The Best Eco Floral Gifts That Won’t Cost Mother Earth
The Best Eco Floral Gifts That Won’t Cost Mother Earth

The Best Eco Floral Gifts That Won’t Cost Mother Earth

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Receiving a bouquet is a sure-fire way to make someone feel special and floral gifts are the biggest buys around this time of year, but what about the environmental impact? Each day, over 15-million cut flowers are airfreighted worldwide, stored in temperature-controlled facilities, and transported in refrigerated trucks.

St Valentine’s Day is one of the biggest culprits when it comes to carbon-footprint-heavy days. Shocking cargo statistics from 2022 exposed that approximately 570 tonnes (8 million stems) land in Heathrow every February.

According to the SSAW Collective, a community of chefs, florists & growers committed to an ethical way of working with seasonal produce, “The UK buys 570 tonnes of roses each February, with a mammoth carbon footprint of at least 32kg of CO2 per bouquet.”

Adding, “They are often grown in ways that are harmful to the planet or the people picking them: with high water, fuel and energy usage, toxic chemical run-off, and health risks to farmworkers caused by exposure to unregulated pesticides.”

However, it doesn’t have to be that way; You can find  thoughtful, sustainable, floral-inspired Mother’s Day gifts that are as unique as she is. Here are some Mother’s Day gifting ideas that will still be a joy to give while being kinder to (Mother) earth.


7 Alternative Floral Gift Ideas For Mother’s Day

1. Kind Bag, Tote Bag in Meadow Flowers, £9.99

flower print tote bag

This pretty pastel Kind Bag is a must-have for any floral enthusiast. Its silky soft recycled fabric is made from six plastic bottles which would otherwise be destined for the ocean. Plus, 10% of profits go to charity so she can pop to the shops in true eco-friendly style.


2. Nightire, Protea Flower Power Short Sleepwear Set, £67.20

eco-friendly floral pyjamas

The print of the protea flower on this Nightire sleepwear set symbolises diversity, courage and transformation perfect for celebrating mothers, female role models and caregivers.

It’s made from 100% sweat-wicking organic bamboo fabric, which is totally biodegradable and approved by the Global Organic Textile Standards (GOTS), the Soil Association and FSB. The design prioritises comfort, helping to regulate body temperature and banish sweaty nights. Plus, all trimmings are thoroughly tested for ultimate cosiness, and breastfeeding mums will love the easy-access button design.


3. Clarins, Eau des Jardins, £39.00

non toxic floral fragrance

This pretty aromatherapy scent evokes a garden at dawn, with a bouquet of wild rose, patchouli and zesty citrus known for their sparkling, mood-enhancing benefits. It also has skin-nourishing ingredients to soften and smooth while boosting glow, making it the perfect gift for any lover of floral scents.


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4. Kusmi Tea, Green Rose (Rose Flavoured Green Tea), £13.50

Kusmi rose tea

A pretty perfect cuppa can be found with any Kusmi Tea but this variety comes up especially rosy. Kusmi Teas are expertly blended in France and have been a high society tipple for years. Their Green Rose variety combines healthy green tea leaves with rose petals choc-full of anti-inflammatory and antioxidants, which are said to help reduce stress and promote relaxation. Most importantly, it tastes delicious, and comes in an ornate (and reusable) tin, too.


5. Clarins, Sweet Neroli Foaming Gel And Body Lotion, £23.00 Each sweet neroli shower gel and body lotion

Summon the delicate white flower blossoms of the bitter orange tree while lathering up in the bath or shower with the Sweet Neroli Shower Gel. The honeyed-citrusy floral fragrance could even help the brain release serotonin and dopamine when inhaled, along with reducing levels of the stress hormone cortisol. Finish with the Sweet Neroli Body Lotion for a double feel-good-releasing hit.


6. Birch Farm Flowers, Hand Tied Seasonal Bouquet, £35.00


Hand tied seasonal bouquet

Can’t resist the gift of flowers? Then try one of the eco-friendly flower offerings. Birch Farm Flowers grow gorgeous seasonal blooms on their micro flower farm in Manchester, presented in a signature ‘garden gathered’ style. Their hand-tied seasonal bouquets are available between 1st April and 30th October every year and come with zero chemicals, air miles, or plastic. So, even though they wont be ready in in time for Mother’s Day, make sure to grab a bunch when they are fresh and sustainable, just how nature intended it.

7. Ethereal Blooms, Naomi In White, £95.00

Preserved flower gifts by Ethereal Bloom

You should also check out Ethereal Blooms for premium floral gifts. They sell 100% real flowers that are bio-preserved to last for months without the need for water or maintenance. Non-toxic and eco-conscious, these stunning arrangements look like the kind you find in a stylish, boutique-hotel.


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