15 Expert-Approved Healthy Hair Tips
15 Expert-Approved Healthy Hair Tips

15 Expert-Approved Healthy Hair Tips

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How to make your hair healthy and strong again? A few simple changes to a hair care routine can help to restore hair to its former healthy glory.  

After experimenting with crazy new hair colours (peach melba, anyone?), with hot styling and chemical treatments, stress, illness, maybe pool chlorine, or pollution, you can quickly find your hair damaged and craving a revival.  

How to get healthy hair in 15 steps  

Here are the expert-approved tips and healthy hair care habits to adopt now for beautiful hair, whatever your type.  

1. How to make your hair strong: mind the scalp

Trichologist Bridgette Hill says that scalp health is hair health. Beautiful hair grows from a healthy scalp. That’s why it’s so important to look out for your scalp conditions and get rid of dandruff, dry skin and oily roots. Up your washing routine, use gentle scalp peeling products, scrubs or massagers or pre-wash products that will help to promote healthier hair growth.  

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2. How to get healthy hair: cleanse properly

The hair washing stage is crucial. Damp hair is inclined to damage, so lather up shampoo between your hands, make a little foam and then apply on your roots only. You don’t need to use shampoo on the lengths as it will just flow down after washing.  

3. Choose the correct products for your hair type

If you dye your hair, choose a specialised haircare regimen. The same is when your hair is prone to oily or dry, curly or straight, rough or thin.  

Hair types have different textures like porosity, density, thickness, and elasticity. The good news is once you have drilled down your hair type — you don’t have to use products from the same range — you can mix and match shampoo, conditioner and styling. 

4. How to have healthy hair: turn down the heat 

Washing your hair in hot water can wreak havoc — it can also increase sebum production, make dandruff worse, and cause hair weakness and breakage. Instead, try to wash your hair in warm water at about 38°C — if in doubt, invest in a shower head with temperature control.  

5. How to make your hair healthy: use a conditioner

Gently wring your hair after washing, so it’s not sopping wet and apply conditioner. Leave it to sit on for a few minutes to allow it to penetrate the hair shaft. Avoid conditioner on your roots, as this may encourage greasiness.  

6. How to make curly hair healthy and beautiful

If your hair is curly or wavy, try the curly girl method. This method includes washing hair with a conditioner and applying leave-in products after. You must compress and moisturise while wet to get defined curls with no frizz after drying.  

7. How to get healthy hair naturally: detangle

If your hair is straight, it’s highly recommended to brush it at least once a day (but do not over-do it.). It helps with oil balance between the roots and hair ends. Start brushing hair from ends to the roots to prevent breakage and damage. 

Choosing a hair brush depends on your hair type, length, and of course, your personal preferences. A classic comb is for those who want to detangle their hair and make them smooth. Fine toothed combs are better for voluminous styling, and wide toothed ones are perfect for gentle detangling of long hair.

Many choose a massage brush, it suits every hair length, helps to enhance blood circulation and increase hair growth. For example, Mason Pearson recommends to choose a brush by the type of bristles: nylon for thick hair, pure boar — for fine, normal and thinning hair. 

Compact detanglers with soft silicone bristles, like Tangle Teaser, are good for detangling curly hair, or if you prefer to detangle wet hair, and your locks are prone to breakage.

Round brush is usually made for styling hair with a blow dryer.

8. How to make your hair healthy again: use thermal protection

Thermal protection is essential for all hair types. Even a hairdryer is considered a heat tool. So, reach for products that act as a barrier to your hair and the heat. For serial heat appliance abusers, it might be worth investing in Olaplex No.7 Bonding Oil — it protects hair even when temperatures hit 450°C.


9. Tips for healthy hair growth: don’t secure hair too tightly 

Do not over-tighten strands with the same styles. Over time, this can also cause traction alopecia and damage hair follicles so that hair won’t grow properly. The constant pulling in the same area leads to hair fall, breakage and loss.  

10. How to get your hair healthy again: invest in hair masks

A hair mask is one of the products that can go deep into the hair structure and almost instantly revive it. Look for formulas that contain argan oil that’s proven to nourish hair and lubricate the hair shaft, thanks to the high levels of fatty oleic and linoleic acids.  

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11. Healthy hair tips: sleep on silk

Hair can be damaged while you are sleeping. So, never go to bed in hairbands or accessories. Plus, some cotton and polyester linens may ruffle up the cuticle. So, remove everything and lay your head on something silky. Slip is our go-to brand; its anti-bedhead range of super soft 100% mulberry silk pillowcases in many colours and prints to suit all home decor will certainly up your beauty sleep.

12. Protect hair from sun damage

Like your skin, hair gets damaged from direct sunlight, so it’s much better to get beachy summer strands courtesy of a salon than a DIY vodka or spray in lightener. Use hats, headscarves and don’t forget to spray the scalp and lengths with a UV protector like Sun Care Water Mist SPF50+, and a brush-on powder sun care, like Brush On Block Powder SPF30 is an excellent way to soak up oily roots while protecting your scalp at the same time. 

Sun Care Water Mist SPF50+   

13. How to get long, healthy hair: pay attention to the ends

If your hair ends are split, there is no way to save them other than trimming them off. So keep up regular appointments with your hairdresser — as little and often will protect yourself from a drastic cut if hair gets too broken, frizzy and out of control.  

14. Be careful with your hair

Be gentle with your hair while washing, do not rub it with a towel, and don’t pull while detangling. When wet, use a wide-tooth comb.  

Always use the lowest heat setting on appliances and let your hair air dry now and again.  

A fan of hair extensions? Ensure you go to a qualified hairdresser and have them removed professionally, or else it’s not just the weft that will come out; your hair will come out with them. 

15. Keep to a healthy diet

Sometimes hair damage can signify that your body lacks vitamins or proteins, so try to balance your diet. If hair is lacking — give it a boost by trying a vitamin regimen for three months. Proven to work is Viviscal Hair Health Programme or if you would prefer a gummy — these are easy to swallow — Hair Gain Gummies.

Top products to achieve healthy hair  

Here’s a basic recommended hair regimen. 

Shampoo and conditioner 

Better to use them separately, so avoid 2-in-1 products on a long-term basis. 2-stage care gives more benefits — hair protection, smoothing, and boosting shine — without weighing hair down.    

Hair mask 

Hair masks are not the same as conditioners. However, they are more intense, and their active ingredients can go deeper into the hair structure. Masks should be used 2-3 times a week. 

Try Nourishing Strengthening Hair Mask with argan oil and shea butter; it contains 90% natural ingredients and is perfect for dry and damaged hair. After 5-10 minutes, this mask can strengthen your scalp and give your hair softness and radiance. 

Nourishing Strengthening Hair Mask

Hair oil or serum 

The Nourishing Beauty Hair Oil can be used on damp or dry hair. It is formulated with camellia and argan oil and helps nourish hair, tame frizz, and boost shine.  

Nourishing Beauty Hair Oil

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FAQs: 4 most popular questions 

See the common questions that people ask about hair health and damage. 

1. Does damaged hair still grow?

Growing your hair depends on the follicle, so if the follicle is not damaged, hair potentially can grow as long as it’s genetically determined. 

2. How can I get healthy hair naturally? 

If you are into natural recipes and DYI hair masks, try plant oils for hair, like olive, almond, argan, castor or coconut.  

Otherwise, try a ready-mixed sugar scrub like OUAI Scalp & Body Scrub.

OUAI Scalp & Body Scrub

3. How can I get my hair healthy again? 

If your hair needs revival, it’s essential to determine the cause of damage. Take a hair quiz or consult a trichologist like Philip Kingsley if in doubt.    

4. Is it OK to wash your hair every day?

Everyday washing does not harm your hair or scalp as long as you use gentle and appropriate products and avoid too many heated appliances.  

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