Décolleté Massage: Why You Should Try It Now
Décolleté Massage: Why You Should Try It Now

Décolleté Massage: Why You Should Try It Now

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2022 seems to be the year of dedicated body care, as we’re finally turning our attention to often-neglected areas of the body. And if you’ve ever enjoyed the bliss of a relaxing facial massage, we think a décolleté massage is the natural next step for you. 

The décolleté (the general chest area) has thinner skin and fewer oil glands than most other parts of the body. This means that it’s prone to dryness and needs special attention. In addition, extending your facial lymphatic massage down to your neck and chest areas will amplify its benefits. Here’s why.

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Why you should be caring for the décolleté area 

“The neck and décolleté are fragile areas,” says Charlotte Hollands, Treatment Training Manager at Clarins. “They are constantly moving and are exposed to environmental aggressors like UV rays and pollution. Spraying perfume containing alcohol also dehydrates this area and can cause pigmentation if exposed to the sun.” 

All this causes the décolleté and neck to show signs of pre-mature ageing earlier than other areas. Think fine lines, wrinkles, pigmentation and skin slackening.  

Add to this how we as a society are glued to our smartphones. Looking at our phones repeatedly can add to premature ageing.  Apart from neck skin losing its elasticity, our neck skin is also susceptible to premature dark spots and hyperpigmentation as all that light our smartphones emit aka blue light causes oxidative stress to the skin structures. In addition, constant everyday movements also contribute to neck wrinkles.  

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The benefits of a décolleté massage 

Just taking care of the area – keeping it exfoliated, moisturised and protected from the sun – will go a long way in maintaining a healthy-looking décolleté. Incorporating massage into your routine could boost those benefits.  

Beauty Daily recommends incorporating a neck and décolleté cream like the Extra-Firming Neck & Décolleté into your massage routine to visibly maintain the youthfulness of the neck and décolleté area. The inspiration behind this neck cream is the movement of the sunflower’s stem.  

Inspired by the movement of the Sunflower’s stem, Clarins combined sunflower extracts to improve the elasticity and firmness of the flexible neck and décolleté area, boosting the skin’s resistance to daily bending and rotating while protecting against harmful indoor and outdoor pollutants.

Hollands explains that a good décolleté skincare routine and regular massage can help slow down the signs of pre-mature ageing, encourage skin renewal and plump fine lines and wrinkles.  

Plus, improved circulation will banish dullness and increased lymphatic drainage will eliminate toxins and reduce puffiness. 

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How to give yourself a décolleté massage  

As a daily décolleté ritual, apply the Super Restorative Décolleté and Neck Concentrate in the area and perform a quick massage. Here’s how to do it. 

If you have some more time, you can perform a longer massage routine. The toolkit? Some moisturising products you love and your bare hands – no fancy equipment required (but feel free to use a gua sha tool, if you have one).  

Hollands details the steps to conducting the most relaxing at-home décolleté massage.  Begin by cleansing the area. Then:  

  1. Combine a hazelnut-sized amount of the Extra-Firming Mask with a few drops of Blue Orchid Treatment Oil in your hands and warm them together. 
  2. Sweep over the décolleté using medium pressure, six times from one shoulder to the other. 
  3. Sweep up the neck with alternating hands, working your way from the left side of the neck to the right side. 
  4. To boost circulation, circle across the décolleté with your fingertips, starting at the sternum and working towards the shoulders. When you reach the shoulders, start again at the centre. Do this three times. 
  5. To aid lymphatic drainage and remove toxins, use fingertips to drain from the centre of the décolleté towards the creases of the underarms. Repeat three times. 
  6. Finish with big sweeping motions over the décolleté using medium pressure, six times from one shoulder to the other. 
  7. Allow the products to absorb and finish with an application of Extra-Firming Cou & Décolleté cream across the chest and up the neck to strengthen and hydrate. 

For best results, perform a décolleté massage once a week. 

Want to treat yourself to a professional massage? Find all the Clarins Skin Spa Treatments here. 

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