How To Use Eyebrow Gel to Sculpt, Tame, And Volumise
How To Use Eyebrow Gel to Sculpt, Tame, And Volumise

How To Use Eyebrow Gel to Sculpt, Tame, And Volumise

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When it comes to achieving flawless eyebrows, eyebrow gel is often overlooked and yet it’s a versatile eyebrow sculpting tool that flawlessly grooms brows. Whether you want to add volume, tame, fill in, or add colour to your brows – eyebrow gel has you covered. Beauty Daily spoke to make-up artist Frances Prescott to get her insider advice on how to use eyebrow gel for your best brows yet. 

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Eyebrow gel 101  

There are various types of eyebrow gels on the market, including clear, tinted, and fibrous formulas. Clear eyebrow gel is great for those who want a natural look and only need to tame and shape their brows. Tinted eyebrow gel adds colour to the brows and helps create a fuller appearance, while fibrous eyebrow gels contain tiny fibres that cling to the brow hairs, giving the illusion of thicker brows. But remember, the type of eyebrow gel you choose depends on your desired look and the effect you want to achieve.  

How to use eyebrow gel 

The key to achieving perfect brows doesn’t solely lie in the type of eyebrow gel you choose. Application technique plays a crucial role in getting the desired results, too. Want to achieve flawless brows with eyebrow gel? Follow these steps:   

01. Brow prep  

Before applying any brow products, it is essential to prep your brows. “Make sure your brows are clean, and tidy,” says Prescott. Start by gently cleaning your brows to remove any dirt, oil, or cosmetics. You can use a micellar water like Clarins Cleansing Micellar Water, £25,  to ensure a clean canvas for your eyebrow gel application – and once your brows are clean, make sure to pat them dry.  

Cleansing Micellar Water

02. Brush the hairs into shape  

“I like to comb the brows into the shape before fixing them with a gel,” shares Prescott. “Usually, I’ll take them upwards in the inner corner, then outwards and slightly upwards along the length. I’ll then slant them downwards towards the tail end of the brow for a sleek, tapered look. However, if I’m looking to create a fuller looking brow I comb them upwards all the way along,” she adds. The technique you choose will all depend on how you like your brows to look, but either way Prescott advises filling gaps in with a pencil after brushing them in place.  

Clarins eyebrow pencil 

Try: Clarins Eyebrow Pencil, £21, a long-wearing pencil that defines and shapes brows with just a few strokes.   

03. Coat your brows in every direction  

To get the most out of your brow gel, load up the brush with the gel and ensure that you coat your brows from the inner corner all the way to the outer corner. “Start by brushing the gel through your brows, focussing on even coverage from the root to the tip. This will reinforce the shape you’ve created, add definition and give your brows a polished finish,” explains Prescott. 

Double Fix Mascara

Try: Clarins Lash & Brow Double Fix Mascara, £25, as it’s the perfect waterproof top coat for lashes and brows – ensuring hairs are fixed in place all day.  

04. Add volume  

This step is only for those who want to add extra volume to their brows, which can be achieved easily thanks to investing in a range of brow products. It’s all about layering. After you’ve brushed your brows upward for maximum volume and filled them in with a pencil or brow powder – swipe brows with a tinted gel. Be warned though. “Tinted eyebrow gels are brilliant at adding fullness thanks to the depth colour creates, but you need to be careful not to end up with ‘block brows’ – unless that’s the look you’re after,” shares Prescott. If it’s not, apply your tinted gel in short, light strokes to achieve the most natural look. Finally, go over brows again with a fibrous formula to achieve even fuller looking eyebrows.  


Try: Clarins Brow Duo, £22, a double-ended wand that contains a powder and a tinted gel to sculpt and set brows to perfection.  

05. Make brows pop 

To add the finishing touches to your brows, consider concealing and highlighting. “Apply a small amount of concealer around your eyebrows and blend it out for a clean, defined, and polished look. You can also then follow-up with a highlighter on your brow bone to accentuate the arch and make your brows pop,” shares Prescott. 

Eyebrow gel tips and tricks  

If you make any mistakes during the application process? Don’t worry says Prescott. “There’s no need to panic if you accidentally apply too much gel or it goes outside the lines. Simply take a clean spoolie brush and gently comb through your brows to soften the look and remove any excess product.” Then, for any brow gel left behind on your skin, remove with a cotton bud. 

When it comes to taking off your eyebrow gel, use an eye makeup remover like Clarins Instant Eye Make-Up Remover, £23, on a cotton pad to gently wipe away the product. And to maintain the efficacy and cleanliness of your eyebrow gel and tools, “ensure that you keep the lid of your gel tightly closed in between uses to prevent it from drying out, and wash brow brushes in warm, soapy water,” Prescott adds.  

Eye makeup remover 

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