Make-up Ideas for Green Eyes to Make Them Dazzle  
Make-up Ideas for Green Eyes to Make Them Dazzle  

Make-up Ideas for Green Eyes to Make Them Dazzle  

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If you were born with aquamarine, hazel, or emerald eye colour, you are probably on the hunt for the best make-up ideas for green eyes to shine. In fact, green eye colour is the rarest globally; only 2% of people have it, so here’s how you can learn to highlight and ensure yours do pop.  

What looks good with green eyes? Like with blue and brown eyes, you can find the principles of matching colours on a colour wheelThe most complimentary matches on a colour wheel are analogous colours that sit next to each other and colours from the opposite sides of the wheel. 

Colours that make green eyes stand out  

Some of the pro-make-up palettes are filled with a rainbow of colours. So, what are the best shades for green eyes? This will also help find what to wear to make green eyes stand out. 

  • Red, bronze, pink and purple colours are opposite to green on the colour wheel, which means that they emphasize green eyes and make them pop. 

For example, check out Ombre 4-Colour Eyeshadow Palette in 03 Flame Gradation. It is a perfect combination of red, pink and copper, with matte and shimmer options perfect for green eyes. It’s a quad of intensely pigmented eyeshadows enriched with natural Bamboo Powders to ensure it stays put all day long.  

Ombre 4-Colour Eyeshadow Palette 03  

  • Yellow and blue colours sit next to green on the colour wheel, and that’s why they make the prettiest matches with green shades. 
  • Silver colour works well on cool-toned green eyes to highlight their natural pigments.


How you can bring out green eyes

Follow a few make-up rules to highlight your green eyes. 

1. Make-up artist Sandy Linter recommends applying your highlighter to an inner corner of the eye and an upper eyelid to make your eyes look bigger. 

2. The lighter your green eye colour is — the lighter eyeshadow you should use 

3. If your skin tone is warm, choose golden, bronze and red colours; if cool, better stick to blue, silver and purple ones. 

4. When using red and pink tones, don’t forget to outline your eyes and use mascara to avoid a ‘tired or tearful’ look. 

5. To highlight green eyes, you can sometimes use green pigments, especially if your hair is in the opposite colour, for example, red or copper. 

In this case, you can take a Waterproof Eye Pencil in the Green Forest shade. Thanks to its precision tip, you can create thin lines, but also you can easily blend for a smoky effect. 

Waterproof Eye Pencil 05 green forest

Make-up looks for green eyes  

How to create full-face makeup for green eyes? See some inspirational tips from make-up artists and bloggers.  

Makeup ideas for green eyes: red eyeshadows and lips 

Red and even orange warm tones create a cool bald look for green eyes. Long eyelashes and fuzzy eyebrows make eyes appear even larger. 

green eyes brown hair woman red eyeshadow and lipstick

Green eyes makeup in bronze skin tones 

To highlight the beauty of green eyes, choose sun-kissed and soft, warm tones of eyeshadows and a bronzer. 

black curly natural hair model with green eyes

For a luminous effect, choose the Ever Bronze Compact Powder duo. It will help you highlight your best features and warm up your skin, and the plant-infused powder also helps to leave skin hydrated and comfortable.  

Ever Bronze Compact Powder   

Eyeshadow looks for green eyes: purple 

From bright violet to pale lavender, all purple shades take yellowness out of green eyes, so they dazzle.  

brunette woman with green eyes blue and violet eyeshadows

What colour makes green eyes pop?  

Silver eyeshadows and highlighters show the cool tones of green eyes, and make them appear larger. 

brunette woman with green eyes and shiny eyeshadow

What eyeshadow colours look good with green eyes?  

Yellow and green are a great match. It might be a bright, warm-toned hue, but it’s still a natural combination that everyone with green eyes should try. 

brunette woman with green eyes and yellow eyeshadow

How do you bring out green eyes? Use pink blush and eyeshadows 

All pink colours, from neon to pastel, make green eyes pop. Pink eyeshadows and blush are strongly recommended for green eyes. 

brunette woman with green eyes and pink eyeshadow

Make-up ideas for green eyes with blue eyeshadows or eyeliner 

The blue colour is very similar to green so that it can highlight the bright aquamarine eye tones. To get this look, try blue eyeshadows or an eye pencil. 

brunette woman with green eyes and blue eyeshadow

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