Beauty & Wellbeing Bucket List Ideas 2023
Beauty & Wellbeing Bucket List Ideas 2023

Beauty & Wellbeing Bucket List Ideas 2023

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As the new year starts, we often look for bucket list ideas to inject excitement into the upcoming 12 months. So it’s out with the January blues – and let’s hear it for ‘Tryanuary’.

If you’re wondering whether bucket lists are a good idea, we urge you to give one a spin in 2023. And don’t worry; you don’t need to do something you’d much rather not do, like run a marathon or climb Mount Kilimanjaro. Now’s the perfect time to breathe new life into tired beauty and wellbeing regimes, and we’ve rounded up the most exciting new products, trends, and treatments of 2023 to consider this year.


15 Bucket list ideas for 2023


1. Try the regenerating properties of a wine treatment 

Have you ever enjoyed a glass of red wine so much you’ve wished you could bathe in it? Well, your prayers have been answered, thanks to Aire Ancient Baths. Harnessing the power of grapes, immerse yourself in an antioxidant-rich private wine bath before enjoying a sumptuous massage. Utter bliss, although we can’t make a call on whether this breaks the rules of Dry January or not…


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Cryotherapy treatment model

2. Take the plunge with an out-there spa treat

This entry may be based on putting your body under stress, but we urge you to stay with us. Known as hormesis, a short burst of exposure to specific stressors can trigger a reaction in your cells to help repair damage, nix toxins and reduce inflammation. Examples of this kind of treatment were usually reserved for esteemed athletes. Still, in 2023, treatments such as cryo chambers (we love London’s Apogii) and cold plunges (proven to boost both the metabolism and immune system) will hit the mainstream.

At the other end of the mercury, hitting the sauna three to seven times a week has been shown to reduce the risk of cardiovascular disease and high blood pressure by around 50%, and many exercise studios are adding piping-hot workouts to their lineup of classes, so it’s time to get toasty – although one must protect the skin – heat can detrimental to the epidermis.


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3. Invest in the new laser therapy from Korea for complete skin rejuvenation

Turn back the hands of time with this soon-to-be classic laser resurfacing facial with the Lutronic Non-ablative Thulium Laser. Boasting zero downtime (depending on strength), it promises to combat sun damage, acne scarring, pigmentation and fine lines and wrinkles. Even pores aren’t safe, being effectively tightened by the innovative baby laser, which can be tested at the Kichi Studio in London. This is the only one in the world that creates micro-channels deep into your skin, allowing 90% absorbency of the following serums. You’ll see results for months, not hours – and they will be coming to a skin specialist near you.


4. Make a bespoke signature scent

Fragrance – arguably the most powerful of all the senses – is deeply personal and meaningful, so what could be more enchanting than blending an aroma just for yourself? Floris London offers a variety of bespoke fragrance experiences and will archive your creation so you can always pop back for a restock.

Clarins free beauty treatment

5. Try a complimentary treatment

Not all bucket list items need to be expensive; take a trip to a Clarins counter for a complimentary Express Skin Service. Lift and firm your skin or opt for an indulgent hand and arm massage. And best of all, customers are happily welcome to one service a month so that you can give them all a spin.

6. Employ microneedling at home via The Swiss Clinic

Microneedling is a beloved rejuvenating facial treatment that causes thousands of tiny wounds on the surface of the skin to kickstart the cell regeneration process and production of collagen and elasticity. The result? Younger and smoother-looking skin. But in 2023, you’ll no longer need to wrestle for an appointment with your aesthetician, thanks to The Swiss Clinic. Their at-home skin roller allows the skin to absorb 300% more serum than untreated skin and is medical grade quality.


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7. Mesotherapy could be the tweakment you need now 

Mesotherapy is a minimally invasive way of getting a cocktail of nourishing goodies into the skin to improve texture and tone. One of the most sought-after treatments at Dr Joney’s reputable clinic, get in line in 2023 for a injected flood of vitamins, amino acids, minerals and hyaluronic acid to boost glow and soften fine lines and wrinkles. It’s what people are turning to instead of fillers and botox – and could be the first step in your pro-age skincare treatment plan or even used on mature types to bolster skin clarity.

Serum for dry skin

8. Try a cult product

If you’ve never tried a cult product, we urge you to give one a spin in 2023 and see what all the fuss is about. Award-winning Clarins Double Serum contains 21 plant extracts to smooth fine lines, reduce pores and boost radiance. It has clocked-up over 394 awards worldwide and one bottle sells every five seconds – It’s cult for a reason! Buy it now, Double Serum from £60.


9. Get a 2023 haircut

Believe it or not, the coolest cuts of 2023 are pipped to be the butterfly (shorter length layers at the front and length at the back, so when hair is tied back, you can trick everyone into thinking you have a bob). Or for those with straight or wavy hair, the octopus is an updated wolf cut with lots of layers at different lengths (aka tentacles), so you get heaps of texture and movement (plus the approval of Gen Z).

spirital retreat

10. Explore a spiritual retreat

Retreats aren’t just about putting your feet up anymore; they’re centres of self-discovery. So go for a 360 spiritual experience at the incredible Wellness Foundry, which packs a journey of self-transformation into its three-day programme, offering everything from yoga and meditation to cold water swimming. You’ll leave feeling lighter than air.

11. Test out acupuncture for pro-ageing, stress-busting or pain relief  

Acupuncture has been around for centuries and for a good reason. It’s been widely known and written about – but it still had that slight hocus-pocus-ness surrounding it – until that is, the pandemic. According to a 2021 World Health Organization report, acupuncture is the most widely used traditional medicine practice globally and practitioners are using it to treat everything from pain management to sleep issues and also using it as an pro-age technique.

Dr Asha Chong is passionate about Chinese medicine and focuses on the Five Element lineage to aid patients with anything from stress and insomnia to gynaecological disorders. Promoting balance within the body, Asha’s work aims to restore one’s equilibrium instead of just managing unpleasant symptoms. As a result, you’ll leave feeling more in control and able to cope with life’s stressors. Now that surely should be on your bucket list. Find a registered therapist here.


spring summer 2023 catwalk beauty trends

12. Go wild and take inspiration directly from the catwalk

Boring beauty is so last year. So why not turn your commute into your runway and dabble in trends fresh from the SS23 shows? Slather faces in sparkling embellishments as seen at Peter Do and Rebecca Minkoff, pearls not just for jewels but for brows too or eschew that minimal clean girl beauty aesthetic with mega eyeliner as seen at Louis Vuitton. It’s your face your way.

real looking wig

13. Have fun or boost confidence with a realistic wig

Leave commitment in 2022 and find your alter ego with the helping hand of a fabulous wig. There are so many fantastic suppliers out there, such as Nuola Wigs, and Tik Tok is brimming with tips to help you easily apply and remove hair pieces. An excellent way of trying one of the red-hot hair colours tipped to be top in 2023, such as pillbox red, Barbie pink, or brunette shimmering with lilac.

spa break

14. Channel your inner warrior

Step outside your comfort zone at the Euphoria Retreat, whose Spirit of Adventure programme takes its inspiration direct from Sparta. Unleash your physical fitness and find your inner resilience while running up hills, rock climbing and indulging in therapeutic spa treatments. You’ll be roaring all the way home.

Clarins virtual boutique

15. Play with make-up without leaving the house with the Clarins Virtual Boutique

The perfect bucket list item if you don’t want to step outside, Clarins Virtual Boutique will connect you with one of their brilliant Beauty Coaches for a one-on-one consultation covering everything from crafting a signature eye look to a tailored skincare regime. Perfect for those with a New Year, New You approach.


Are bucket lists a good idea?

Whipping up a bucket list is a creative way of visualising your dreams and helping shape your life’s direction. It pushes you to prioritise new experiences and gives you something to work towards in the following months. However, it’s important to remember that bucket lists should be fun. So don’t put pressure on yourself to tick off each entry with military precision.

What is number 1 on most people’s bucket lists?

Many must-do bucket list items include seeing the Northern Lights, writing a novel, or learning to fly a plane. But many people also plump for smaller goals that have just as much meaning, such as seeing more friends or family, taking up a hobby or trying something new in daily life.

What are good bucket list ideas?

The best bucket lists are those tailored to your needs and wants. Travel fanatic? Add some places you’d like to visit. Tempted by extreme sports but never felt brave enough? Jot it down. Or want to be bolder and more courageous with your everyday choices? Why not! The possibilities are endless, and the options are all yours.

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