The Best Food for Healthy Skin: 10 Tasty Ways To Glow Up
The Best Food for Healthy Skin: 10 Tasty Ways To Glow Up

The Best Food for Healthy Skin: 10 Tasty Ways To Glow Up

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Healthy skin comes from within – what you eat can have a direct impact on how you look, so make sure you’re putting food for healthy skin on the menu. 

By centering your diet around lean proteins, healthy oils, fibre, and raw fruits and vegetables, you can be sure that you’re always putting skin-loving food on the table. These food types typically contain high-quality amino acids, plus anti-inflammatory and antioxidant-rich ingredients that defend your skin from environmental stressors – like free radicals, pollutants, and sun damage. 

So what’s on your shopping list? Below, we’ve highlighted the best foods for healthy skin to help solve your biggest skin concerns while fueling a healthy body and mind. The best bit? These are not sacrificial at all, but tasty morsels that are a joy to chow down on every single day.  

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10 Best foods for healthy glowing skin

Ditch the trans-fats and refined sugars in favour of skin-boosting, anti-inflammatory ingredients (goodbye fast food, hello whole food). Got it? Good. 

If you’re wondering which food is good for healthy skin, here’s your grocery list, from A–Z:

1. Avocados

Besides being a foodie crowd-pleaser, avocados boast an impressive list of skin-boosting benefits. Not only do the natural fats and vitamins in avocados soothe skin conditions, improve elasticity and prevent dryness, but studies have found that avocados contain compounds that may help protect your skin from sun damage and inflammation. Go on then, pass the guac!

Top tip: Supercharge the benefits of the avocado with a topical skincare solution, like the Double Serum that’s jam-packed with the super- fruit. 

2. Chia seeds

Chia seeds may be small, but they’re packed with skin-loving omega-3 fatty acids, which support healthy skin cell function and new collagen production. They’re also loaded with antioxidants which fight free radicals. Add them into your pot of overnight oats and let them work their magic of feeding your skin from within. 

3. Dark chocolate

If you needed an excuse to indulge your sweet tooth, this is it. Dark chocolate (with more than 70% cacao) contains flavanols, a powerful antioxidant which can help protect your skin from sun damage while hydrating and improving its texture. 

4. Moringa

A trending superfood, Moringa is packed with collagen-boosting vitamin C, which helps reduce fine lines, wrinkles and sagging skin. Add it to your morning smoothie to neutralise free radicals and revitalise your complexion. 

Top tip: Moringa is a powerful anti-pollutant – maximise its benefits in your skin cleansing routine with the One-Step Gentle Exfoliating Cleanser, £25.

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5. Paprika

Spice up dull-looking skin by adding paprika to your dishes. It’s a delicious antioxidant and source of vitamin C and E, as well as beneficial carotenoids like zeaxanthin. Paprika has a lovely smoky flavour and plays well with Spanish cuisine. Spruce up your tapas with the spice or sprinkle it into a paella for a sweet, peppery zing.

6. Quinoa

Quinoa is not only a kitchen superstar, but it’s one of the best foods for healthy skin. Packed with protein and boasting high levels of riboflavin, which improves your skin’s elasticity and helps smooth fine lines and wrinkles, it’s no wonder it’s one of the most popular superfoods out there.

7. Salmon

No list of foods for healthy skin would be complete without salmon. This fatty fish is famous for its omega-3 fatty acids that promote good heart health and collagen production. It’s also rich in antioxidants that calm inflammation. Serve it pan-fried with lemon butter or atop a Niçoise salad.

8. Sea moss

Sea moss has traditionally been used externally as a mask to heal scars and discolouration, but added to smoothies, juices or tea (usually in capsule form), it works to prevent premature ageing by promoting cell growth and healthy skin cell function. 

9. Tomatoes

A kitchen staple, tomatoes are one of the best sources of lycopene, an anti-ageing antioxidant that protects skin from UV damage, according to a study by the British Society for Investigative Dermatology. Add tomatoes to your salads, cook them into stews and soups, or slice and eat them just as they are. Your skin will thank you. 

10. Celery

A scientific study about celery’s antioxidant benefits confirmed the vegetable’s antifungal, antibacterial and anti-inflammatory properties, along with it also being a good diuretic,  thus helping to reduce puffiness and bloating.  

Celery Detoxifer Recipe:

Juice 1 1/2 cups chopped celery with 1/2 cup frozen or chopped pineapple and 1/4 cup fresh mint leaves. Drink right away.

Other ways to improve your complexion

Changing your diet to include more foods for healthy skin is just one of the ways to improve your complexion. There are several other lifestyle changes you can make and good habits to practice to brighten and tighten your skin and unleash your glowiest self:

  • Protect your skin from the harmful effects of UV rays and pollution with sunscreen.
  • Use products with active ingredients to target your specific skin concerns.
  • Get to know your skin type so that you’re giving your skin the care it craves.
  • Establish a consistent cleansing, toning and moisturising routine.
  • Don’t skimp on your beauty sleep – aim for 7–9 hours of sleep each night.
  • Drink more water.
  • Keep your stress in check with a meditative routine.

Eating food for healthy skin is not only good for putting your best face forward. By prioritising your nutrition, you’re ensuring your body also gets the nourishment it needs for you to live beautifully – inside and out.

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