The Best Lipstick Ingredients, Textures & Formulas Explained
The Best Lipstick Ingredients, Textures & Formulas Explained

The Best Lipstick Ingredients, Textures & Formulas Explained

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Lipstick ingredients: they’re the unsung heroes behind our favourite lip products. But have you ever wondered how today’s lipsticks are available in such an abundance of textures? From ones that shimmer and shine, to others that feel super soft, yet look matte. Here, Beauty Daily dives into the world of lipstick textures for every preference and occasion, lip-loving formulas, and the hero ingredients that really make your pout pop. 

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What different types of lipstick textures are there? 

Matte & velvet textures  

Matte lipsticks are the epitome of elegance, offering a sophisticated finish that’s perfect for both day and night. These velvety formulas provide rich, full coverage and are known for their longevity. Looking for a luxurious option? Clarins Velvet Lip Perfector, £21, combines intense colours with a creamy texture, resulting in a soft matte finish that feels weightless. 

Rasperry Velvet Lip Perfector

Glossy & shiny lipsticks 

If you’re craving high shine and a touch of glamour, glossy lipsticks should be your go-to. With their light-reflecting properties, they create a plumping effect that enhances the appearance of your lips. Ideal for special occasions, glossy lipsticks seamlessly add a radiant dimension to your smile. Achieve a stunning glossy pout with Clarins Lip Perfector Glow, £21. Infused with shea butter, it delivers both shine and care in one swipe. Or, try Clarins Joli Rouge Shine, £19, for a more intense colour payoff. 

Creamy textures 

Creamy lipsticks offer a balanced blend of colour and comfort. They provide a smooth and buttery application that keeps your lips hydrated throughout the day. These versatile formulas work well for various looks, from casual chic to sophisticated charm. Check out Clarins Intense Natural Lip Perfector, £21, if you’re looking for an exceptionally creamy texture with intense colour payoff. 

Satin textures

The satin finish strikes the perfect balance between matte and shine. It offers a subtle luminosity that’s universally flattering and provides a soft and subtle look – making them an excellent choice for any occasion. For a touch of luxury, explore Clarins’ Joli Rouge Lipstick range – available in 16 shades they   provide a silky-smooth satin texture and a refined finish. 

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Lipstick formulas 

Long-lasting, smudge-proof & waterproof 

When it comes to lip colour that stays put, long-lasting, smudge-proof, and waterproof formulas are the way to go. These reliable options ensure your lip look remains flawless, even after eating and drinking. 


Liquid lipsticks combine the intensity of a lipstick with the ease of application of a gloss. They deliver bold colour while remaining comfortable and lightweight. Ideal for nights out, these formulas often dry down to a matte or satin finish.  


Lip stains provide a natural flush of colour that enhances your lips’ inherent beauty. These lightweight formulas penetrate the lips, leaving a subtle tint that lasts for hours. Whether you’re going for a no-make-up make-up look, or just need a low-maintenance hint of colour for everyday wear, lip stains are the perfect choice.  

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For those who prioritise lip care alongside vibrant colour, hydrating lipsticks are a game-changer. These formulas infuse moisture into your lips, preventing dryness and maintaining a supple texture. 


When comfort takes precedence, lip balms offer a soothing experience while also adding a hint of colour. These multitasking products keep your lips soft and conditioned, making them a must-have for everyday use. Clarins’ Lip Comfort Oil, £22, combines the benefits of a lip balm and a lip oil, providing hydration and a natural tint that’s both practical and playful. 

Lip Comfort Oil 01 Honey
Hero ingredients 

It’s not just the shade that makes a lipstick covetable. What catapults it to hero status are the added ingredients that make all the difference to how your lips look and feel.  

Hyaluronic acid  

Not just for serums and moisturisers, when added to lipsticks this much-loved active draws moisture to the skin, boosts hydration and plumps and smooths pouts for the smoothest canvas.  

Jojoba oil  

Rich in Omega-9 fatty acids, jojoba oil is the perfect barrier oil for the lips as it stops moisture escaping, while leaving the skin silky smooth and super soft. It also has anti-inflammatory benefits to calm and soothe. 

Hazelnut oil  

Found in the Clarins Lip Comfort Oil, £22, and rich in nourishing fatty acids – hazelnut oil wards off dehydration, as well as bad bacteria thanks to the astringents found in its tannins.  

Shea butter  

A classic all-rounder, this nut butter is perfect for those with dry, rough, flaky lips as it nourishes, softens and hydrates skin. For your daily dose look no further than the iconic Clarins Jolie Rouge Lipstick Refill, £19.  

joli rouge refill

Lactic acid 

There’s nothing worse than lipstick clinging to and accentuating dry, flaky skin. And for this reason, many a lipstick formula is peppered with one of the gentlest forms of exfoliating AHA – lactic acid. Part of the Clarins Intense Natural Lip Perfector, £21, formula, it helps even skin tone and rids the lips of dead skin build-up.  

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