11 Skincare Trends That Will Dominate 2022, According To The Experts
11 Skincare Trends That Will Dominate 2022, According To The Experts

11 Skincare Trends That Will Dominate 2022, According To The Experts

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As we approach the two-year mark of the Covid-19 pandemic, industry insiders see us prioritising skincare versus cosmetics more than ever. We have become our skin’s superheroes – from picking products online to performing pro-like facials and spending a whole lot longer on our self-care routines. 

We are even searching for new ingredients in the quest for something to tone, hone and perfect. So, without further ado, Beauty Daily is letting you into the next big thing in skincare trends to know about in 2022 to up your beauty knowledge game to the next level. 

How did the pandemic influence the way we do skincare?

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Before we do the rundown of 2022’s top skincare trends, we explore how our relationship with skin has changed – pre and post-pandemic.

According to Euromonitor International, the pandemic has led self-care consumers to be skin-focused, prioritising self-care, educated, and planet-conscious

It is safe to say that we’ve become more intentional with our skincare purchases. This reflects the global skincare trends – still beautifying but with a sense of greater responsibility and flexibility. 

Blue light blocking skincare

The worldwide shift to an entirely digital lifestyle may have been the most jarring change. According to a survey, people spent up to nineteen hours per day on screens during the pandemic. 

This survey polled 2000 adults and found a whopping 19 hrs 6 mins spent daily glued to gadgets such as phones, laptops and televisions during the lockdown. 

Average time spent per device during the lockdown: Laptop (5 hrs 10 mins), TV (5 hrs 9 mins), Phone (5 hrs 2 mins), and Gaming device (3hrs 45 mins) summed up to 19 hrs 6 mins daily screen time. 

While our increased online presence has been an important way to stay connected, there are long-term consequences if warning signs are ignored. For example, extreme exposure to blue light from electronic devices leads to premature skin ageing and hyperpigmentation. 

Experts predict to see a surge of tailored blue light blocking products like Clarins’ UV and pollution screen.  

In addition, Skincare expert Charlotte McHale recommends using Double Serum Eye to fight fatigue-related eye issues caused by blue light. 

She says, “The skin around the eye contour is thinner, more fragile and less resilient than the rest of the skin on our face. Everyday exposure to collagen destroying blue light would lead to puffiness, dark circles and sagging eyelids. If you’re spending a lot more time in front of digital screens, that’s a great addition to your regime.” 

Sustainable and eco-friendly skincare will be key

The effects of climate change, the rise of zero waste movements and the coronavirus outbreak have made us aware that the way we live determines the fate of our planet. As a result, the demand for sustainable beauty will inevitably boom as consumers are more knowledgeable about what they are putting onto their skin. 

Environmentally-friendly formulations and packaging like the Clarins sun care range and ethically sourced ingredients will play a significant role in the purchasing decision. 

Sunscreen – will be bigger and better than ever  

With a greater understanding of the harmful effects of UV exposure, the sunscreen demand will remain strong throughout 2022. Indeed, its use is now recognised, widely recommended, and emphasised by skincare experts as one of the essential steps in your routine.  

McHale says, “The higher the SPF the better to prevent skin pigmentation, fine lines and wrinkles.” 

Anti-Pollution will be a priority

Being more aware of how environmental aggressors affect skin health, we predict greater demand for anti-pollution skincare products that offer broader protection against harmful pollutants such as indoor, atmospheric, pollen, air and photo (light) pollution.  

With pollution as one of the biggest skin threats we face daily, McHale says, “Incorporating anti-pollution skincare products will create a layer of protection against pollution – especially those who live in the cities.” 

McHale’s top pick for getting rid of pollution particles is the Velvet Cleansing Milk. “It’s anti-pollution in the sense that it draws impurities away from the skin. It is formulated with moringa extract that’s great for removing debris from the skin. It’s a good way to purify in the evening, especially when the skin has been exposed to all kinds of pollutants.”

Male beauty on the rise

Experts predict that the men’s grooming category will soar this year. 

Men’s skincare is growing faster than the women’s category, with sales up by 14% in the UK market alone over the last six months, compared to women’s skincare up by less than 6%. 

Beauty snacking

According to experts, the pandemic gave rise to a new skincare trend called beauty snacking – bite-sized beauty moments incorporated into daily lives to break up working from home or enjoy a short form of relaxation. From a quick spritz of your favourite fragrance to a five-minute face mask, beauty snacking will become popular in 2022. 

Hybrid make-up with skincare benefits  

A recent report reveals that more consumers prefer to purchase hybrid make-up with skin benefits, a burgeoning category set to flourish this year.  


We can also expect our make-up to act like skincare like the Supra Volume Mascara, which is part lash care, part make-up. Clinical study shows regular product application on bare lashes for four weeks increased participants’ lash volume by 17.6%, thanks to the power of cassia flower and carnauba waxes. 

Bespoke skincare programmes

We are less interested in quick-fix treatments and keen on investing in long-term bespoke programs such as luxury care both inside and outside of treatment rooms. 

Personalised regimens prescribed by skincare experts will become a routine with hands-on demonstrations of professional application methods to maximise the product’s performance when used at home. 

A new modern way to glow

The pursuit of a healthy glow is still viral, thanks to the influence of K-Beauty. The obsession with dewiness continues, so we’re still seeing dolphin skin and dewy, glowing aesthetics all year round. 

However, it has a hyper-realness now – instead of the shimmery unicorn-esque highlighters of the past – the glow for 2022 will appear lit-from-within thanks to a dedicated skincare routine and a few sparingly placed radiance-boosting products. 

Fermented beauty

K and J-beauty have given rise to a new trend: fermented beauty. 

Experts say fermented ingredients, like sea kelp or sake extract, when applied topically, can help support the harmony of the microorganisms that make up the skin’s microbiome which contributes to overall healthy skin and improves skin barrier.  

Fermented ingredients span from AHAs such as glycolic acid (fermented sugar) and lactic acid (fermented milk) to several natural extracts, including black tea and red ginseng.

Waterless beauty

With the UN reporting that one in nine of the world’s population still does not have access to clean water, and around five billion people to be affected by water shortage by 2050, it is not surprising that brands are committed to waterless beauty. Traditionally, beauty formulas are made of up to 80% water. 

The waterless concept also makes products lighter to transport, meaning a lower carbon footprint. So, we are seeing more shampoo bars and blush sticks to balms and powders thrive in 2022.  

Which one will you try and incorporate into your current skincare routine? 

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