A Guide To Wedding Guest Make-Up
A Guide To Wedding Guest Make-Up

A Guide To Wedding Guest Make-Up

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With pandemic restrictions eased, you can expect wedding season to be more packed than ever before. Best to be prepared with outfits and wedding guest make-up looks planned in advance. And for the latter, there are so many different directions you could go in. While there certainly are no hard and fast rules about what make-up you can and cannot wear to a wedding as a guest, some choices are wiser than others. Here’s what you should keep in mind:

wedding guest make-up with a soft contour

Choose a timeless look

You may be tempted to try a TikTok trend you just saw or a new graphic liner technique you recently mastered. But remember that you (and many others) will be looking at photographs from this event for decades to come, so opting for a classic look that won’t feel dated in a few years is a smart move. Plus, you might be getting ready in a hotel or have a stressful, busy morning preparing – so keeping it simple might make your prep smoother.

Stick to your strengths

If you’re doing the make-up yourself, it’s best to play safe. So, unless you’re planning to arrange a few practice rounds before the big day, stick to colours and techniques you’re already familiar with.

This is also true with respect to your product choices. Avoid trying new products for the first time during these occasions. Instead, opt for the ones you know and love, so there won’t be any smudgy surprises or strange camera-flash results on the day.

Prime the skin appropriately

For a flawless base, you must prep the skin correctly. Whether you like your skin to look dewy or matte, moisturiser is a step you must not skip. Choose a formula that suits your skin type and sits well under make-up.

Next, apply a primer. The SOS Primer in Universal Light is great for all skin types and supplies a layer of luminescence. However, if you’re attending a wedding in the daytime, don’t forget to apply your SPF. “You could kill two birds with one stone and use the SOS Primer UV SPF 30. It primes the skin and also provides sun protection,” says Charlotte McHale, Clarins Training Manager.

For combination skin – apply mattifying primer around the T-zone, and some glow-based primer on the cheeks.

Bonus tip: Whether you’re the bride or a wedding guest, skincare is just as important as make-up. To ensure you’re using the best products to prep your skin, Clarins is currently offering three free skincare minis, plus your choice of Lip Perfector if you spend £90 or over on the site. Just use the code WEDDING at checkout. Find more details here.

Subtly sculpt your face

A soft contour that enhances your natural features looks beautiful both in real life and photographs. Use a bronzer that’s slightly cool-toned to do this. Apply it right under the cheekbones (close to the ear) using a small or medium-sized brush. Avoid big powder brushes because they could spread the product too far and defeat the purpose.

You could also sculpt lightly under the jawline and add some warmth along the temples. Make sure everything is blended well. And when you’re done, skim over the edges with your foundation brush.

Control shine

You could be aiming for dewy skin, but you don’t want to step into greasy territory – an especially bad idea if you’re going to be photographed. For this, a mattifying powder will be your best friend.

Choose a formula that offers a natural-looking matte finish like the Ever Matte Compact Powder. Along with blotting shine, the organic strawberry tree extract in the product controls the production of excess sebum in the skin. Also, you can pack it in your handbag for on-the-go touch-ups.

It’s also good to set your make-up with a powder in any areas that tend to crease – this typically happens around the corners of the eyes, the under-eye area and along the smile lines.

mattifying powder

Switch black eyeliner for something lighter

Black eyeliner can sometimes look too stark. Instead, consider choosing shades of chocolate or plum to define your eyes. They look neutral enough to not clash with any other colours on the face and create a softer look.

Try: The Waterproof Eye Pencil in the shades 02 Chestnut and 04 Fig.

Prepare for sweat and tears

Weddings tend to be long and often, quite emotional, too. So, choose a waterproof formula for your mascara and eyeliner. Use an eye primer before applying eyeshadow (especially if your eyelids get oily over time) to avoid creasing.

You will also most likely be eating and drinking a fair bit, so choose a long-wearing lipstick if you’re wearing a bold lip. Alternatively, choose a lip product that looks natural, fades evenly and is easy to reapply at any given time. The Lip Comfort Oils are ideal for this – and they now come in eight distinct shades to choose from.

Dress for the occasion

You could also lean into the theme and aesthetic of the wedding you’re attending, when you’re planning your make-up. In addition, it’s also helpful to tailor your look and product choices to other factors like whether the venue is outdoors or indoors, if the event will take place in the daytime or evening, etc.

Pack your essentials

The exact products you choose to carry will depend on your final look. But in general, it’s a good idea to drop your lipstick and powder in your handbag. We also love packing along a multi-tasking balm like the Beauty Flash Balm – use it on the tops of the cheekbones to add some light or to smooth over any dry patches that may show up during the day.

If the wedding is a long one, we also recommend bringing along a few extras to transition your look from day to night. This could involve a darker lip, a brighter blush, a smudgy pencil or even just an extra coat of mascara.

But most of all? Enjoy the gathering, let your hair down and after all, a little smudged-down mascara is not the end of the world.

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