How To Get Your Legs Summer & Mini-Skirt Ready
How To Get Your Legs Summer & Mini-Skirt Ready

How To Get Your Legs Summer & Mini-Skirt Ready

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One of the main questions people ask when they’re preparing for warmer weather is how to get smooth legs. And the truth is, the key to getting them looking great for summer is to treat them with the same care and attention you give your face. After all, summer is when your face is mainly hidden (it’s hats-and-sunglasses season), but your legs are likely to get loads of airtime, and if you look at the new stock drops – mini-skirts are back.

You’re not alone if you’ve just looked down at your legs and realised they’re looking a little worse for wear. Winter is notorious for drying up the skin, leaving it dull and lacklustre – which is easy to miss when hibernating at home in your joggers. But it’s time to hit refresh. So here’s how to get your legs summer-ready.

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How to exfoliate legs

If there’s one tip you take away from this article, let it be this: regularly exfoliating your legs makes the most significant difference. Exfoliation helps remove any dead, flaky skin lingering on the surface and will reveal the smooth skin underneath. 

Try: The Exfoliating Body Scrub, £32, is loaded with natural bamboo powders that polish and soften the skin and stimulate cell renewal. 

You could also try dry body brushing. It’s a practice that involves brushing your dry skin in long, sweeping motions, starting from your ankles and moving upwards. All movements should be directed towards your heart. This helps exfoliate, improves circulation and encourages lymphatic drainage. 

Take care of your feet

Don’t forget to extend your exfoliation down to your feet. Then, to get them ready for sandal weather, keep them moisturised.  

“If you’re going to use a pumice stone, it’s important to be slow and consistent,” advises Charlotte McHale, Clarins Training Manager. “Some people like to go hard on their calluses which may feel satisfying at the moment, but your skin will acknowledge that it’s been damaged and immediately start building another callus as a response.” 

For more tips on getting smooth feet, read our foot care routine for softer feet. 

Practice safe hair removal

If you choose to get rid of the hair on your legs, remember to care of your skin. Waxing, shaving, epilating and hair removal creams are all hair removal methods that can be harsh.  

“The day before you’re planning to conduct the hair removal, exfoliate your legs,” suggests McHale.

Exfoliating will remove the dead cells that could clog your pores and make hair removal more difficult.  

But what is the best hair removal method? If you’re shaving, get in a steamy shower or bath right before. This will soften the skin and help prevent razor burn. 

When you’re shaving your legs, it’s hard to do it in the direction of hair growth – which is recommended for face shaving. So, use plenty of shaving foam, and take time to massage it in. “Don’t substitute it for hair conditioner or other hacks you may see on TikTok,” warns McHale. “You will get a much cleaner shave and you won’t have to go over the same area more than once.” 

After hair removal, apply a moisturiser. Use something unscented or very mildly scented to avoid irritating your open follicles. If you have extremely sensitive skin, McHale recommends an emollient lotion. For non-reactive skin, the Moisture-Rich Body Lotion, £54, is great because it’s loaded with nourishing plant extracts but is only mildly scented. 

Tan efficiently 

If you like to self-tan, wait a day post-hair removal to do it. The Self Tanning Milky Lotion, £24, is a good one to reach for because it contains fig extract, which makes the product hydrating and also eliminates the unpleasant scent some traditional tanning products tend to have.

Clarins Self Tanning Milky Lotion

Tip: Apply some Vaseline on your toenails to keep them from turning yellow – especially if you’ve not painted them. 

Keep your legs moisturised

Wondering how to get legs smooth? It’s just as important to stay moisturised in summer as it is in winter. So apply a leg moisturiser immediately post-shower. A light lotion is enough for most people during the hotter months, but choose a richer formula if you’re prone to flaky skin on the legs. 

We also love using an overnight body oil to seal the moisture. For extra benefits, try one of the Treatment Oils. For instance, the Contour Treatment Oil, £44, is packed with hazelnut oil, and plant extracts like broom, geranium and marjoram to moisturise, tone and firm the skin.  

Apply it on dry or damp skin. This is a good time to slot in a quick body massage, which helps boost blood circulation, supports lymphatic drainage, and feels very soothing on tired muscles. When you’re done, wash the oil off with cool water.  

Protect from the sun

Don’t forget to apply SPF on your legs (and all exposed body areas). We like the Sun Care Body Cream, £26, that offers factor 50 protection and doubles up as a moisturiser because of its ultra-nourishing formula.  

Pro tip: You could also mix a couple of drops of gradual tanner like the Radiance-Plus Golden Glow Booster for Body, £30, into your sun cream to make it work double duty. 

Finish with a generous helping of glow

You should be left with smooth, shiny legs at the end of this routine. But McHale shares a tip to amplify the glow: sweep an illuminating cream like the SOS Primer, £30.50, in Luminosity down the shins. “You know how people use highlighter down the bridge of the nose? It’s the same theory,” she says. 

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