The Prettiest Pink Lipstick For Every Skin Tone
The Prettiest Pink Lipstick For Every Skin Tone

The Prettiest Pink Lipstick For Every Skin Tone

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A pink lipstick is both playful and powerful. It has got femininity into it, and women love it. It seems like there’s some truth to this attraction. Historically, the best-selling lipstick hue of all time are shades of pink. 

If finding your perfect pink is still not a straightforward process, we’ve got some valuable tips for you. From flaunting a flamingo pink lip or tan-enhancing tropical corals, we’ve chosen the prettiest pink lipsticks shades for every skin tone. 

What does it mean when you wear pink lipstick?

Colour psychologists suggest pink as a calming colour associated with love, kindness, and femininity. But how it was perceived by society has changed over the years. Back in the day, it was considered masculine; pink used to be a boy’s colour and blue a girl’s.

Fast-forward to now and we are getting to a place where everyone is invited to wear make-up; there are no rules – so whatever your age, gender, or skin hue – there will be a pink just for you.  

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How do I find the right pink lipstick?

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There is a perfect shade of pink for everyone, just like with the classic red lipstick. But let’s get the ‘how do you know if your lipstick is cool or warm or neutral?’ question out of the way. It starts with knowing your undertone and your veins will help you determine that. 

Cool Undertone

Bluish and purple veins mean you have a cool undertone. Cool-toned pinks are fuchsia, purple-pinks, magenta, and hot pink. 

Warm Undertone

Green veins mean warm undertone. Warm-toned pink lipstick shades have a reddish, peach, orange or even yellowish undertones. Warm-toned pinks are lemonade, red-pink, peach, coral, and salmon. 

Neutral Undertone

If the veins on your wrist look green and blue, it means you have a neutral undertone. Neutral pinks are a perfect balance of shades and don’t appear too heavy in any colour in real life. 

Sometimes you can figure it out with this age-old ‘gold vs. silver’ jewellery test:

Place a piece of jewellery (gold and silver) up against your skin. If gold looks more flattering, you have a warm undertone. If silver looks better, then you have a cool undertone. 

What skin tone suits pink lipstick?

Here we carefully selected the best shades of pink that will complement every skin tone

The best pink lipstick for fair and light skin

Fair and light skin tones complement wearing cool-toned pink lipsticks that have blue and purple undertones. 

Cooler-toned light skins look great from subtler, pale pink lipsticks such as Joli Rouge Brillant in Sandy Pink, £26 to as intensely pigmented as a hot pink lipstick shade.

Clarins’ beauty coaches cautioned that while some light and fair skin look good in cool-toned pink, there are still some exceptions. Avoid anything with a blueish undertone if you have a naturally pink or very sallow complexion. 

The best pink lipstick for medium and olive skin

Medium and olive skin tones are gorgeous in coral pinks like Joli Rouge in Papaya, £26. 

The best pink lipstick for dark skin

Darker skin tones will look fabulous in vibrant and deep pink hues such as pink cranberry or a bright fuchsia lipstick

Is there a universally flattering pink lipstick for every skin tone?

Rasperry Velvet Lip Perfector

As experts say, pink is a universally flattering colour as it has always been associated with a rosy glow, the colour of good health. No matter what skin you’re in, you’ll look good in pink. And we’re happy to report that there is a Clarins’ pink lipstick shade that’s perfect for every skin tone, none other than the raspberry shade – in all textures. 

There’s a perfect pink pout for every occasion 

Pink is just so versatile it can be both dainty and rebellious. Late night parties call for a bright hot pink lipstick which can come across as liberating and bold, while rosy pink feels dainty and romantic – perfect for a brunch or a walk in the park. And to complement a golden tan, swipe a lip shimmer in pop coral shade.

Channelling a ‘no make-up’ look? Then Joli Rouge in a subtle nude pink, £26 with a “your lips but better” finish is the way to go. 

Tip: To ensure your pink lipstick applies smoothly, be sure to prep your lips. Use a gentle scrub to remove any dead skin and then apply a thin layer of lip balm. We like to use the Extra-Firming Lip and Contour Balm, £33, that has a matte texture (so it won’t interfere with the finish of your lipstick) and also helps smooth the lip contour – a great pick for anyone looking to plump fine lines above the lip.

Can I wear pink lipstick every day?

Absolutely. Experiment and swatch the shades; feel free to play with textures and pick the one that makes you feel comfortable and confident – satin, matte, sheer or gloss. 

Clarins matte lipsticks are all moisturising, thanks to apricot oil. It has this velvety texture that is light and creamy, gliding like butter onto the lips and keeping them nourished for six-hours straight.  

These are just our expert’s pink lipstick recommendations. So let your heart lead you to find your prettiest, perfect pink pout. Pop into your nearest Clarins counter or find your Virtual Beauty consultation online.

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