The Fail-Proof Guide To Gifting Make-Up
The Fail-Proof Guide To Gifting Make-Up

The Fail-Proof Guide To Gifting Make-Up

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Is it too early to be buying Christmas presents? If, like so many of us, you tend to leave your present-buying to the last minute, now’s a good time to start planning and organising your gift ideas. Plus, if you want to buy a make-up product for a loved one, this is the time to get ahead of the game. You may have noticed that brands have just launched gift sets for the holiday season.  

But gifting make-up isn’t easy. And if you want your present to be successful (read: something the receiver will actually use and not stash away in a forgotten cabinet), a few rules apply. 

Below, we share everything you should know before gifting make-up. Plus, our edit of the best Christmas make-up gift sets to buy. Happy gift buying!

The rules of gifting make-up

Avoid highly personal products

If you’re gifting make-up, there are certain categories that are best avoided. Mainly complexion products. Foundations, concealers, powders… Anything that needs a perfect shade match is perhaps unsafe territory.

Similarly, if you really want to play safe, things like lipsticks (especially nude shades) are best avoided. Whether or not a shade suits a person depends entirely on their skin tone, undertone and preferences.  

However, there are some fail-proof options. You can’t really go wrong with mascara, eyeliner, tinted lip balms or a red lipstick (that is, if the receiver of the gift already wears these products, of course). Formulas that have buildable coverage will also allow the user to play around and customise the pigment to their preference.

Stick to what you know

If you already know of a luxury beauty product they love (a fragrance or specific shade of lipstick, for instance), they would probably appreciate if you bought them a back-up – especially if it’s an expensive, indulgent product.  

Or track down a gift set (or custom) with related products. For instance, fans of Clarins Treatment Fragrances would love matching body care products like body lotion and shower gel scented to match their favourite fragrance. 

Get help

If you’re not confident about your choices, ask an expert for advice. You can ask for help at any of the Clarins beauty counters or book yourself a free virtual consultation with a Clarins expert here. The Beauty Coaches are available for live chats, audio calls, and video calls, and will be able to guide you to ensure you choose the right present for the right person. 

Choose a set

If you know of one, luxurious product that the person you’re buying for is sure to love, that will make for the ultimate fail-proof present. But if you don’t, you’re better off buying a set with a selection of products. 

So many brands are currently offering exclusive sets for Christmas. Below, we share some of our favourite picks. 

Christmas make-up gift sets we love

1. For the smokey eye enthusiast

eye make-up gift set

If you know someone who loves their eye make-up, you can’t go wrong with the Double Serum Eye Collection, £58. It contains a full size bottle of Double Serum Eye (bonus points to you if they’re already a fan of the iconic eye care product) to hydrate their eye contour, a mini Supra Lift & Curl Mascara for voluminous lashes and a bottle of Total Cleansing Oil to take it all off at the end of the day.

2. For the 5-minute make-up wearer

cream blush and cheek products

We all know someone who somehow manages to put together a full face of make-up in under five minutes (often on the tube or in the backseat of a taxi). They tend to love creamy make-up formulas that you can apply with your fingers. If someone on your list fits this description, the Westman Atelier Les Petites Clean Glow Trio II, £70, would be the ideal present. 

It has a trio of cheek products, including a blush, highlighter and contour stick. The cream formulas are infused with moisturising jojoba oil, making them feel buttery smooth on the skin.

3. For the eyeshadow amateur

cream eyeshadow set

Know someone who loves the look of eyeshadow but is too intimidated to try it? The Nudestix Nude Metallic Berry Eyes Mini Kit, £22, would be perfect. The three eyeshadow pencils included in the kit come in warm shades of gold, copper and berry that would flatter all skin tones. More importantly, though, they’re super easy to apply. Just scribble along the lids, use a fingertip to blend the edges, and you’re good to go. 

4. For the closet make-up artist 

make-up brush set

An artist is only as good as his tools. So anyone who is meticulous about their make-up application deserves a set of high-quality brushes. And Spectrum Collections’ KJH 25 Piece Set, £160, is the one for the job. It’s created in collaboration with celebrity make-up artist Katie Jane Hughes and includes every brush shape and type you could dream of. 

5. For the minimalist

minimal make-up set

For that person, you know who only uses two or three products every day and loves a dewy, natural look, the Make-Up Heroes Collection, £29, would make for a great gift. Inside the box, you get a nourishing, clear lip oil, two skin primers (one to smooth and blur, and the other to add glow) and a mini mascara. 

5. For the red lip lover

DIY red lip set

What’s a shade of lipstick suits everyone? Red, of course. And the Joli Rouge Velvet lipstick in Deep Red, £24, is a universally flattering rich scarlet with a matte finish. You could also DIY a set and include the Lipliner Pencil in 06 Red, £19. Bonus tip: if you purchase these at a Clarins counter, you can ask for them to be packaged as a set. 

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