Lipstick Love Stories: Our Favourite Colours, Textures And Types
Lipstick Love Stories: Our Favourite Colours, Textures And Types

Lipstick Love Stories: Our Favourite Colours, Textures And Types

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If you’re a lover of lipstick, it’s likely that you may have found your favourite shade by now. But finding your favourite texture, as well as a product that gives you the longevity that you want can be a harder task. According to a study conducted by Mintel, 22% of UK women stated that they feel more confident wearing lipstick – so for nearly a quarter of women in the country, it helps to know which colour, texture and type of lipstick they love best. Here are some top picks amongst the Beauty Daily team…


Anne Lora Scagliusi, Beauty Daily Beauty and Wellness Writer  

Anne Lora Scagliusi - Beauty Daily Editor 

“For years, I have only worn water lip stains. I’ve never used lip balm, lip gloss, lipstick, or anything than a tint as I felt utterly uncomfortable with them. But not until I tried the Clarins Lip Comfort Oil in Honey, £22. I have not looked back. Not a day passes by without me wearing it. I use it day and night, staying in or going out.

It makes my lips appear plumper, and youthful. Not to mention it smells delicious. It has a subtle sweet vanilla scent and a transparent, almost golden hue lip gloss. I use it as a daily lip gloss and an overnight lip mask. It hydrates, nourishes, and comforts my lips, as I often find them chapped and cracked especially during chilly days. Scotland is never short with the winter breeze all year round. Whenever I head out, I use this honey lip oil dabbing sparingly to top off my Clarins Water Lip Stain in Rose Water to add subtle shine.” 

Jane Fulcher, Beauty Daily Contributor

Jane Fulcher - Beauty Daily Editor

Nothing beats a bright lip for a pop of confidence. But finding lipstick that is comfortable to wear, lasts a long time and won’t end up on my teeth is a struggle. I’m also trying to move on from a decade or so of wearing exclusively matte lips with a pop of shimmer and shine. The rather lovely solution I’ve found is Clarins’ Joli Rouge Brillant, £26, I love the super flattering shades of rose berry and litchi and it will wear wonderfully for an evening out.  

For true indulgent comfort I really love a lip oil – they provide a beautiful sheen, smell great and the tint of colour adds a little oomf to my everyday look. My favourite is Clarins Lip Comfort Oil, £22, in cherry, one of the range that reacts to your PH for a personalised colour. It looks fantastic on top of a lip tint too – I’m a huge fan of Benefit’s cult-favourite, Benetint for a foundation of gorgeous deep pink to build on. 

Nishita Fiji, Beauty Daily Beauty Writer

Nishita Fiji

“I work from home most weekdays, so I pretty much stick to my lip balms these days. I’ve been loving the Sweety Balm, £13.50, from the My Clarins range. It feels really nourishing and also has a subtle tint. If I want some more colour (but still not too much), I’ve been reaching for sheer matte lipsticks – Glossier’s Generation G Lipstick in Jam has been my go-to recently. It’s a jammy pink that translates as a my-lips-but-better shade on Zoom calls!  

But when I do go all-out with a bold lip, it has to be a red. And if it’s a red, it’s always the Joli Rouge Velvet, £26, in Deep Red: a beautiful dark scarlet with warm undertones that flatters all skin tones. It has a velvety matte finish, but never feels drying or uncomfortable, thanks to all those lovely plant waxes and oils in the formula.” 

Sarah Joan Ross, Beauty Daily Editor  

Sarah Joan Ross lipstick

My lip colour, but better

Sarah Joan Ross, Editor

 “With all the mask-wearing and working from home, I’d forgotten about the power of lipstick. That was until my recent passport picture. I got ‘camera ready’ and with the first flash bulb flash, my lips had almost disappeared.  

So, with renewed vigour, I searched for a lipstick that might help my lips stand out but also understated, nonchalant and effortless – a classic French girl visage. I found it at a Clarins counter, their Joli Rouge Velvet in Nude Brick, £26 – a shade much darker than I’d typically opt for – a kind of Victorian house brick, in a dark browny red. I apply as you would a lip liner and then pat with my finger. Blot, powder and re-apply for longevity and add a very light touch of gloss or balm to hydrate. Voila! My lips – but better.”

CLarins Joli Rouge Velvet in Nude Brick, £26


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