We Are Celebrating Caregivers And The Lessons They’ve Taught Us
We Are Celebrating Caregivers And The Lessons They’ve Taught Us

We Are Celebrating Caregivers And The Lessons They’ve Taught Us

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Relationships between mums and daughters tend to be complex – they can be loving, tender, messy and often, all those things at once. As Mother’s Day approaches, we’re taking a minute to acknowledge the strong female figures in our lives, past and present, and the impact they’ve had on us.

Below, we share the wisdom passed on from mother to daughter – from career advice and beauty secrets to invaluable life lessons.

Jennifer Barton

London-based freelance writer, mum of four

Jennifer Barton and mum

“I lost my mother in my early twenties and a few years later, became a mother myself. Much as I have tried to suppress the difficult parts at times, I now accept that pain, loss and grief are part of what shape my experience of motherhood (especially because I don’t have a father-figure active in my life either. My mother played every role). Each cuddle and exciting new first that I share with my children is a joy, but also a reminder that my mum can’t be a part of these special moments in any traditional sense.

My mother was a larger-than-life character with amazing style and an over-the-top personality. I like to think that she is still a part of our lives, and I do often think about how she would advise me or react when it comes to a perplexing parenting issue. I wear her clothes and accessories, so my kids see what kind of a grandmother they had (yes, your granny really did don this Viktor & Rolf bat cape to pick me up from school!), and always try to give them some of the experiences I cherish from my own childhood.

On special occasions like Mother’s Day, this usually means a fun day out with afternoon tea or a lovely lunch somewhere, maybe a gallery or museum trip, followed by watching an old movie or musical with popcorn on the sofa. These are the moments I feel closest to my mum: when I’m able to share what she taught me to love with the humans I adore.” Jennifer Barton

Sarah Joan Ross

Editor of Beauty Daily, mother of two children and two dogs

Sarah Joan Ross and mum

“My mother has been knocked down physically and mentally and suffered unimaginable losses, but instead of her sinking to the depths of misery, she rises every single day with a huge smile and an aura of optimism. She has been my biggest cheerleader throughout my life – with the mantra: ‘Aim high, work hard, and anything is possible’, which I have pretty much followed.

But, in all honesty, I never realised her resilience until I had children of my own, and that’s when her strength shone through. She is now the most wonderful granny and is helping us to raise the boys in a thoroughly modern way.

As a small thank you for everything she does, I will be booking a wellness day – somewhere where we can relax and spend quality time together away from our daily chaos of kids, dogs, work and house renovations.” – Sarah Joan Ross

Tracey Lea Sayer

Fashion Director at Fabulous Magazine, mum to Frankie

Tracey Lea Sayer and Frankie

“I have always told Frankie that what you put in, you get back out. I am from the ‘hard work pays off’ school of life. I got knocked back loads of times when I was younger, but my parents always stood by me, and I never gave up on my dream.

I want Frankie to see that if you don’t succeed at first, it isn’t the end of the world. My absolutely wonderful mum taught me that everything happens for a reason and what doesn’t break you makes you stronger and adds more colour to your story.

My advice to Frankie is to go out there and show people what a kind, funny, fierce and loyal character she is because whatever she chooses her life to look like, she will always be my beautiful baby girl. Frankie, you make my chest burst with pride; I love you with all my heart because you taught me how to be your mum.”Tracey Lea Sayer

Dusica Neill

Managing Director, Green Park Content

Dusica Neill snd mum

“My mother is, without doubt, my biggest inspiration. As a doctor in a small town, she went against norms and opened her own private laboratory; she never stopped to worry that it was ‘unusual’ for a woman to do this. She went from a stable hospital job into a mad entrepreneurial world all on her own, with three young children at home and a husband in a very senior position who worked long hours.

None of that was ever an obstacle in her eyes. She was challenged and brought ‘to her knees’ on multiple occasions. But every time, she stood up and fought back. As a result, she now owns three laboratories across Serbia.” – Dusica Neill

Bianca Miller-Cole

Entrepreneur, mentor, speaker and The Sunday Times Bestselling Author

Bianca Miller-Cole and mum

“My mother, she is strong in so many ways, ways that she is not even aware of and is one of my biggest supporters in all aspects of my life. She inspires me to work hard to provide the same opportunities that were afforded to me and much more. She always preaches about the next generation being better than the last and that is my hope for my future.” Bianca Miller-Cole

Emma-Kate Miller

Publisher and Editor of Hood Magazine, mum of two

Emma-Kate Miller and daughters

“My mother was incredibly beautiful, with high cheekbones and raven hair. She was petite and worked in a very male-dominated industry. However, she never felt the need to inhibit her beauty or femininity; she always carried lipstick and would unabashedly reapply in public.

She taught us that beauty was fleeting and to be more than a pretty face. However, while beauty is skin deep, there is much to be gained and enjoyed from self-care rituals. Like my mother, my sisters and I, and my two daughters Lilliana and Emilia find comfort and relaxation in bathing, skincare, and makeup.” Emma-Kate Miller

Anne Lora Scagliusi

Beauty & Wellness Writer, Beauty Daily

Anne Lora Scagliusi and mum

“My mum and I are the best of friends. She has always been my north star. I celebrate my wins and share my anger, sadness or disappointment with her. To this day, we Facetime for hours. I find her presence, despite the distance, therapeutic.

She handled challenges with such elegance and grace. Her calmness in the storm, her ability to see the beauty despite all the hurdles: my dad having a stroke, making sure four children are taken care of, financial struggles, amazes me to this day. I crave what my mum has, her inner peace and steadfast spiritual faith. This is the biggest life lesson I wish to pass on to my future children.” – Anne Lora Scagliusi

Intisar Abdul-Kader

NHS Mental Health Practitioner and long-distance runner

Intisar Abdul-Kader and mum

“In my beauty routine, I like to incorporate tricks I’ve learnt from my mother growing up – my mother is from Yemen and using rose water as part of your skincare routine has been a staple there for thousands of years, and it feels like I’m taking part in history. My skin seems to like it and I feel connected to my Yemeni roots…home is a good feeling.

A piece of advice that stayed with me from my maternal grandmother was this: Do right for you first, then your community. If you don’t look after yourself, then who will? I am trying to live by this mantra too, look after yourself first and everything will follow the path you created for yourself.” Intisar Abdul-Kader

Nishita Fiji

Beauty Writer, Beauty Daily

Nishita Fiji with mum and sister

“My mother and I couldn’t be more different. While I have always been quiet and somewhat reserved, my mother is loud and vivacious. She’s always taught her daughters to be brave and fearless. The concept of self-doubt is alien to her.

She has had her fair share of struggles throughout her life, but somehow, even in the most dreadful situations, she finds a little thread of optimism to hold on to and a life lesson to learn.

Perhaps the only trait we share is our silly sense of humour. My mother’s is always the most whole-hearted laugh in the room. She taught me to find humour in the mundane and laugh as often as humanly possible – I think it’s the best lesson I’ve ever learned.” – Nishita Fiji

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