16 Valentine’s Day Beauty Looks That Cupid Himself Would Approve
16 Valentine’s Day Beauty Looks That Cupid Himself Would Approve

16 Valentine’s Day Beauty Looks That Cupid Himself Would Approve

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The festival of love, Valentine’s Day, is here and we know you’ve been spending your days over the web looking for Valentine’s day make-up looks.  

Luckily, the Beauty Daily team has come prepared. We’ve searched far and wide and found swoon-worthy Valentine’s Day-inspired looks that even Cupid himself would approve.  

From the classic sexy red lips and a messy bun to glossy pink lids and sleek ponytail. We’re sure you’ll find your Valentine’s Day aesthetic here regardless of whether it’s for partying the night away with your gang, staying in with your other half, or going to a Michelin star restaurant.  

Scroll down a bit more and you’ll be lucky enough to find some Valentine nail art looks we love. 

Valentine’s Day make-up and hair looks 

  1. Classic red lips, faux freckles, and wet-look hair 

Woman wth red lips and faux freckles
© makeup.allwomenstalk.com

There’s nothing not to love about this Valentine’s make-up look. It’s seductive but subtle. A classic red lip never fails and it’s an obvious choice to get you in the mood for love. Flaunt those luscious smoochy lips.

Find your perfect shade of red. Beauty Daily’s top pick is the Clarins Joli Velvet in Rouge shade, as it is a universally flattering shade of red. It also has orangey and plummy tones, making it suitable for most skin hues. Wear this with a bare, fresh face. 

Add a dash of runway-worthy whimsy to your Valentine’s make-up with a sprinkling of faux freckles. Struggling with which hot hue looks good on you? Check How To Pick The Perfect Red Lipstick For My Skin Tone

2. Warm glitter eyes  

Warm Glittery Eyes
© Anna Sui

Romantic sunset eyes with a touch of celestial. What’s not to love? This look is fresh, futuristic and glam. It’s a Valentine’s Day look you could totally rock when you head for a night out with friends.  

Dip your brush in pink and coral shadows. You can also use powder or cream blush. Press it onto the inner and outer corners of your eyes and cheeks. Don’t forget to fill in the centre of the lids with some glitter eyeshadow.  

3. Pink glittery winged eye 

pink glittery winged eyeliner
© anban20

This dramatic winged eye covered in glitter and rhinestones is an ultimate Valentine glam you didn’t know you were looking for. 

Use a flat synthetic brush dipped in glitter goo to paint the winged shape. Add some false eyelashes to give the look a ‘wow effect’. Also, use Wonder Perfect Mascara 4D Waterproof if you want to give your lashes the length and volume but with lash care. 

4. Glossy pink lids and sleek ponytail

woman with pink lids and sleek ponytail

If dolphin skin doesn’t work for you, why not go for glossy lids instead? Since it’s the month of love, go for something that speaks love, something Fuchsia or Barbie-pink. It’s so hot right now that heads will be turning at the sight of you. 

Experiment and switch the classic pink lipstick look by applying it to your lids. To achieve the glossy effect, top with lip balm or gloss in the centre of the lid for a fashion worthy Valentine’s Day make-up look. Pair it with a sleek ponytail to put the look together.  

5. Soft Pink and Soft Curls 

Woman with Soft Pink and Soft Curls 
© beautyisboring

This is the dreamiest look of them all, quite angelic and romantic. 

To achieve the dreamy, soft pink cheeks, use Joli Brush in Cheeky Baby shade and to get those peachy eyes, the Satin Shadow in Peach is your perfect pick. Finish the look with some soft curls. 

6. Foiled Red Lips, Gold Lids and Mermaid Waves

Woman with Foiled Lips and Mermaid Curls
© iwantalexx

This look is as whimsical as it gets. It screams diva and we’re all here for it.  

To create the foiled red lips, use a loose red glitter over red lipstick to create the ruby red lip. If the loose glitter sounds quite messy and intimidating, try using Clarins Lip Comfort Oil in the shade Red Berry. It doesn’t only give you that shine but nourishes your lips when you’re out all night, thanks to pure plant oils Organic Jojoba and Hazelnut.  

For the eyes. Beauty Daily recommends prepping eyes with Velvet Shadow in White Shadow shade to give the eyeshadow something to adhere to and then topping it with the Sparkle Shadow in Gold for those showstopping metallic eyes. 

7. Dewy skin and loose waves 

woman with dewy skin and loose waves 
© thefacebykase

If you’re into the dewy skin make-up trend,  then you’d want to consider recreating this glowing look. To give the eyes that pinkish-washed look,  Beauty Daily recommends the Velvet Shadow in Pink Paradise and swipe deep rich red or crimson lippie. This looks well with loose waves or loose ponytail. 

 8. Matchy lips and lashes

Matchy Lips And Lashes

For a chill but fun, festival-like vibe, pair bare skin with pink lashes and match them with diffused lips for a modern take on date night make-up. 

Petal-like, dainty diffused lips are on-trend and a great option if you are afraid of big bold colours. To achieve the effect, trace the inside of the lips with a lip pencil and blend the colour outward, smudging for a just-bitten look.

9. Monochromatic cheek and eye

Monochromatic cheek and eye

Monochromatic cheeks and eyes are in and since it’s a bit too much for an everyday make-up look, we can’t think of a better day to be extra experimental than Valentine’s Day. Shades pink or peach would do. Know which blush is suitable for your skin tone here.  

The trick is to apply the cream blush not only on the apples of your cheeks but on the temples and over the lids as well. Using a cream texture will result in a dewier finish in both places. Keep My Clarins LITTLE BLUSHhand for a retouch. Go for a clean bun hairstyle. 

10. Sultry skin, smokey eyes, and messy bun 

woman with sultry skin, smokey eyes, and messy bun 
Image from Pinterest © to the owner

This Valentine’s Day make-up look is both sultry and romantic. It’s the dolled-up version of the fresh face, red lip look (beauty look #1).  

Even if you have smokey eyes and matte red lips going on, it still looks effortless because of the messy bun situation and the sultry golden skin. The faux freckles up the nonchalant effect too. 

For make-up that lasts all day: Don’t forget to spritz Fix’ Make-Up spray all over your face. This light and refreshing mist has all the moisturising ingredients your skin will love – from aloe vera and allantoin. It also has the Clarins’ anti-pollution complex protecting your skin from environmental aggressors.  

Valentine’s Day Nails

For some nail inspiration, we’ve also come up with Valentine’s Day nail art looks. Just show your pick to your nail aesthetician to make your life easy. You’re welcome.    

  1. Single love heart gem

Single love heart gem
© betina_goldstein

We’re starting with a minimalist nail aesthetic you can do yourself. All you need is fresh, clean, trimmed nails and get yourself a little self-adhesive single love heart gem. 

2. Say Love

minimalist heart nail art
© drybylondon

The cutest thing is this simple white manicure with the tiny pink love heart detail. It just instantly lifts the spirit and is the most understated way to nod to the love date. 

3. My Valentine French tip

My Valentine French tip
© nailsbymh

It’s the classic French tip with Valentine’s Day twist.   

4. Mismatched in heaven

Mismatched in heaven nails
© thehangedit

We’re loving the mix of block colour nails with imperfect freehand detailed nail paint. 

5. Classic Red Nails 

Classic Red Nails
© harrietwestmoreland

Like a red lip, red nails look classic and the perfect choice to match a sophisticated Valentine’s Day make-up look.

6. Picasso-esque Nails 

Picasso-esque Nails 
© vampclaws

For the playful and artsy ones, why not try this mismatched mani full of Picasso-esque eyelashes, lips and love hearts. Don’t forget to show your hands and nails some love by nourishing them with Hand and Nail Treatment Cream

Which Valentine’s Day beauty look and nail aesthetic captured your heart? 

Disclaimer: All images used in the article remain property of their original owners.

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