How To Celebrate Singles Day
How To Celebrate Singles Day

How To Celebrate Singles Day

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Singles Day occurs on the 11 November every year – but what is its purpose? Otherwise known as ‘Double 11’, ‘Guanggun Jie’, or ‘bare sticks holiday’, it’s an unofficial Chinese holiday that celebrates unmarried individuals. Singles Day falls on the date 11/11 each year for a reason – as the four ‘1’s represent four singles all standing together. And although technically it’s a Chinese holiday, there’s no need to live in China to observe – and if you’re single, we think you should use it as the perfect excuse to treat yourself. Here’s how:

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Why Celebrate Singles Day?

Well, why on earth not? Whether you’re single by choice or still looking for ‘the one’, Singles Day is the ultimate opportunity to celebrate yourself and your singlehood! The ‘founders’ of Single Day – university students at a Chinese university in the 1990s – first celebrated it as a type of ‘anti-Valentine’s Day’ for everyone missing out on the joy of the day of love. But, in recent times, Singles Day is seen as the perfect way for anyone without a partner to treat themselves to something special. Many retailers even view it as an opportunity to run special sales and promotions for anyone wishing to celebrate. Typically, this means indulging yourself in presents, meals and unique experiences.

It’s been gaining momentum in the UK. According to Drapers: “Last year, for example, the likes of Asos, Boden, Boohoo, H&M, Pretty Little Thing and MyTheresa all took part by launching discounts for consumers in the UK to snap up.” The retail giant Alibaba also recorded a record number of brands – over 290k were offering special discounts (they work with retail giants like Gucci, Valentino and Zara, among many others), so it’s most definitely worth checking out.

How to Celebrate Singles Day

If you’re single and fancy celebrating – or you’re already taken and want to make a single friend, feel special, this is an excellent opportunity to get involved. There are many ways to celebrate, from luxurious gifts (for yourself or someone else) to eating your favourite foods. Not sure where to start? Try some of the ideas below.

Treat Yourself To Something Special

You don’t need an excuse to treat yourself, but if you feel like you need one, look no further than Singles Day. So, whether you’ve had your eye on that handbag or pair of shoes or want to shop around for something that you might want to buy for yourself (no matter how small or big) – you can view Singles Day as a guilt-free excuse to indulge.

Host a Party

Have lots of single friends? Then, Singles Day is the perfect time to get them all together! Organise a party, online quiz or escape room, or book a table to celebrate as a group.

Take Yourself on a Date

You don’t need a significant other to take you on a date – bring yourself, instead. Try a new restaurant or cuisine, book a table at an old favourite in time for Singles Day and enjoy a delicious meal you won’t have to share.

Or try a new experience; cooking, art, wine, spa or wellness class? Online or IRL – the possibilities are now endless.

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Give Yourself the Day Off

Annual leave is there for a reason, and if you’ve been looking for the ‘right time’ to take a day off, this is your sign to take a relaxing day to yourself in celebration of Singles Day. Leave the stress and mayhem of work behind for one day and use it to do anything your heart desires – whether reading the book you’ve been meaning to get your hands on for a while or catching up with your favourite TV series.

Try Something New

If you’ve been worried about taking the plunge to try something new, now’s the time to go for it. Whether that be dying your hair a daring colour, booking that skydive you’ve wanted to do for years, or simply opting for a new nail colour – there’s nothing too big or too small.

Send a Gift to a Single Friend

If you have a single friend that rarely finds the occasion to treat themselves, now’s the time to send them a gift. Make them feel special – perhaps a hamper with all their favourite foods and beauty products or a bunch of flowers to give their living space a glow-up.

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Eat Your Favourite Foods

Forget the healthy eating regime, just for today. Chocolate, ice cream, crisps – or even if your guilty pleasure is kids’ freezer food – no food is off limits.

Book a Spa Day

Indulge in some R&R this Singles Day by booking in for a treatment – or a whole day/weekend – at your local spa. If you want the perfect time-out, visit the Clarins Professional Treatments Menu and book that massage you’ve been craving for months. You’ll emerge with a glowier visage, unravel any knots or even maybe sleep a little better.

Single life should be as celebrated as coupled-up relationships.

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If Singles Day is hard for you

As with relationships, single life can also be, at times, hard to navigate.

So, whether you need advice, some confidence-boosting or practical tips, Check out Rosie Green’s Heartbreak to Happy programme. In addition, to a brilliant book, there are events and online support (check out the ‘Practical Guide‘) with a list of experts that can help you overcome fears and the sense of loss and help you wade your way through single life.

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