How To Condition Your Hair For Summer
How To Condition Your Hair For Summer

How To Condition Your Hair For Summer

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Should your summer hair care routine be any different from your winter one? We think it’s an idea worth considering. Summer = (hopefully) lots of time spent in the sun. We tend to switch up our skincare and make-up around this time (the cooling face mists, heavy-duty SPFs and illuminating bronzers come out), so why shouldn’t your hair get the special treatment?  

There are two main things to think about, when it comes to summer hair: protecting it from damage and ensuring it looks good despite the heat and humidity. So, you need to devise a two-part plan. The first part begins in spring and mainly involves preparatory steps. The second is a solid summer hair care routine to keep your strands protected and looking good all season.

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Pre-summer hair care 

Spring has just begun, and you are already excited for hotter days to come. In preparation, here are some small steps you can take to get your hair ready for summer. 

Give your hot tools a rest

Consistent heat-styling can leave your hair dry, brittle and lacklustre. So, lay off the straighteners and tongs for a while. This will give your hair some much-needed time off to reset for summer.  

In the meantime, keep it well-conditioned with nourishing hair masks and oils, and  no-heat hairstyles. And if you absolutely need to style it, invest in tools that use minimal heat – the Dyson Airwrap is a great option. It lets you straighten, curl or add soft waves, minus the extreme heat.  

Get a haircut

Another way to reset damaged hair? Trim the ends. Damage is most visible towards the ends of your hair (hello, thinning and split ends). Stylists recommend getting a haircut every six to 12 weeks.  

Check your diet

Just like your skin, what you eat affects the health of your hair. A balanced diet that includes the right amount of protein, iron, zinc and vitamins C, D, E and B12 are necessary for a strong, lustrous hair.  

You could also try multivitamins to ensure you’re getting all the right nutrients in your diet. We like the Tender Love And Hair Supplement by CENTRED that contains ingredients like bamboo extract, biotin, a selection of B Vitamins and amino acids. It helps strengthen hair and improve its quality – but you need to take it for at least three months before seeing any visible results.

Tender Love And Hair Supplement by CENTRED

Treat your scalp

Don’t forget to give your scalp some attention too. When it’s adequately nourished, your hair will grow faster and stronger. To keep it balanced, avoid washing it too often and ensure it is moisturised. You could use a hair mask or oil to condition the scalp. Avoid using dry shampoos too often. 

We like to use a scalp massager (like this one from Tropic) to routinely boost circulation and give the scalp a deep clean by dislodging product build-up.  

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A summer hair care routine to try 

Now for part two of the process: Summer is here, and for best results, you need to make some changes to your everyday hair care routine. Here’s what you should know: 

Ditch harsh shampoos

Having clean hair feels great. But often, in an effort to clean it, we end up drying it out. So, ditch your ultra-foaming, moisture-stripping shampoo and embrace gentler formulas. The sun’s heat can already dry your strands, so you need to preserve as much moisture as possible. 

Try deep conditioning

Switch your regular conditioner for a rich hair mask. We recommend formulas that can be applied from root to tip, for maximum hydration. For example, the Nourishing Strengthening Hair Mask can be used on the scalp, lengths and ends. It’s got shea butter and argan oil that are gold-standard ingredients in the hair care world. 

Lock in moisture

Once you’ve shampooed and conditioned, it’s time to seal that hydration with a leave-in treatment. We like hair oils for this.  

Try: The Nourishing Beauty Hair Oil has a lightweight, nutrient-rich formula that protects the hair shaft from a variety of external aggressors, including heat styling, sun damage and even sea water.

Clarins hair oil

Invest in a good hairbrush

You can cause some serious damage to your hair if you’ve been snagging at knots and kinks with a hairbrush that’s either too old or just not right for your hair type. Instead, we suggest investing some time into researching a high-quality hairbrush for your hair type. The classic Denman brush and Tangle Teezer’s The Wet Detangler are popular options.  

Protect your scalp and hair

Do you apply SPF on your scalp? If you’re prone to burns, you probably should. There are many hair SPFs you can buy. But any light SPF mist like the Sun Care Water Mist SPF50+ sprayed on exposed parts of your scalp should do the trick. 

An easy option is to just wear a hat – it will protect both your scalp and your hair from the sun’s rays.  

Bonus tip: Pool water doesn’t do your hair any favours either (the chlorine in it dries out your natural oils). Make sure you wet your hair in the shower before plunging in and rinse off immediately after getting out. 

Embrace the inevitable

A little frizz is bound to show up when it’s hot and humid. Fight the urge to smooth it away with straighteners or other hot tools. Trust the process – if you’re conditioning it well and using your hair oils, any frizz that appears will be minimal.  

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