Getting in Shape Before the Big Day? Try This Wedding Fitness Guide
Getting in Shape Before the Big Day? Try This Wedding Fitness Guide

Getting in Shape Before the Big Day? Try This Wedding Fitness Guide

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A wedding fitness and mindfulness plan will help you look and feel great on your big day. It’s not about exercising and dieting until emancipation — nobody wants that — it’s about how you look your healthy best on your big day — no matter what the dress label says.  

Also, let’s face it, weddings can be stressful, so going into it with a healthy mantra, strong body and mind is a must to remain cool, calm, and collected in the lead-up.  

Get wedding fit: set achievable goals 

The average weight a bride aims to lose before the big day is 16 pounds; however, every expert will unanimously say — set your own goals! 

Hayden Rolfe, Nutritionist and Co-Founder of The Online Nutritional Education platform, says,   

“First of all, expectations need to be in alignment with reality. When setting goals, everyone focuses on the outcome goal (the result). However, it’s far more important to place your focus on the process goals.” 

So, ladies and gents, its bigger picture thinking here. Slow and steady wins the race.  

Rolfe adds, “Try daily actions you can control, inevitably getting you to your outcome goal. Example: Tracking calories, hitting your steps, going to bed at a certain time. When people only focus on the outcome goal, they get discouraged and demotivated when the scales/ measurements don’t always go south. Remember, it shouldn’t be a sprint when looking to get in shape for your wedding. Set your own daily process goals (that align with you and your lifestyle) and look to be consistent with them 80% of the time. Slow is smooth and smooth is fast.”  

For professional guidance or talk to Rolfe and his team — click here.  

So, what should be a DIY wedding diet and fitness plan? How do I get in shape for my wedding? How soon before your wedding should you start working out? Let’s help figure it out. 

Many engaged women do it, but we do not recommend you buy a wedding dress that does not fit. The “no way out” situation can put you under pressure and stress, so don’t rush. Put your mental and physical health first. 

Set achievable goals and don’t be too ambitious.  

Men aren’t exempt from this pressure. Of course, they may want to lose some weight before the wedding, but they are more modest and realistic in their objectives.  

How much weight can a bride lose before the wedding? According to the Centre for Disease Control and Prevention, healthy weight loss is about 4-8 pounds in a month. So, the more time you have before the day, the bigger weight loss goals you can set.

Wedding fitness workout timeline 

A wedding fitness workout timeline depends on how much time you have before the Big Day. If you have 6-12 months, you can set long-term goals. Maybe, you want to sculpt your arms to wear an off-the-shoulder dress. Or you can work on your waistline and posture by strengthening your back and stomach muscles. 

If you have 1-3 months, you can lose some weight and get fit. It’s good to track your progress but avoid large scale goal setting. Do not plan to lose more than 8 pounds per month. Losing weight too fast can adversely affect your physical and mental health and skin and hair conditions — not forgetting rapid weight loss tends to cause weight gain in the future. 

So, if you don’t want to face any side effects of weight loss before the wedding, better not to rush with it; instead, the perfect plan would be a consultation with a specialist, a nutritionist, or a trainer. 

Wedding diet and fitness plan

A wedding fitness plan and your wedding diet are essential, so do not miss any of these aspects.  

Combine wedding fitness with a diet and healthy regimen 

How do I get in shape for my wedding? First, start with the best nutrition tips from wedding nutritionist

  • Eat a variety of vegetables, protein sources and fats. 
  • Stay hydrated. 
  • If you count calories, use an App to track what you are eating daily. 
  • Call on the professionals and use food delivery services: (London-based 5 Day plan by Rosemary Ferguson and Love Yourself) 
  • The Good Prep and Mindful Chef are food menu planning options like vegan, trim & slim or maintain programmes.  
  • To offer a complete reset and sometimes good to kick-start your plan, try Plenish Cleanse

Before the big day  

Try to limit too many fresh vegetables and beans to avoid bloating. Start this day with an excellent protein-reach breakfast and drink a cup of water between each alcoholic drink. 

A clean wedding diet will also help with water retention and cellulite skin. Add anti-cellulite products to your daily beauty routine, like Body Fit Anti-Cellulite Contouring Expert in the morning or evening. This cream will help you with lifting and reshaping your body’s contours. 

Anti-cellulite cream  

Pre wedding-workout plan bride: 30-day wedding workout

How soon before your wedding should you start working out? We should say that sooner’s always better than later. A 30-day wedding workout might be enough time to beat water retention and shift a few surplus pounds.  

 Fitness section that will help you to get fit before wearing a wedding dress: 

  • Choose your favourite activities, combine running or walking with weight training and stretching (yoga or Pilates). 
  • Give yourself a recovery day during your weekly wedding fitness routine. 
  • Start and finish your activities with stretching to avoid any injury. 
  • Don’t rush with a lot of training but keep tracking your progress every week. 

While losing weight, it’s essential to take care of your body. To avoid any stretch marks and keep your skin smooth, use Exfoliating Body Scrub 2-3 times per week. This product with natural bamboo powder and a hint of ginger will help you achieve youthful-looking, soft and firm skin.  

Exfoliating Body Scrub 

After exfoliation, apply a Body Firming Extra-Firming Cream with organic petasites extract to anti-age, tighten and smooth your skin. 

Body Firming Extra-Firming Cream 

Don’t worry if you leave it too late! 

If it’s a matter of weeks or even days left before the wedding, there is no time to start a new workout program or rush into any crazy diets. HIIT Pilates instructor Melanie Kotcher advises keeping your usual fitness routine at this stage, paying attention to stretching and taking enough time to recover. To be full of energy and out of stress, you must choose high-protein food and drink enough water. 

Mindfulness pre wedding 

Preparing for the wedding day can sometimes lead to burnout.   

Budget planning, preparing everything, and trying to lose weight are very stressful for your mental health. So, do not go crazy about achieving your goals and don’t forget to take time for yourself. Fitness can help cope with stress, but you must also sleep well and relax, take time out to meditate – think about including not just the treadmill but a bit of yoga.  

Feeling fresh and rested is a wiser decision than losing a certain number of pounds.  

Your wedding day will be filled with so much love that any extra pounds won’t matter a bit — all your partner will see is the most blooming, beautiful bride. 

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