How To Get Smooth, Shiny Hair At Home
How To Get Smooth, Shiny Hair At Home

How To Get Smooth, Shiny Hair At Home

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Hyper glossy, shiny, poker-straight hair is a huge trend for Spring/Summer 2022, spotted on various runways, including Versace, Fendi, Sandy Liang and Mark Fast.

Below, we detail how you can replicate the look of shiny, glossy hair using the right tools and products, and also how you can keep your hair healthy and lustrous in the long-term.

Hair at Versace SS22
Versace Spring/Summer 2022; Instagram: @versace

How to get straight, shiny hair at home

Jack Merrick-Thirlway, Creative Director at Neville Hair & Beauty, reveals the steps to recreate the runway hair trend.

Prep steps

First, make sure your hair is washed and conditioned well. Try a detoxifying shampoo to remove any product build-up for the ultimate clean slate. Or something like Fairy Washing Liquid – session hairdresser Sam McKnight has used this to achieve squeaky-clean locks before he shoots hair brand commercials.

Then, “prep your freshly washed hair with some heat-protective cream,” says Merrick-Thirlway. “This will prevent heat damage during styling and make the hair shiny and easy to comb.” You could also add a spritz of shine spray at this stage.

Styling tips

When it comes to drying, Merrick-Thirlway advises:

“Ensure you direct the nozzle of the hairdryer down the shaft of the hair, from root to tip – this is indispensable to achieve the glossy effect.”

Adding, “If done at home, you may need to go over the blow-dried hair with some hair straighteners to remove any kinks and up the shine factor. However, do so only once as repeated heat could damage your hair.”

He adds: “Once you’re happy with your hair, apply a few drops of serum through the ends, and any leftover can be used along the crown. Then, using a pintail comb, select the section to tie back according to the shape of your face.”

Professional treatments to look into

Looking for more long-term results? If perfectly straight, glossy hair is your goal, you may have to opt for a professional hair treatment.

“To achieve extremely glossy hair, you can get a clear gloss treatment,” says Merrick-Thirlway. “And if you are looking for straight hair with shine, I’d go for a formaldehyde-free keratin version, such as Tanino Therapy, to help with your hair’s manageability.”

Natural ways to get shiny hair

On the other hand, if you want your hair to look naturally glossy, here are some tips to remember:

Avoid washing in extremely hot water

A steaming hot shower may feel incredibly relaxing, but the hot water strips the natural oils from the hair, leaving it dry and lacklustre. Lukewarm water is the ideal temperature to wash your hair in.

Many experts also recommend doing a cold-water blast (rinsing your hair with cold water) as the last step in your hair wash routine. This helps seal the hair cuticle, which makes it appear shiny.

Use a hair mask or deep conditioner

The more moisturised your hair is, the shinier it will appear. So, choose your conditioner wisely. If you have dry hair prone to frizz, opt for a deep conditioner or a hair mask.

Try: The Nourishing Strengthening Hair Mask; it’s loaded with organic shea butter and organic argan oil that moisturise the hair fibre and restore shine.

hair mask

Minimise heat styling

Although hot tools can help create the look of glossy locks, using them regularly can have the opposite effect. So, save the styling and blow drying for special occasions and opt for air-drying your hair as often as possible.

Replace your pillowcase

Regular cotton pillowcases tend to be abrasive, which can damage your hair. Instead, consider switching them for silk ones. The smooth surface of a silk pillowcase helps reduce friction with the hair and keeps it from getting tangled and frizzy overnight. It also reduces breakage. As a bonus, you will notice that your blowout will last a little longer too.

We like the “anti-bed head” Pure Silk Envelope Pillowcases by Slip that are made using 100% highest grade long fibre mulberry silk.

Find a good leave-in hair treatment

Treat your hair to an extra dose of hydration with a rich leave-in conditioner or oil. We recommend using a hair oil with nourishing ingredients that work to improve the quality of your hair while also making it instantly glossy and light reflective.

Try: The Nourishing Beauty Hair Oil has a lightweight, non-greasy formula that hydrates your hair without weighing it down. It’s got natural oils of organic argan and camellia that soften the hair and protect it from external aggressors. Dry hair will also benefit from the added sheen it bestows.

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