Personalised Skincare: The Bespoke Services That Garner Real Results 
Personalised Skincare: The Bespoke Services That Garner Real Results 

Personalised Skincare: The Bespoke Services That Garner Real Results 

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Do you really know your skin type? Unfortunately, over 63% of people don’t – so if you want accurate, real results, and great skin, it might be time to invest in a personalised approach.
A bespoke skincare regimen used to be for the rich and famous. Think Harley Street natives, IT girls and people who dress in head-to-toe couture. However, high-tech skincare regimens that are personalised for your needs are coming to a store and site near you.
We are all a little more savvy about ingredients and the skincare layering process thanks to the Covid lockdown and the rise of accessible information – whether from your favourite dermatologist on TikTok or skinfluencer/expert on Instagram – seeking out personalised solutions that meet your unique needs and concerns rather than relying on one-size-fits-all products. However, as with everything – knowledge is power – so you must choose ‘that’ skincare advisor wisely.
According to research by the Skin Trust Club, 63% of women don’t know or understand their skin type. The results are from the genome sequence skin test study, which studied women’s skin microbiomes, and analysed a data set of 1,446 women in the UK aged between 27 and 47.
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Some common reasons why we get it wrong? Lack of knowledge about skin type or specific skin concerns, relying on marketing claims rather than ingredient lists, and not understanding the importance of a consistent skincare routine. Additionally, individual differences in skin type, genetics, lifestyle, and environmental factors can all play a role in determining the effectiveness of a skincare product, and even choosing the products that look stylish can spell disaster.
After all, nothing screams disappointment more than a usually expensive product that your friend loves or hooked you on TikTok and then, after testing – finding it does either nothing at all, irks your face, or makes you break out. What a waste of time and money – likely, along with an environmental impact.
Take the guesswork out of finding the ‘one(s)’ with a specific diagnosis or skincare prescription that’s all about you.
Check out the beauty glossary that will help you understand the terminology or USP of a specific ingredient.

My objective is to provide women with the most effective, virtuous and respectful solution to achieve well-being and visibly transformed skin quality in complete safety.

Dr Olivier Courtin, Managing Director of Clarins Group & Founder myBlend

To ensure the best of the best, Courtin was joined by leading scientists, dermatologists, laser-therapy specialists, dermo-nutritionists, facialists and cosmetic professionals to provide excellence and efficacy, and all the formulations are the highest potency the skin can tolerate, resulting in lovely easy-to-use products that won’t impact skin’s barrier or your eco-footprint either.
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Bespoke skincare diagnosis

The myskindiag starts with a photo capture backed by 25 years of research in dermatology, imaging and artificial intelligence. It detects your skin type, apparent age, hydration levels, fatigue and glow – all by intelligent diagnostics. So, it picks up on fine lines, pore size, dark circles and puffiness, and signs of sunspots or acne and lists them according to most of the concerns and areas you might like to tackle.
It also explores your lifestyle and environmental factors. So office workers sat under the air con unit to frequent flyers and questions about your sleep and stress levels, diet, social behaviour and intake of alcohol or sugar. (In our case, there was a lot of box ticking.)
It then offers you next-level advice on tackling each area with a 360-approach to diet, lifestyle and how to build a routine with a detailed skincare diagnosis.
myblend firming serum
It’s super easy to use, and not only does it determine skin’s needs right now, but it will also prescribe you the textures and techniques you already use. So, if you love a lotion but hate a cream or dislike water cleansing, it will filter out what will be irrelevant to you. After all, the best skincare is the one you use consistently day after day.
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Personalised nutritional program

To support the skin further, there’s a ‘Nutri‘ offering – three different programmes that nourish the skin from within, containing prebiotics, antioxidants and micronutrients that target specific concerns.

  • Nutri Youth, £65: targets firmness and defence. Ingredients include grape seed extract, selenium, beta carotene, and D-biotin to help to nourish mature skin and combat oxidative stress. At the same time, organic sea buckthorn berries and prebiotic inulin promote microbiota balance and reinforce the skin’s defences.
  • Nutri Glow £65: boosts radiance, hydration and dark spot. This is rich in Vitamin C, which protects cells from stress and stimulates collagen for the skin to function optimally, while vitamin E protects from stress.
  • Nutri Clean Up, £65: offers a detoxing blend for blemishes and shine. This is enriched zinc – a great inclusion as this is not produced by our bodies naturally – so we have to get it from food or supplements. Plus, lactic acid, potassium, artichoke and acerola all help to keep sebum in check, thus reducing the amount of bacteria on the skin and also offering anti-inflammatory goodness.
my blend bespoke skincare plan

High-tech beauty tools and gadgets

For more information, and to find your very own skincare treatment plan log onto
Prices start from £30

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