Relaxing Gifts For Him This Festive Season
Relaxing Gifts For Him This Festive Season

Relaxing Gifts For Him This Festive Season

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It’s been a turbulent 2022, so we want to promote soothing self-care for everyone this festive season. If you’re unsure how to buy relaxing gifts for men, we’re here to help. You might be surprised to learn that men and women react differently to stress, all due to oxytocin. Both men and women secrete the hormone when flustered, but in differing quantities, our responses also differ. At the same time, many men sadly still feel the urge to hold back emotionally when under pressure. So giving a relaxing gift to a loved one can be a permission slip for him to indulge in some much-needed ‘he-time’.  

Pampering & self care 

ClarinsMen, Energizing Gel, £35 

energising gel

This invigorating gel will restore stressed and tired skin in one swift sweep, leaving him ready to tackle whatever the day has in store. Invest in the matching eye gel to turbo-boost the experience. 

Derek Rose, Men’s Bathrobe, £165  

mens bathrobe

Is there anywhere more relaxing than a luxury hotel? Recreate the experience at home for him with this sumptuous bathrobe in a fetching stripe—a perfect anti-stress gift.  

Eve, the weighted blanket, £199 

Weighted blankets can help improve sleep habits, soothe anxiety, and relieve symptoms of depression. Thanks to the genius use of cotton and recycled yarn, this soft and comfortable blanket distributes weight evenly, akin to a giant hug.  

Bose, Sleepbuds II, £189.95 

Making sure you get a good night’s sleep every night means your mood will be boosted, and your heart will be healthier. These comfortable ear tips block out noise and play soothing sounds to ensure he gets a full forty winks.  

Ten Percent Happier Meditation, £97.99 a year 

Based on the New York Times best-seller, the premium version of this soothing app is the perfect stress reliever. It contains more than 500 guided meditation videos for almost any scenario or moment conceivable.  

Acqua di Parma, Colonia Bath Routine, £68 

If he needs a helping hand to relax at home, why not encourage him to take a nice long dip in the tub? Warm baths are linked to decreased stress hormones and more balanced serotonin levels, so it’s time to get those bubbles out.  

IKEA, Havern Bath Rack, £10 

Make bath time even more enjoyable with this hardwearing bath rack on which he can perch a book, his phone, or an iPad, plus some indulgent bath products or maybe even a nice glass of wine.   

D.S & DURGA, Big Sur After Rain Candle, £60 

Candles are soothing because our brains associate the low light that they emit with relaxation. So, whether he’s taking a soak or lounging on the sofa, a candle will help amplify the experience.

ClarinsMen Hydration Collection, £42

hydration collection

The ultimate gift collection for anyone that needs a total skincare overhaul, or the man in your life that loves his skincare but doesn’t know where to start.

ADAM, Razor and Brush Set, £150 

Taking pride in your appearance is a wonderful way of distracting your mind from bigger worries, and he doesn’t have to worry about nicks and scrapes from inferior blades with this luxury shaving set.  

ClarinsMen Stocking Filler, £10

mens stocking filler

Looking for a luxury gift on a tight budget? This stocking filler is a great introduction to skincare and contains a face wash, moisture balm and sample sachet of Double Serum.

Jo Malone, Myrrh & Tonka Cologne Intense, £102 

Smell is one of the most incredible senses; scents are intertwined with memory and emotion in our brains. Gift him a signature scent of his own with this best-selling fragrance containing notes of lavender and omumbiri myrrh.   

ClarinsMen Active Hand Care, £18 

Hands are often notoriously overlooked, but winter weather can be very harsh and drying on our extremities. Restore softness with this rich and intensive soothing cream. 

Horace Beard Brush, £14 

Simply put: taking care of your exterior affects how you feel about the interior. So there’s no shame in sprucing up each day, as it can boost one’s confidence. This gentle brush will detangle and smooth his beard, ready to face the day. 

Oribe Rough Luxury Moulding Wax, £39 

Proving that a bit of self-care can be mighty speedy, this one-stop product is the key to perfectly undone hair. It gives a textured and tousled look that won’t shift all day.   

Clarins Hydra Essentiel Moisture Replenishing Lip Balm, £21

clarins lip balm

Help him fend off the lip irritation that frosty weather brings with this super-nourishing lip balm.


Clarins, Back, Neck & Scalp Massage, £37 

man massage

Studies have shown that just ten minutes of massage helps your body to fight stress, so it’s a perfect relaxing gift for men. Clarins massages are offered up and down the country, and this tension-busting treatment will give lasting relief from tight, sore spots.   

Theragun Mini, £149 


Bring the power of massage on the road with this portable, pocket-sized massager. Don’t be fooled by its diminutive stature; it powerfully relieves cramps, knots, and tension wherever you are.  

Kloris CBD Oil Drops Subscription, £28.80 

Fans of this soothing CBD oil have reported better sleep, help with pain, better clarity, and decreased stress. Ensure he never runs out of a regular subscription. 

Gift basket ideas 

For a truly personal gift, why not put together a stress-relieving gift basket for the man in your life? Here are some ideas to kick-start your creativity: 

For the stressed sports star 

Anyone who rigorously exercises knows the benefit of a good self-care regime. Don’t let him neglect himself by putting together a post-match collection of treats. Some hydrating vitamins will help his body rapidly absorb water after exercise. These Phizz Orange Multivitamin & Hydration Effervescent Tablets also contain five electrolytes lost in sweat to encourage a speedy recovery. Trusty Tiger Balm will soothe sore spots, and when something more intense is needed, the Renpho Neck and Shoulder Massager are heated for delicious relief. 

For the car enthusiast under the crunch 

Most car enthusiasts will tell you that their vehicle is their sanctuary. Make it even more, relaxing with a high-end car fragrance such as The White Company Car Scent Diffuser. It’ll neatly clip into an air vent so he can take soothing fragrance oils. If washing the car is a weekly ritual, the WASCHPUDEL Luxury Wash Pad will ensure the bodywork is left squeaky clean. Lastly, even if your interests lie elsewhere, this Bentley Motors Ballpoint Pen is mighty stylish, and there’s a complementing notebook too.  

For the tested traveller 

Travel can be stressful, and even for the most frequent of flyers, the hassle of checking in, sorting liquids, and organising documents can become arduous. Make the experience more enjoyable with this Molton Brown The Well-groomed Wayfarer Carry-On Bag. Containing five must-have products, add a touch of luxury to his next adventure. First, keep his passport safe in this Aspinal of London Passport Cover. Next, add his initials for an extra special touch. Lastly, eliminate the frantic search-for-a-charger with this handy Not on the High Street Leather Tech Roll to keep all his cables in one neat spot.  



What to buy a man who is stressed? 

Encouraging a stressed man to take time for himself is a fantastic gift. For example, you could give him some indulgent bath products and a candle, as they have been proven to soothe. Massage has also been shown to help the body fight stress, so either give him a rub down at home or treat him to a professional massage at a spa. There are also many electric massagers on the market that cater from your head to your feet, which would make a brilliant stress relief gift.   

What can I gift someone with anxiety? 

There are many great products for people who suffer from anxiety. For example, a weighted blanket feels like a giant hug and can help improve sleep habits. Stress balls provide distraction and help decrease tension. Also, adult colouring books work the same way as meditation, letting you focus your mind and preventing you from overthinking.   

How do you make a self-care gift basket? 

Self-care means listening to your body and mind to ensure they’re in the best possible condition to function. So, when putting together a basket of self-care products for someone else, listen to them and their needs. For example, a diary and a nice pen would be hugely beneficial if they struggle to organise themselves. They don’t have to be big extravagant purchases, but a box of soothing teabags or some of their favourite chocolate is a great place to start, as it will encourage them to step back and take a moment for themselves. 

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