Bridal Beauty Preparation: Everything You Need To Know
Bridal Beauty Preparation: Everything You Need To Know

Bridal Beauty Preparation: Everything You Need To Know

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Weddings are a lot of work. Months and months of planning go into crafting your big day: the location, the dress, the flowers. But it’s also the one day you want to look your best, which is why it’s always a good idea to think about your bridal beauty preparation as much in advance as possible, from rethinking your skincare routine to booking all the appointments you need.

But with so much to tackle in so little time, where do you start? Beauty Daily breaks down the process.

Your new bridal beauty routine

These are the things to consider and products to switch up in the months leading up to the wedding day:

Assess your skin

Tailor your new routine to what your skin needs and the problem areas you’d like to target. Then, book an appointment with your dermatologist if there are any issues that you would like to be resolved, or try a virtual consultation for free with a Clarins expert.

Pick the products you need

Once you’ve evaluated your skin goals, build your arsenal of products to target your concerns. For example, your plan could be to maintain plump, hydrated skin, or perhaps you have fine lines or hyperpigmentation that you’re trying to tackle. Either way, it’s best to try new products at least three to four months in advance for various reasons.

“Some products can show visible results after about a month of use, but some others take a bit longer,” explains Charlotte McHale, Clarins Training Manager. “If you’re working on fine lines and wrinkles, for example, then you’re not going to see an impact of any skincare you’re using for about three months.”

Additionally, testing the products in advance allows you enough time to gauge whether a product suits you. You don’t want to be dealing with reactions before your wedding day.

Around the same time you’re planning your venue, dress and bridesmaids, you should also be planning your skincare.

- Charlotte McHale, Clarins Training Manager

Bonus tip: To prep your skin before the big day, make sure you’re using the right skincare. Clarins is currently offering three free skincare minis, plus your choice of Lip Perfector if you spend £90 or over on the site. Just use the code WEDDING at checkout. Find more details here.

Manage stressed skin

It’s common to get a bit worked up before a wedding, and often the effects of stress show up on your face. How you combat that depends on how the stress manifests on the skin.

This could be in the form of a breakout or even eczema. To understand how to heal stressed skin, read: The Signs Your Skin Is Stressed and How To Solve It.

Give your nails a break

If you get frequent manicures (gels or otherwise), there’s a high chance your nails aren’t at their healthiest. It’s always a good idea to take a break from all kinds of nail varnish every once in a while and give your nails a few weeks to heal. When they’re healthy, they’ll look better and your wedding manicure will also last longer.

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Get plenty of sleep

No matter how chaotic your wedding prep gets, ensure you’re getting your seven to nine hours of sleep. Research suggests that lack of sleep could impair collagen production, which affects the plumpness and elasticity of the skin. In addition, not sleeping enough could leave you with puffy eyes – something even make-up can’t conceal.

Struggling to sleep? Try apps like Calm and Headspace that offer guided meditations that could help you fall asleep. We also love the Drowsy Sleep Co Eye Mask that’s soft and comfortable but also blocks out any light that could disrupt sleep.

Include self-care in your new routine

External beautification aside, take time for self-care – whether that’s through meditation and exercise or from indulging in face masks and long baths that help you relax.

“My go-to product for de-stressing is the Relax Bath & Shower Concentrate,” says McHale. “It’s got aromatherapy benefits – the basil and cedarwood create a blissful smell that makes you completely chill out. And then it’s packed with plant extracts that will soothe the aches and tension. Petitgrain, for example, helps to warm muscles, so it makes for a great bath soak as well as a shower gel.”

Woman relaxing in the bath

Book your professional treatments


If you want to get a facial, give it a test run a few months before your wedding. “A lot of people who don’t normally have facials tend to plunge into the deep end just before their wedding,” says McHale. “And if your skin is stimulated in a way it normally isn’t, sometimes it can react unexpectedly and leave you with a breakout or some other reaction.”

She adds: “Don’t see facials as a quick fix. If you want to invest in your skin prior to your wedding, the earlier you plan your facials, the better.”

Clarins offers a variety of facial treatments at the Clarins Spas. The 70-minute Radiance Booster treatment is the perfect choice to revitalise lacklustre skin and injects tons of hydration.

Hair removal

If hair removal is something you’re considering, be sure to leave enough time for the skin to heal before the wedding. Do an overall wax a few weeks in advance and a touch-up wax at least three days prior.

On the other hand, you could also consider laser hair removal. However, as the sessions are typically spread out with long intervals, you would need to plan it up to a year in advance.


Give your eyebrows a few months to grow out before booking a brow appointment. Then, decide on the shape you want to maintain till the wedding day. Two to three days before the wedding, book yourself in to get a quick brow tidy up.


If you’re planning to tan, you want to ensure it looks natural and streak-free. You could get a professional spray tan (make sure your first trial is at least six weeks before the ceremony) or use self-tanners to achieve the right colour for you.

The Radiance-Plus Golden Glow Booster Drops can be added to your skincare to achieve a natural-looking gradual tan.

Clarins Radiance-Plus Golden Glow Booster Drops

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Wedding day skincare: how to get glowing

Stick to what you know

You may feel tempted to switch up your routine to make it feel more special on the big day but resist the urge. Use only the products that you know your skin loves.

Tackling a breakout

Noticed a new spot or two right before the wedding? Infuriating as it may feel, it’s pretty standard during stressful times. The only rule to abide by – don’t pop it! An open wound is almost impossible to cover with make-up. However, a good concealer can cover even the reddest blemish if it’s still intact. If the blemish is vast, you can get a shot from your dermatologist to try and resolve the lump and swelling.

Focus on hydration

Ditch any acids or stronger treatments you may be using, and layer hydrating products to boost glow.

Now that your skin is taken care of, it’s time to think about make-up. Read: Your Ultimate Wedding Make-Up Guide

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