Curtain Bangs Are the Biggest Hair Trend for Summer 
Curtain Bangs Are the Biggest Hair Trend for Summer 

Curtain Bangs Are the Biggest Hair Trend for Summer 

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What are curtain bangs? Long curtain bangs or fringe bangs are parted down the middle and frame the face on both sides — like a curtain. Haircuts with long textured bangs were big in the ’70s, and are gaining popularity again.  

Curtain bangs can come in many different looks and lengths, depending on your hair texture and the cut you prefer. You can use various styling techniques to achieve your best curtain bangs. It can be a low maintenance hairstyle for any age, hair texture or colour.   

Curtain bang styles  

What works with long curtain bangs? Almost every style — you can wear parted in the middle or slightly to the side will still count. Here is all the curtain bang inspiration you need for summer 2022.  

model with long volume brown hair

Curtain bangs can be styled with long, short, straight, wavy, or curly hair. 

Model with natural short hair with curtain bangs

All hair colours can match with long bangs, but if you want to put an accent on your trendy fringe, try coloured face-framing strands or the money piece hair trend. 

long hair strawberry blonde model bleached curtain bangs

Curtain bangs with long hair  

Curtain bangs and long hair are a great combination that offers many styling options. In addition, you can try loose straight hairstyles, waves, and all kinds of updos with any hair accessories. 

redhead model with long hair and curtain bangs

Curtain bangs with short hair   

Long curtain bangs can adapt any haircut to your face shape. A parted down curtain fringe matches with bob haircuts, pixie, or short and layered cuts, like a wolf cut or mullet. 

asian model with brown hair and bob haircut with curtain bangs

How to style curtain bangs    

Loose straight or wavy hair with curtain bangs 

If you prefer to wear your hair loose, long bangs can give your usual hairstyle an effortlessly cool vibe.  

asian model with brown long hair curtain bangs

Ponytail with long bangs 

Both elegant high and low ponies are a perfect bang match. Fix the strand with a hairpin around your scrunchie to hide it, add on-trend earrings, and you are ready for summer.  

ponytail with long blonde hair and curtain bangs

Half up, half down and headband hairstyles 

Long bangs look good with half up hairstyles with ponies, braids, top knots, headbands, or head scarfs. A silk scarf will give a retro vibe to your look. 

long blonde hair headscarf curtain bangs

Bun with curtain bangs 

Make sure to release your face-framing strands when creating a hair bun. This gives it a casual look instead of the tight, shiny ballerina buns that can be pretty severe.  

blonde hair low bun headscarf
asian model with black and blue hair highlights and curtain bang

Your perfect curtain bangs can be different lengths, more textured or smooth, relatively straight, or longer inside and shorter on the outside — it’s about getting your hairdresser to trim at a length to suit your face and hair type. Often cutting in around the cheekbone is a flattering option.   

black hair bun curtain bangs

Blow drying curtain bangs  

How to blow dry curtain bangs? 

  • Apply thermal protection on damp hair. 
  • Wind your strands on a round brush and blow-dry. 
  • Clip into place and allow to cool.  
  • Spray some finishing spray and wait until set before you release them. 
long brown wavy hair curtain bangs

You can also style your curtain bangs with a curling iron or a straightener. Dry your hair first, and don’t forget about thermal protection. Oversized barrel irons or curlers will give a nice bouncy feel to your bag. Wrap around the heat tool in an outward direction and then when you release, mist some hair spray onto the ringlet and allow it to dry and cool before releasing the coil with your fingers.  

blonde hair updo long curtain bangs

Using rollers with curtain bangs  

How to use velcro rollers for curtain bangs? This is worth trying, because it’s less damaging than hot tools.  

  • Part your bangs into sections and apply a styling mousse. 
  • Place the rollers under your hair, slide to the end, roll down and fix. 
  • Wait about 15 minutes (you can take time to do your make-up). 
  • Remove the rollers, and fix the hairstyle with a finishing spray.  
  • And then add a serum or cream to tame flyaways or frizz. 
dark blonde volume hair curtain bangs

Are curtain bangs high maintenance? 

Want to figure out, are curtain bangs high maintenance? Sometimes long bangs can look gorgeous, but on a bad hair day, they appear messy and unruly. To avoid this, follow a few simple rules: 

  • Stock up on hairpins or a headband so you can control bangs on a bad hair day.  
  • Trim your bangs every 5-6 weeks to keep them fresh and in place.  
  • To get rid of split ends, use a sealant like Philip Kingsley Bond Builder.
brown long wavy hair curtain bangs

How to care for curtain bangs 

Don’t forget about thermal protection spray to protect your bangs while using styling tools.  

1-2 per week, try the Nourishing Strengthening Hair Mask with 90% natural ingredients, organic argan oil and shea butter. It helps strengthen and nourish both scalp and hair fibre, giving your hair shine, softness and a wonderful scent. 

  Nourishing Strengthening Hair Mask

The multitasking Nourishing Beauty Hair Oil is a remedy for dull and frizzy hair. Apply it on dry to damp locks, focusing on the ends and length. Its light-weighted formula with organic camelia and argan oil restores after heat styling and processing.

Nourishing Beauty Hair Oil

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