The Father’s Day Gift Guide, 2022
The Father’s Day Gift Guide, 2022

The Father’s Day Gift Guide, 2022

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Don’t forget to add June 19 to your calendar to spend quality time with your dad or the father figure in your life and check out the Father’s Day gift guide for the best presents to buy now.  

Even though his declarations of ‘nothing’ will be valid — his heart will melt after receiving something chosen with love to show your appreciation of everything he does — from taxi to bank teller and chief pooper-scooper, and everything in-between.  

Even if you are far away from your dad or your father figure, many of these items can be shipped worldwide, so you know you’re covered.      

Traditional Father’s Day gifts   

What are the traditional Father’s Day gifts? If you don’t want to go wrong, focus on classic presents ideas for Father’s Day. Pay attention to the traditional items, such as electronic accessories, personal care tools, sports and gardening goods, clothing, gift cards or certificates.   

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Most popular Father’s Day gifts  

What is the most popular gift on Father’s Day? D. Tighe, a research expert covering shopping behaviour, claims that 30% of UK fathers wish to receive cards from a shop, 19% — beer gifts, 16% — a meal at a restaurant. So, it is clear a way to a father’s heart is through his stomach.    

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The best gifts for your Father figure


A decent groom

Grooming gifts are perfect for Father’s Day. You can choose either an electric razor or a stylish steel safety razor. If he’s a shaver — treat him to some luxury men’s skincare. The ClarinsMen shaving range makes removing stubborn hair easier, cleaner and faster. The Shave Ease Oil with rosemary, eucalyptus and mint oils helps prevent irritation, leaves skin soft and smooth and has uplifting aromas — a perfect pick-me-up for early morning starts.  

Shave Ease Oil

An alcohol-free After Shave Soother repairs skin after shaving and protects it from irritation and dehydration. This extra comforting balm with purslane, centella and blue alpine thistle fits all the skin types, even damaged and sensitive.  

For daily skin moisturising, pick up Super Moisture Balm for the face and neck. Its ultra-comforting and the non-greasy formula help with strengthening and intensive skin hydrating. 

Super Moisture Balm 

Posh coffee 

Choose a coffee press, a personalised mug, a travel brewer, or a coffee grinder to treat coffee lovers. A coffee capsule set can also be an option for high-tech machine owners.  

Stylish Father’s Day ideas

Clothing or accessories is one of the traditional Father’s Day gifts. Dad would befully kitted out with a sweater, shirt, customised T-shirt, cap or stylish sunglasses.  

Homemade Father’s Day gifts  

What can I buy my Dad on Father’s Day? If you have a handmade hobby, you can create a heartwarming gift by yourself. This could be a painting or a personalised photo book, DIY soap bars, knitted accessories, cupcakes or a pie.  

The gift of a good brew  

The package of your father’s favourite beer or beautiful glasses is a good choice for beer lovers, but not only this. Consider a customised beer opener, a beer growler that can be filled up at a local brewery, or even a starter starter kit to make a homemade beer. A portable beer cooler can be helpful for those who take beer to a picnic or beach.  

The fun gadget-y gifts 

Depending on how your dad prefers to have fun, you can delight him with a Polaroid camera, headphones, his favourite books or a gaming console. Of course, going outto activities that he likes or tickets to the concert of his favourite musicians can be a brilliant idea, too.  

Golfing gifts to up his swing skills 

For golf-loving dads, there are tons of tools to order. Polos, golf shoes and gloves, and tech-head gadgets, such as smart sensors, launch monitors, laser devices, and GPS, will help to improve his technique and swing.  

For the green-fingered types

If your father or father figure is fond of gardening and likes to spend time in nature, the gift can be related to this activity. Keep an eye on garden clothes, gloves, seeds, trowels and spades, secateurs, garden furniture or BBQ tools.  

Suit-all scents

You may order the same cologne your father had been wearing before or choose something similar, maybe a hi-end version. Or, to make it olfactory-proof and not commit to something too heady or new he might not like, opt for a body spray instead. They are easier on the nose, and there’s less chance of getting it wrong. Eau Dynamisante is a great everyday choice that will give the benefits of aromatherapy and make him smell good.  

A stylish pad

For listing, planning and journaling fans, you can easily find a gift that conveys your love: stylish moleskins, classic notebooks, motivation journals, notebooks for to-do lists and for anything work-related doodles. 

Cozy gifts for home-loving Dads 

If your Dad enjoys spending time at home relaxing with Netflix, he will thank you for a cosy pyjama, a fleece robe, or soft slippers. But maybe he’s been eyeing an orthopaedic pillow or weighted blanket for a while? Then go ahead and order it now, just in time for Father’s Day.  

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