The Benefits of Ginseng for Your Skin: The Reasons You Need It In Your Beauty Routine
The Benefits of Ginseng for Your Skin: The Reasons You Need It In Your Beauty Routine

The Benefits of Ginseng for Your Skin: The Reasons You Need It In Your Beauty Routine

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Ginseng needs no introduction. You have seen it around and repeatedly on labels of your favourite Korean skincare products and supplements.

However, do you know what all the benefits of ginseng are? Does ginseng make you look younger? Treat acne and will ginseng help you to look younger? Yes! Read on to find out the science behind it.

It’s a famous adaptogen that has long been used for increasing vitality, improving mental and physical performance and protecting against stress. It’s also beneficial as an ingredient in your skincare routine.

Jenya Di Pierro, Herbal Medicine Practitioner (BA, MA, AMH, ANP); CEO & Founder of Cloud Twelve wellness and lifestyle club, loves this original superfood.

She says, “Knowledge about adaptogens dates back thousands of years to ancient India and China, but the serious scientific study did not begin until the late 1940s when Soviet scientists explored the benefits of these substances in strengthening the protective energy of the body. Several of these unique plants lived through the Ice Age by adapting to and thriving in the most severe living conditions on Earth. Many adaptogens have medicinal roots that take many years to mature. The concentrated energy and nutrients of the plants that have been stored in mature roots are the culmination of years of growth and adaptation. Hence the term ‘adaptogens’ and their key characteristics of helping our bodies adapt the stress and increase vitality.”

As a wellness supplement, Pierro loves, “Eleuthero – sometimes known as Siberian ginseng, native to Japan, northern China, and Korea, enhances the ability of mitochondria in the cells to produce energy and is an excellent remedy for burnout and chronic fatigue. It has been extensively tested on athletes and demonstrated efficacy in helping to cope and recover from adverse conditions and physical exertion. Additionally, Eleuthero strengthens immunity against chronic infections and has also been found effective for metabolic syndrome with insulin resistance and its different manifestations of hyperglycemia, obesity and PCOS.

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How Can Ginseng Be Used in Skincare Routines?

According to the ScienceDirect a study on the plant states, “Red ginseng contains components, including microelements, vitamins, essential oils, and fatty acids, that can be used in skincare to delay the aging process.”

How? The study exposes how ginseng works its magic: “Red ginseng is known to have antiaging effects. Ginseng can protect the epidermal and dermal layers of the skin from strong UV-B radiation, while maltol, one of the compounds present in red ginseng, reduces fatigue and exhibits antioxidant properties.”

So basically, this ingredient – ginseng creams, serums and lotions will work on reducing fine lines and wrinkles and supercharges skin to help protect itself, bolstering firmness, fading pigmentation and uneven tone while also providing antioxidant protection and hydration.

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Research has also shown that topical application of ginseng boosts skin hydration, helps resolve a rough texture, fades uneven skin tone, and visibly improves wrinkles. It also bolsters its natural firmness and upping the skin’s vitality by boosting circulation. Think of it as you inhale a flat white on the way to work – well, ginseng works in the same way on the layers of your skin. Call this your skin’s wake-up call when applied in the AM, and it will take effect way before your barista order.


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The Ginseng Skincare Products to Consider

Ginseng can work its magic in several ways. Within skincare, fragrance and also make-up. Here are the ginseng products to include in your beauty and wellness line-up now:


  1. Ginseng in fragrance: Eau Dynamisante

Surprisingly – this offers a double whammy. Not only will this zesty and spicy spray uplift the senses and add a spring in your step – but when spritzed onto the skin – this fragrance has a beautifying effect akin to skincare to help with hydration. Win, win from the ginseng.

Eau Dynamisante – buy here

ginseng in fragrance

  1. Ginseng gel in skincare: Energizing Gel

A super skin clearing, non-tacky gel that refines skin tone and texture and restores vitality to dull, lifeless skin.

Energizing Gel – buy here

ginseng gel energising face gel

  1. Ginseng in make-up: Erborian Super BB Cream

Does ginseng help acne? Yes, it does – with this rich tinted cream that’s supercharged with white ginseng and fermented ginseng flower to help visibly reduce imperfections and reveal smoother skin.

Erborian Super BB Cream – buy here

ginseng foundation

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