Popular Menopause Symptoms: Here’s The Top Searches According To Google
Popular Menopause Symptoms: Here’s The Top Searches According To Google

Popular Menopause Symptoms: Here’s The Top Searches According To Google

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Firstly, welcome. For anyone with ovaries, the good news is the menopause topic is no longer being ignored, brushed under the carpet and labelled as ‘just a mood swing’ or in pub joke territory – she’s having a ‘moment’.

As Beauty Daily has learned, there is much more to menopause than the above. We’ve looked at the most popular menopause searches, according to Google, asked by you and for you, so anyone suffering from symptoms knows they are not alone. Scroll down to find the top ten concerns – No.1 might surprise you!

However, we have to say, great strides are being made – especially by inspirational platforms like the Latte Lounge, set up by founder Katie Taylor in 2016 after she struggled to find support and information about her own perimenopause symptoms. It now has a strong support of over 20k readers on their Facebook group and the site is a safe and supportive place for you to share your concerns and ask questions about anything that’s going on in your life.

There’s also, Rock My Menopause, a campaign of the Primary Care Women’s Health Forum (PCWHF), a group of 10,000 healthcare professionals with a special interest in women’s health. They offer information to better understand the menopause, debunk myths and enable people to rock their menopause.

While Balance-Menopause by Dr Louise Newson, a brilliant library (site and app) of the latest medically-biased advice.

Beauty Daily is working with Emma Bardwell, a nutrition professional, that helps women cut through the noise to feel on top of their game. She says:


“Women, and trans and non-binary people have been affected by a lack of robust menopause information for decades. It’s time to put this right. You do not need to put up with debilitating symptoms that affect your daily life, work, relationships and future health.”

Emma Bardwell, Specialist Menopause Nutritionist


Together, we are on a mission to raise awareness surrounding menopause, Beauty Daily analysed Google search data to find out what UK women are searching for the most concerning menopause effects and symptoms. In the new data, Brits are more concerned about weight changes than other symptoms, with 308,160 searches a year.

Bardwell says, “Midlife brings with it experience, wisdom and understanding. But for all the upsides, turning forty can also bring about hormone changes, mood swings and wellbeing issues. What I’ve learnt is that taking control of your health doesn’t have to be difficult, expensive or time consuming”

No.2 is post-menopause bleeding and the second most common menopause concern, with a total of 244,320 searches – suggesting that there needs to be more awareness surrounding this. Whilst post-menopause bleeding can be caused by changes in hormone levels, according to the NHS, women who experience any post-menopause bleeding should get checked by their GP.

Following post-menopause bleeding, joint pain is the third most searched menopause symptom in the UK, with 143,520 searches. ‘Menopause joint pain’ is the top search query within this category, followed by ‘can menopause cause joint pain’ – revealing that many Brits are unaware that menopause can also impact the joints.

women menopause questions

The UK’s Top 10 Menopause Concerns:

(Yearly searches)

  1. Weight gain – 308,160
  2. Post-menopause bleeding – 244,320
  3. Joint pain – 143,520
  4. Hot flashes – 131,280
  5. Breast pain – 125,880
  6. Hair loss – 112,560
  7. Headaches – 92,400
  8. Bloating – 79,440
  9. Perimenopause period changes – 76,440
  10. Itchy skin – 73,440


menopause concerns info graphic


Next read: Holistic Ways To Manage The Menopause

Whilst the findings reveal the most common menopause symptom searches; Beauty Daily delved into Google search data to find the top search terms relating to the best menopause remedies. The findings reveal that Brits are searching for the best menopause supplements a total of 165,240 times a year, with ‘best lubricant’ menopause-related queries following behind at 41,040 searches.

These findings mean we are not alone – we no longer need to suffer in silence; as they say, knowledge is power, and it’s time to take ownership of your peri-post-menopause mind & body.

To remedy some of the symptoms listed, check out the First Signs Of Perimenopause and how to prepare your brain and body. Plus, there are Holistic Ways To Manage Your Menopause Concerns Here.

Our pledge at Beauty Daily by Clarins is to make menopause as happy and comfortable as we can make it with relevant, up-to-date articles on how to manage the symptoms. Watch this space.

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Last word: At Beauty Daily, we think every person experiencing menopause must have access to NHS-funded treatment.

Widely documented to help menopausal symptoms — Hormone Replacement Therapy (HRT) — is one of the only hormonal therapies NOT free on NHS prescription in England.

Not to offer it on prescription means suffering becomes a class divide with debilitating effects for people with life-changing health issues.

Alexia Inge, Cult Beauty’s co-founder, has started a petition on the back of their Menopause Revolution campaign, supporting the cross-party-backed Menopause (Support & Services) Bill to make HRT free of NHS charges in England — as it is currently in Scotland and Wales.

A step in the right direction for menopause rights, recognition, and education, sign this petition to call on the UK Government to show its support for free HRT in England and the improvement of menopause care in the UK.

Sign here


Emma Bardwell is running her Mind Body Reset 10-week online programme. For dates, details and to sign up, visit: www.mindbodyprogramme.com


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