7 Pretty Pastel Make-Up Looks To Try Now
7 Pretty Pastel Make-Up Looks To Try Now

7 Pretty Pastel Make-Up Looks To Try Now

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There isn’t a better time than springtime to unearth all your soft eggshell-hued products and put together dreamy pastel make-up looks. Switch up your winter darks to favour more delicate shades: light peaches, pale mints, lilacs and delicate blues.

We scanned the internet for modern takes on pastel make-up and here are our favourite ways to wear the trend.

1. A pastel inner corner accent

pastel inner corner accent
Instagram: @taylorruhe

If you’re new to the land of candy-coloured make-up, try adding just a single accent to your look. We love to focus on the inner corners of the eyes.

Choose a shimmery eyeshadow in a pale shade (light pinks and lilacs are perfect for this) and press it into the inner corners. This will add an element of pastel without overwhelming your look. Plus, it helps brighten the eyes and makes them look bigger.

Use a small blending brush to diffuse the colour into the inner third of the upper and lower lids. You could leave it here or add a flick of liner to finish the look.

2. A light wash of colour

a wash of pastel across the lids
Instagram: @sildemarcosmakeup

You don’t have to complicate the look if you don’t want to – even a single shade spread across the eyelids can look beautiful. Choose your favourite muted bright shade and apply it across the lids, diffusing the colour into the crease.

Cream eyeshadows are the perfect formula to reach for. For instance, the Satin Shadow in 08 Glossy Coral is stunning on various skin tones. And you can apply it using just your fingertip.

Pro tip: A non-neutral shade can sometimes look unnatural against your skin. To help blend it in, use a nude eyeshadow or a light bronzer on a blending brush and skim along the edges of the eyeshadow.

3. Two-toned pastel eyes

pastel yellow and lilac eyeshadow on a model
Instagram: @manuhornmakeup

Ready to level up? Try two contrasting pastel tones simultaneously: lilac and butterscotch, peach and a frosty blue or soft pink with a cool mint. Place one shade along the inner third of the eyes and the other in the outer third. Sweep a clean brush along the centre to fade the edges.

Let the spotlight remain on the eyes and keep the rest of your make-up minimal.

4. Shimmer and sparkle

Lilac shimmer eyeshadow
Instagram: @lauramalwina

If you find that your eyeshadow looks flat and one dimensional, liven it up with a layer of sparkle. After applying your eyeshadow as you usually would, use your finger to press a thin coat of glitter over the top.

Try: The Sparkle Shadows are perfect for this – they offer iridescence without looking too over-the-top.

5. A winged shape

pastel eyeshadow applied in a winged shape
Instagram: @textbookbeauty

In terms of eyeshadow trends, everyone’s loving a foxy, winged shape right now. So if you’re a fan, this soft winged look could be the one for you.

After applying your eyeshadow across the eyelids, use a powder shadow to create the wings – this will make them look more dainty and less harsh than a liquid or pencil liner would.

6. Pastel cat-eye flicks

pastel eyeliner
Instagram: @jessiscg

If eyeliner looks are your comfort zone, reach for a pastel-hued version instead of the samey black, browns or grey. Then, draw your cat-eye as you normally would, but with a brighter shade instead.

Tip: If you like some definition around your eyes and a light-coloured eyeliner isn’t enough, go over it with a black felt liner like the Graphik Ink Eyeliner, sweeping it close to the lash line. Or create a double wing.

7. Tone on tone

peach eyeshadow and lipstick
Instagram: @hungvanngo

Who says that you can only play with this colour palette on the eyes? Complement peachy lids with a matching light coral or petal pink lip. You could also sweep a blush from the same colour family on the cheeks for a beautiful tonal pastel make-up look. The Joli Blush range offers some pretty pastel options.

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