Wedding Hair Trends For 2023
Wedding Hair Trends For 2023

Wedding Hair Trends For 2023

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After months of planning, your big day is almost here – but you’ve still not got your wedding hair look nailed. It can be hard to figure out how to style your mane for your wedding – especially until you know what your dress looks like, or how long your hair will be on the big day. And sometimes, everything else takes over when it comes to wedding planning and seems far more important than hair! 

But you know that those wedding photos are going to last a lifetime, so it’s important to get the details right with your ideal bridal make-up look and hair style. Not sure where to start? Here’s our round-up of the top trending wedding hairstyles, to give you some much-needed inspiration… 

Half up, half down wedding hair  

Half up, half down wedding hair  

Possibly one of the most popular wedding hairstyles, the ‘half up, half down’ look is extremely versatile and allows for more personalised styling when it comes to texture and volume.  

Clarins hair oil

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Curly wedding hair 

Face-framing curls 

Face-framing curls wedding hair style

Opting for an up-do? Try gently tugging out some loose curls from around your hairline. This will add definition to your face and is an ideal way to instantly soften your look. 

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The curly ponytail 

curly ponytail 

A curly take on the classic chic ponytail. Tie your hair up in a perfect ponytail, add some volume by using a curling iron to create some chunky curls at the back, and lightly tease the curls upwards to create a boho vibe. 

Rapunzel braid 

Rapunzel braid 

If you’re naturally curly, there’s no need to take the weight out of your hair. Instead, keep your hair curly (or create faux curls with the help of some curling irons) and loosely braid it, letting your curls do all the work to add volume and dimension. 

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Wedding hairstyles for long hair  

Boho curls 

Boho curls

Long, tousled curls teamed with braids make for the cutest combination when it comes to wedding hair. Whether you want your hair swept away from your face completely, or you’re after some face-framing curls, make sure to show your stylist an inspiration image that replicates your vision.  

Low-textured bun 

Low-textured bun

For something casual but still classy, try a loose textured bun. Start by curling your hair from mid-lengths to ends, then pull your curls into a low, neat bun at the nape of your neck and secure it with hair grips. 

Tousled waves 

Prefer a subtle curl? Try curling your entire head of hair with a wide barrel curling iron, before spraying it with a strong-hold setting spray. Then, using a comb, brush out your curls to reveal this super elegant undone wave. 

Natural bounce 

Natural bounce full volume wavy hair

Give your style some va-va-voom with the help of a curling iron with a smaller barrel. You’ll be able to create more precise, defined curls that will give your look extra volume and texture. Be sure to add some height to the top of your hair with the help of some teasing and spray your style with a strong-hold hairspray once it’s all done. This will make sure it stays in place all day.

Shampoo with Ginseng  

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Statement accessories 

Statement accessories for wedding hair styles

There’s no better way to accentuate your curls than with a cute floral or crystal hair clip. Once you have the base of your hair done, add the barrette in wherever you think it looks best, and et voilà! Instant glamour. 

Wedding hairstyles for short hair

The wavy bob

wavy bob

The ideal and easiest go-to look for anyone with shorter hair, some loose natural-looking waves will add some bounce and sophistication.

Bejewelled bands

Bejewelled wedding hair band

Make a statement with a jewel-adorned hair band, which will instantly give life to hair that is short or thin. 

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