Men’s Eyebrow Grooming: How to Nail Your Brows At Home
Men’s Eyebrow Grooming: How to Nail Your Brows At Home

Men’s Eyebrow Grooming: How to Nail Your Brows At Home

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There is no denying that well-groomed brows make a huge difference to a face for men and women alike. Of course, they don’t have to look perfectly shaped and styled if you don’t want them to. But a little tweaking will make them appear tidier and make you look more groomed with minimum effort.

Consider this your foolproof guide to male eyebrow grooming. Whether you’ve tried your hand at it before and failed or have never touched a tweezer to your brows in your life — these steps won’t fail you.

Identify the ideal beginning and endpoints for your brows

Natural brows tend to grow wild and you may notice that there aren’t any clear start and endpoints. So, the first step is to establish where you want those to be.

This is mainly up to personal preference. But in general, it’s best to ensure your brows are neither too close together nor too far apart. There is a simple way to determine this.

Imagine a vertical line drawn from a point that’s just off-centre from the tip of your nose, all the way up to the brow. You could also hold up a comb or pencil to measure this. Where the line touches your brow is the point where your eyebrow should ideally start.

Now, reposition the pencil from the corner of your nose, going diagonally up to the outer corner of your eye. The point where the pencil extends to touch your eyebrow should be where your brow ends.

Prepare your skin

Plucking your brows will be practically pain-free if you abide by a few rules pre-tweezing. Always begin by cleansing your face — this will ensure your pores are free of dirt, which helps prevent breakouts and irritation. Gently exfoliating the skin with a product like the Comfort Scrub, £26, will also help. In addition, the warm water will soften your skin and hair, open pores and make tweezing a lot easier.

Tip: While you’re prepping the skin, don’t forget to give your under eye area some love with a cooling eye gel or nourishing eye cream. We’ve been loving myBlend’s Revitalizing Eye Care Concentrate, £135, that’s loaded with peptides, soothing caffeine and hydrating hyaluronic acid.

myBlend Revitalizing Eye Care Concentrate

Get the tweezers out

Tweezers are helpful to pluck out any stray hairs that may be isolated from the rest of your eyebrows. If you happen to have a unibrow that you don’t love, don’t ever take a razor near it. Instead, reach for your tweezers. We like this one from Tweezerman with an angled tip that hugs the curved surface of the face and allows you to be precise with your plucking.

Man getting his eyebrows plucked

First, find a well-lit spot, so you have a clear view of every little hair you want to get rid of. Then, hold your skin taut and begin tweezing. Ensure you’re pulling in the direction the hair grows.

Tip: It’s easy to get carried away with tweezers. Be careful not to over-pluck. Take out a hair and then take a step back from the mirror and check your handy work.

If you’re a dedicated follower of fashion and wanting the thin brow trend, we show you how to get Thin ’90s Brows, Without Over-Plucking A Hair.

Trim the ends

Men, in particular, get spiky hairs here. Use a moustache comb or a spoolie to comb your brow hairs upwards in one direction. Then, gently run the scissors over the top and snip the edges off till they’re all of a desirable length.

Set them in place

If you have particularly bushy brows, it’s worth combing through with a clear brow gel. “Even just a little bit of hair gel or hair spray can help keep them in place,” suggests Clarins Training Manager Charlotte McHale.

How long should your eyebrows be?

You want to keep them short, but how short is too short? McHale advises that you don’t let the hairs stray beyond the borders of your eyebrows. That is, when brushed in place, you don’t want anything extending beyond the natural outline of your brows.

How to use eyebrow trimmers for men

Trimming your brows can make a world of difference to your face. But be careful to do it right. If you chop off any bits you didn’t mean to, it’s going to take a while to grow them back. Remember:

  • Always trim from the tops of the brows, never from the bottom.
  • When trimming, don’t let the scissors point downwards. Instead, hold them parallel to the eyebrows to avoid creating unwanted gaps.
  • If you have particularly bushy brows that you’d like to tame, use an electric trimmer that is specially designed for the eyebrows to reduce volume like this one by BaByliss.
  • Follow your brow trimming routine once in one or two months, depending on how fast your brows tend to grow.
  • If in doubt, head to a Clarins counter to give you some more pointers.

Are you looking for more tips on grooming? Our Modern Guide To Men’s Grooming has all the information you need.

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