The Best Travel-Sized Beauty Products Perfect For Summer Break
The Best Travel-Sized Beauty Products Perfect For Summer Break

The Best Travel-Sized Beauty Products Perfect For Summer Break

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Masks off, travel restrictions eased, and we’re busy scouring the ‘green listed countries’ for the most exciting travel deals. Yes, the rumblings of Summer break are in the air, so there’s no better time than stockpiling your favourite beauty mini products. We’ve also compiled our Editors’ favourite products, packing tips and all the non-spill, multi-tasking favourites for a beautiful break.

The great thing about beauty minis is that it allows you to try before you buy and they are often gentler in price, so you get the experience without the commitment. Also, when you think about it, you don’t always need to lug a full-size product.

Sarah Joan Ross, Editor, says, “I love this Calm-Essentiel Restoring Treatment Oil, £44. I don’t need to use it every day, just if my skin reacts – so I keep one or two 3ml testers in my travel beauty bag for holiday skin emergencies such as sun, windburn, or to take the sting and misery out of bites or rashes.”


travel sized beauty mini products

Find the perfect mini-beauty products

There are a few routes you can take here. The best ones, in our opinion, are the small ones you get as a gift with purchase online or from the counter staff. Highly regarded brands often give you samples that last anywhere from 3-5 days, which is enough to last you through a long weekend.

Sign up to emails from your favourite brands; With Clarins, you can bag up to six free samples with orders – so sign up now to check on their next sampling extravaganza. For more information on their ‘trymeloveme’ programme – click here. Jacques Courtin-Clarins, Founder of Clarins says: “My products speak for themselves. So a sample will speak for me.” We cannot argue with that.

What about the bumper saving Christmas Advent Calendars? They are often classed as a ‘luxury sample’, meaning they are from 5-15ml and make perfect vacation accompaniments that will last 1-2 weeks.
Store the army of samples in different categories: hair, skin, and body, so they are easily sorted and accessible pre-trip.

Packing tips for planes

Just remember to pack your beauty carry-ons in a clear beauty bag (passport control like them to be about 20cm x 20cm or less), and according to the, the rule still stands; you must not take a product that is over 100ml. FYI: We’ve learnt the hard way, and they won’t allow a 200ml product that is half full. Don’t be fooled by the description either; lotions, creams, gels and pastes fall under this ‘liquid’ category too. These rules are non-negotiable, so unless you want to see your lovely products confiscated and dropped into the please destroy box at the customs checkpoint, please do abide by them.

“I opt for hyaluronic acid products due to low humidity levels when on the plane. My skin tends to be dehydrated, so I use the Hydra-Essentiel Hydrating Mist, £26. Its hero ingredient is the organic Leaf of Life, plant-alternative to hyaluronic acid. It’s refreshing and hydrating. Anne Lora Scagliusi, Beauty and Wellness Writer.  

sun care SPF 50 stick gel

Travel-safe products

“Choose non-leak products in solid formulas, so they don’t explode in your suitcase.” Says Ross.
We love the Invisible Sun Care Stick SPF50, £19; housed in a hard case, the solid gel can be used over sensitive areas like eyes, lips, nose and hands – anywhere that needs a quick slick of sun protection. “I keep this in my carry-on and apply as soon as I land, so my children and I are protected from the moment we disembark until we check-in at our hotel,” says Sarah Joan Ross, Editor.

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Travel make-up kit

There’s nothing worse than finding a bronzer bomb that has gone off in your case, splattering that new kaftan or bikini. Nishita Fiji, Beauty Writer and Make-up Artist says: “When I’m travelling, I always pack pencil eyeliners rather than eyeshadows. A creamy liner can be blended to add a light wash of colour or even smudged to create a soft smokey eye. And you can carry as many shades as you like without adding bulk to your make-up bag. Plus, no fear of eyeshadows cracking or shattering.”

“Double-up your products: I dab the Lip Comfort Oil in Honey at the top of my cheek and brow bones for an instant glass-like glow.” 

Sarah Joan Ross, Editor

Skincare travel kits make life easier

Sometimes to make life a whole lot easier, a dedicated travel skincare set might be the way to go. The Radiant Skin Collection, £80, this bundle of goodies helps to refresh from long-haul flights with a Double Serum (50ml) for anti-fatigue, Gentle Renewing Mousse (50ml) to get rid of pollution particles and grime and the Instant Light Lip Perfecter (5ml) so you are good to glow. Put products into a Ziplock bag for extra security and then place inside your nice-looking beauty bag.

Small but mighty travel beauty essentials

Toothpaste tablets

The dentist-formulated Parla Toothpaste Tabs, £6.95 not only make for a brilliant travel-friendly alternative to exploding tubes – but are a greener choice too.
Every toothpaste tube you’ve ever used still exists somewhere on earth. Twenty billion toothpaste tubes go to landfill or the ocean every single year. So, these SLS-free, vegan tabs help you be eco, and you can pack pretty much the exact number of tabs for your daily needs. Genius.

Petit Perfumes

A 3ml sample is great for a few days, but anything longer and you’ll need a little more ml.
Check out the Treatment Fragrances Value Kit, £38, they are available in three scents: Dynamisante, Eau des Jardins, Eau Ressourcante – and includes; 100ml fragrance, a gratis pouch and 10ml refillable spray. We leave the full-size at home, but the 10ml and bag are perfect for a getaway. Eau Ressourcante is especially good and it’s not only a light vacation smell – but has relaxing properties too. If you’re a nervous flyer (or you want to make your seat area smell better), spray a little on the headrest for a more zen-like space.

How to pack wisely

Lastly, if there are any beauty products you think might leak – better to be safe than sorry. Use sellotape to secure lids are shut and bag them in a Ziplock before stowing in your nice beauty bag – this will ensure there are no sneaky leaks and you can enjoy your holiday rather than cleaning and washing any spills.

Bon voyage!

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