The 5 Best Travel Make-Up Bags Of 2023 
The 5 Best Travel Make-Up Bags Of 2023 

The 5 Best Travel Make-Up Bags Of 2023 

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If you’re a make-up wearer and always on the go, a designated bag for make-up travel should be among your essentials. If not, we’ll ensure you have one because those plastic Ziplocs are not easy on the eye or long-lasting.  

A fool-proof bag for make-up travel saves you from chaotic cosmetic mess and unwelcome skincare spillages and keeps you organised so that you can locate what you need with ease pre-, during and post-travel.  

So, whether you’re looking for a clear make-up bag for travel, a budget-friendly one or something that’s both aesthetically pleasing and offers a lot of functionality, we’ve got options. Plus, here are handy tips for organising your make-up bag for travel 

You’d want a few things from your beauty travel bag: resilient, waterproof, easy to wipe down, and compact but with plenty of compartments. So here, we listed down five that tick all those criteria and are editor and make-up artist-approved.  

The 5 Best Travel Make-Up Bags Of 2023

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1. Stackers Hanging Wash Bag, £65


Speaking of convenience and practicality, this Hanging Wash Bag from Stackers is a perfect cosmetic and toiletry bag that can house all your essentials in one perfect place. It’s perfect for frequent travellers and ideal for short breaks or a week’s getaway. 

The Stackers Hanging Wash Bag features a faux leather exterior, elasticated internal pockets, and multiple zipped compartments. This small hanging wash bag features two internal zipped compartments where you can put your travel-sized skincare and hair care. In addition, it includes a removable clear waterproof toiletry bag ideal for your make-up. This bag is ready to be hung up in any hotel bathroom you travel to.  

2. The White Company Travel Cosmetics Case, £35   

The White Company Travel Cosmetics Case, £35  

If you’re looking for a minimalist make-up bag that’s low maintenance but high on functionality, go for The White Company’s Travel Cosmetics Case. This clear make-up bag for travel features a pale grey edging with a wipe-clean finish and double-ended zips for easy access. It’s easy to keep fresh and hygienic. 

3. Victoria’s Secret 4-in-1 Train Case, £45    

Victoria's Secret 4-in-1 Train Case, £45    

If you are an over-packer and like to carry your entire vanity, we recommend getting this all-black Victoria’s Secret 4-in-1 Train Case. It allows you to organise all your beauty essentials in one place. You can fit all your make-up essentials, brushes, perfumes, shower, and hair essentials. It houses them in the four pouches, which you can store in a larger outer bag, helping keep everything in one place. 

4. OneNine5 Eco Travel Wash Bag, Havelock Blue, £49

Eco Travel Wash Bag

If being planet conscious is one of your main criteria when scouting for the best bag for make-up travel, then you should get this Eco Travel Wash Bag. This premium and unisex eco-wash bag is made with 100% recycled plastic lining, water-resistant zippers and vegan leather (cruelty-free) outer shell in a matte finish. It comes with a reusable, clear liquid bag, which you can easily detach from inside the wash bag with easy-release magnets to carry your toiletries through airports. In addition, it has seven compartments to ensure you have space for all your cosmetics, toiletries, and make-up.    

5. Clarins Limited Edition Beauty Travel Case

Clarins Limited Edition Beauty Travel Case  

Often Clarins Gift Sets come with a Limited Edition Beauty Travel Case. So, make sure you take advantage of the special GWP and offers. For example, you may get a complimentary luxe bag that is a great carry-on for your plane or train – plus, rest assured; it comes courtesy of the scientifically-proven skincare or beauty on offer.     

We love this Clarins Cleansing Set For Oily Skin, £29This set contains three products specifically formulated for combination to oily skin with savings worth £26*!  

No matter how tired you get after a day’s touring, make sure you go to bed with a perfectly cleansed face. This skincare set has all your cleansing needs sorted. Start by removing your make-up with an ultra-comforting Velvet Cleansing Milk, 200ml infused with Alpine herbs, followed by the Purifying Toning Lotion, 200ml. Even when travelling, ensure you exfoliate your skin with the Pure Scrub 15ml to remove all SPF, make-up, and impurities. Both the Velvet Cleansing Milk and Purifying Toning Lotion are 200ml. Remember to transfer your liquids into a 100ml package if you put them in your carry-on. We love these

anti-leak, transparent 80ml containers from Amazon

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How To Organise Your Make-Up Bag For Travel

1. Pre-pack your hand luggage liquids in a reusable airport bag

Let’s face it, lining up for the airport security check is always hectic and quite honestly, the last thing you want to do is rummage through your carry-on bag to find all your liquids. So take the stress away by pre-packing your liquid bag in a TSA-compliant reusable airport bag. Passport control likes them to be about 20cm x 20cm or less, and, according to the, you must not take a product over 100ml. This is set to change by 2024 – but until then, play by the rules, or they will be confiscated.  

2. Pack multi-purpose products   

Instead of bringing powder, blush and lipstick, why not opt for a two-in-one lip and cheek tint? Streamline your make-up selection and take products that have multi-use. Look for make-up products that have skincare benefits, too, like the super nourishing Clarins Lip Oils, £21.50,  which you can use as a day lip gloss and an overnight lip mask. Also, if you’re going to be away for a couple of days, transfer your serums and foundations into travel containers instead of bringing the heavy packaging with you.  

3. Organise your cosmetics and toiletries into categories   

To avoid the mess, categorise your make-up and skincare accordingly. For example, keep the make-up liquids and powders separate, store the make-up brushes and hair accessories in another compartment and keep the wet toiletries (such as shampoos, facial wash, etc.) and dry toiletries (serums, make-up remover) in separate clear make-up bags. This budget-friendly, 4-Pack Clear Wash & Make-up Bags TSA Approved Make-up Bags, £7.99 from Amazon, will keep you sorted.  

 4-Pack Clear Wash & Make-up Bags TSA Approved Make-up Bags

Another great trick is to double-check that products are screwed tightly and tape lids down to help ensure there are no leakages.  

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