Why Men Should Add Bronzer To Their Grooming Game 
Why Men Should Add Bronzer To Their Grooming Game 

Why Men Should Add Bronzer To Their Grooming Game 

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Guys have you ever thought about using men’s bronzer? Whether you’re already hooked on make-up or just getting started with some subtle enhancements, bronzing is a great way to add glow and dimension to your face. Applying a bit of bronzer can help you achieve that natural healthy radiance that summer gently kisses our skin with, without having to succumb to heavy tanning trends that are (thankfully) becoming a thing of the past.

Plus, when you feel (and look) tired, it’s hard to deny a light bronzing (along with an eye care routine that works on those under eye bags) can somehow transform your look from haggard to healthy! So, why should men miss out on the glow? Beauty Daily spoke to make-up artist Amba Logan for her top tips for men that want to give bronzer a go. 

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Men’s bronzer application tips 

“For a natural bronzed look, make sure your product has a matte finish, without any illuminating or shimmery particles to risk looking too ‘done’,” says Logan. “Cream formulas work best, lightly buffed with warm fingers, or a soft, clean brush. Stick to the high points of the cheeks, and subtly sweep across the nose, and into the hairline,” she continues. Less is more when it comes to male bronzing, so it’s better to build up a product than try and remove it if you’ve applied too much. 

“Buff out the edges into the top of the stubble area, so that the colour melts into the skin, rather than over-applying it to the lower cheek and jaw area,” Logan continues. “Always moisturise the skin well beforehand, too, really concentrating on the beard area so that product doesn’t stick around the hairs,” she adds. 

For a natural, lit-from-within glow, try adding bronzing drops into your skincare routine. The colour gently builds up over a few hours and sticks around for a few days, making it a low-maintenance way to maintain a bronzed look. 

“Apply bronzing drops mainly to the top half of the face, only taking down the remaining residue into the stubble to avoid overload,” explains Logan. “Avoid applying self-tan or bronzer within 12 hours of shaving, as the tan or bronzer can settle into the follicles, leaving little dots behind. And make sure you don’t forget to wash your hands, as this could be the ultimate giveaway!” A gentle wipe over the eyebrows with a cloth or cotton bud is also recommended after application, as it helps to avoid build up that can cause the eyebrows to look unnaturally orange. 

Regular exfoliation is also essential for a smooth, seamless finish. 

The best men’s bronzers 

War Paint for Men Bronzer, £20


A matte pressed powder made specifically for men’s skin, encased in a discreet compact.  

Recipe For Men Energizing Bronze Cream, £28.95

recipe for men

Skin looking uneven or blotchy? Achieve an instant glow with this brightening bronzing face cream. 

Radiance-Plus Golden Glow Booster for Face, £23 

clarins radiance boost

Add a couple of drops to your daily moisturiser to build up a gradual glow. 

Perricone MD, No Makeup Bronzer SPF15, £30

perricone md no bronzer bronzer

Designed to create a natural-looking glow without any tell-tale signs, this formula contains vitamin C for an extra boost of brightness. 

Benny Hancock For Men Press-Cream Bronzer, £33


Prefer a creamier texture? This pressed cream has a buttery formula that’s perfect for defining the contours of your face. 

Ever Bronze Compact Powder, £30

clarins bronzer

This is a two-tone bronzing compact, meaning you can alternate shades throughout the seasons.  

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