Moisturisers would seem counterintuitive to add to the already erupting oil. However, even greasy and oily types can dry out.     

You need to find the right ingredients, formula and texture that work for you.    

We consulted with a top dermatologist on what to look for in a moisturiser for oily skin so you can make an informed purchase.   

How to tell if your skin is oily

If your skin type is oily, you may have noticeable grease that sits on your skin, generally around the T-zone.  

While oiliness is a blessing in disguise for people with oily skin, as they tend to age slower, they are also much more acne-prone. 

Skin can be overly shiny with visible pores and regular outbreaks of blackheads and blemishes. On the other hand, people with combination skin exhibit a mix of oily areas on the T-zone, while the cheeks, jaw, and hairline tend to be normal.  

Dr Alia Ahmed, NHS Consultant Dermatologist with a particular interest in Psychodermatology, says you can also do a face check by pressing a clean tissue to the area. People with oily skin types can show signs of oil deposition.  

She explains: “Typically, people may present with congestion in oily parts of the face (e.g. blackheads or unusually large pores) or breakouts. This is because the oil-producing glands are concentrated around the central portion of the face. Therefore, this area can look shiny as the day progresses.” While oil, or sebum, on the skin is normal, it can make some people feel conscious.  

Want to Get Rid Of Oily Skin? Follow This Derm-Approved Regime 

What can I do if my skin is too oily?  

You can manage sebum production many ways: certain dietary changes to skincare and lifestyle tweaks.   

First of all, eliminate food high in fat, sugar and dairy. Instead, opt for antioxidant-rich fruits and veggies. In short, eat a “rainbow” diet. Here’s a helpful guide to get you started: Nutritionist-Approved Guide To Clean Eating.   

Also, don’t stress too much, as stress triggers an overproduction of the stress hormone cortisol, which causes grease and gunk on your face.  

A targeted skincare routine will keep the shine at bay and calm down those overactive oil glands. In addition, incorporating salicylic skincare products is an effective way to minimise sebum production and tighten pores.  

What salicylic acid does is penetrate the oil. So, it cuts through any sebum within the pores to deep clean, keeps them unclogged, and reduces its production.  

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What to look for in a moisturiser for oily skin

Dr Ahmed suggests looking for non-comedogenic moisturisers for oily skin. “Consider light formulations like lotions or serums rather than heavy and thick creams.”  

Experts say ingredients formulated with hyaluronic acid are a good choice for oily skin because they are known for being lightweight yet moisturising.

Moisturiser For Oily Skin

Hydra-Essentiel Cooling Gel is enriched with Organic Leaf of Life. This Madagascan-derived plant acts like hyaluronic acid in skincare products giving skin a boost of hydration. The skin is left intensely hydrated, radiant, and shine-free thanks to the cooling gel texture. Apply morning and evening to the face and neck.  

Another great addition to your moisturising step is to add a facial treatment oil.  

Contrary to popular belief, experts say facial oil is one of the best ways to nourish your skin- including those with oily skin types.  

Applying the right one is key and can be beneficial to replenish your skin’s natural oils, which can keep oil levels balanced.    

Beauty Daily swears by Lotus Treatment Oil for oily skin type. The extracts from lotus oil are very good at mimicking the structure of the sebum.  

It does a great job calming the oil production down, all thanks to the blend of essential oils Rosemary, Geranium and Lotus extracts, which purify the skin, tighten pores and refine skin texture.  

Daytime, make sure never to skip your SPF as this will prevent you from all sorts of skin problems caused by everyday environmental threats. UV PLUS [5P] Anti-Pollution Translucent is a lightweight, easily absorbed gel cream perfect for oily skin.  

Are you confused about which to layer first, moisturiser or facial oil? We’ve nailed it here: Your Skincare Routine Order Explained.  

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