How 10 Powerful Women Are Practising Self-Care
How 10 Powerful Women Are Practising Self-Care

How 10 Powerful Women Are Practising Self-Care

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Global searches for “Self-care” hit an all-time high during the Covid-19 pandemic, Google Trends reports: from breathing exercises, peaceful playlists, and virtual meditations. And so is the rise of the new Self-care Sunday trend. Beauty brands saw the need for this too.  

Clarins Self-care Sunday began in March 2020, during the national lockdown. With temporary closures of Clarins counters, Skin Spas and BeautyBars, we wanted to offer our customers and clients the opportunity to continue their conversation with us, answer their questions and guide them through an at-home facial,” Jason Roberts, Clarins Training Manager, says.  

We ask ten powerful and influential women, including CEOs, magazine editors, and global organisation leaders, how they practise Self-Care Sunday (or any day because taking time for yourself doesn’t have to wait for the weekend).  

What is Self-care Sunday?

But first, what is Self-Care Sunday? And before you shrug it off as ‘not your thing’, this university’s findings may just change your mind: It has been clinically proven that self-care reduces or eliminates anxiety and depression, reduces stress, improves concentration, minimises frustration and anger, increases happiness, and improves energy.  

Self-care Sunday is not limited to Sundays. It was just assumed that most of us have more time on Sunday, but it can be any day of the week on which you have more time. It is all about carving time for yourself and doing things you usually don’t get the time for. 

10 powerful and influential women share how they spend their Self-care day

10 powerful and influential women give us a peek at how they practise Self-care Sunday, so we can learn a tip or two.  

Tish Weinstock, Acting Digital Beauty Editor, British Vogue

Tish Weinstock

“For me, self-care is about carving out time for myself and my family, away from endless to-do lists and a busy day-to-day schedule. But it can take many different forms, whether enjoying a long bath and listening to an audiobook (I’m currently working my way through Anthony Bourdain’s Kitchen Confidential), or spending extra time over my skincare routine, maybe adding in a face mask. I also love going on walks with my son, which I find very meditative. His little two-year-old legs set the pace so it’s more of a gentle stroll. We’re also doing up our house at the moment, and I find sourcing treasures and hanging fragments with my partner a great way to take my mind off things. Ultimately, I feel the most nourished by family life, which allows me to shake off the working week and sets me up for whatever lies ahead.” – Tish Weinstock

Sara Roberts, Entrepreneur, Founder and CEO, BCorp UK Healthy Nibbles 

Sara Roberts


“I have sought to simplify my approach to self-care, learn to embrace opportunities, learn new things and take time to listen to my body and how I feel. 

I recently took up a new hobby and started bouldering with my daughter and husband. It is a great opportunity to engage both mind and body whilst stepping away from devices and spending time with the family! In the afternoon, I like to prepare for the week ahead, particularly by spending time on my journal. I have been using the Full Focus Planner for about three years now and love it. It helps me to focus on what’s important and encourages me to consider self-care throughout the week across work, sleep, nutrition, movement, connections, and relaxation.  

The evening is all about relaxation. Taking the time to dry body brush, apply both face and hair masks, and enjoy a relaxing candlelit bath (with a fab mix of Epsom salts and bath oil). Afterwards, I love applying face oil, which is a small self-care moment every evening.” – Sara Roberts

Tanya Liveras Candy, Entrepreneur, CEO and Founder The Legacy Globe

  Tanya Liveras Candy

“Sundays for me are sacred days. I ensure I carve out time for myself and be 100% present when I am with my family. My skincare routine is my daily self-care; each morning, I wake up and love to apply all my face creams and body oil before I start my day, it’s 15 minutes of joy and sensational aromas and it is my form of meditation. 

Each Sunday, we have a wonderful family breakfast and then head off to the park for a long walk in nature. There is nothing as relaxing as walking in the open air, rain or shine. I also prioritise my self-care by having an hour to myself in the evening, where I have a warm bubble bath and listen to music. This helps me clear my mind and feel pampered. I follow this with an early night with my husband and son for a blissful sleep.” – Tanya Liveras Candy

Gill Whitty-Collins, Author of Why Men Win at Work, Keynote Speaker, Consultant, and Executive Coach  

Gill Whitty-Collins  

“I am famous for my obsession with work-life balance and my mantra has always been ‘Life first, work second’. I don’t work evenings, weekends, or holidays – those times are for my family, my friends, and the people I love, and that includes me! I know that I need to switch off my brain to relax and sleep, so I’m very disciplined about this. Sundays in Geneva are the best because all the shops are closed, so it really forces you to take a break from doing and relax. For me, nothing beats a ski day in the French Alps – it’s like meditation for me, you can’t think about anything but the mountains and snow, so there’s no room for obsessing about work projects and issues.” – Gill Whitty-Collins

Maria Marlowe, Holistic Nutritionist, Book Author and Founder, Glow by Marlowe   

Maria Marlowe
Photo Credit: Sherrie Higgins

“For me, Self-Care Sunday has become about three things: nourishing friendships, restoring peace, and expanding my knowledge. These are the things that bring me the most satisfaction and joy. So, that may look like doing a yoga class and breakfast with a friend or signing up for a meditation or sound healing course. The best self-care is anything that calms your nervous system and reduces stress.  

Although I love a good Self-Care Sunday session, I’ve made it a point to incorporate self-care practices every day. It helps me stay sane, calm, and centred throughout busy weeks and juggling multiple projects. I love to start mornings on a peaceful note: I brew a pot of herbal tea, practice breathwork and meditation on the balcony, and get a walk or workout in. I also enjoy a leisurely breakfast instead of gulping it down. Starting the morning with peace and calm, carries throughout the day.” – Maria Marlowe   

Emma-Kate Miller, Publisher and Editor, Hood Magazine    

Emma-Kate Miller


“I love to make a family breakfast/brunch and insist on everyone at the table. Then my husband and I will usually take a bit of a road trip. Maybe to a market or coastal town, somewhere pretty. It feels like a total switch off. I find cooking on a Sunday incredibly therapeutic.  

Sunday is my day for top to toe maintenance. I tackle every area sloughing, scrubbing, polishing and use every mask I can lay my hands on. I always clean my bedroom and change my bedlinen on a Sunday too. There is nothing more rewarding at the end of the weekend than slipping between clean sheets wearing a mask and a foot pack.” – Emma-Kate Miller

Valentina Milanova, Founder and CPO, Daye

Valentina Milanova

“My go-to wellness practice is to exercise every morning as soon as I wake up. I usually set a coffee by my bedside table before I go to sleep so I can speed up waking up. I also sometimes sleep in my workout gear so I can minimise the hassle of getting dressed in the morning. I take turns between going to the gym and going on a long walk in the morning. I also always have a podcast on. This allows me to start my day by nourishing my body, and nourishing my mind, all at the same time. Some of the podcasts I’ve been enjoying recently are: Throughline, History Daily, Freakonomics, This American Life, Hidden Brain, Modern Love, and Feel Better, Live More.” – Valentina Milanova

Jess Thompson, Founder & CEO, Migrateful

Jess Thompson

“I never work in the evenings and on weekends as a rule. I also have a lot of hobbies that I make time for, including singing in a choir and running. I’m currently training to run the Paris marathon in April. I always moisturise in the morning and evening. I do yoga twice a week and meditate for a few minutes before bed. I also try to drink a lot of water.” – Jess Thompson

Ione Gamble, Founding Editor in Chief Polyesterzine and Author of Poor Little Sick Girls

  Ione Gamble

“Self-care to me looks very practical; it’s a lot of rest, making sure I’m up to date with all my appointments and am not approaching burnout. Having individual self-care routines is super important, but while researching for my new book, I learnt increasingly about community-based self-care and how self-care has been used as a political tool by various activist groups. So, when I am resting or undertaking my favourite self-care activities, I also try to remember its history and think about how self-care can not only help ourselves but others too.” – Ione Gamble 

Charlotte Williams, Founder of SevenSix Agency & Co-host of @sustainablyinfluenced Podcast   

Charlotte Williams


“Sleep is so important to me, and I simply can’t function on a small amount. Before going to sleep, I make sure I wind down first normally with a cup of herbal tea. I stay off my phone and either read a book or watch an episode of a series that doesn’t require me to think. Works like a charm. If I’m feeling anxious and can’t get to sleep because of the swirling thoughts in my head (we’ve all been there) then I do some breath work, learned from @Breathpod.” – Charlotte Williams 

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What can I do on a Self-care Sunday?

The things you enjoy or find relaxing, or comforting are different for everyone. Figuring out what those are and doing more of them at the weekend or on your free day is key. Weave it into your days and weekends to make sure it happens.  

Why not add Clarins Self-Care Sunday to your calendars?   

It’s a free and fun Sunday beauty and skincare masterclass straight from Clarins Beauty Coaches which happens live every Sunday at 11 am.  

“Self-care Sundays encourage participants to take well deserved ‘me-time’ each week, whether that be to relax, de-stress or prompt a deeper sense of wellbeing. Clarins Self-Care Sunday live sessions offer a different focus each week ranging from anti-ageing or seasonal skin needs to body care and makeup.” Roberts says.  

Want more content ideas on what to do on a self-care day? We’ve got loads of ideas straight from the pros!  

We’ve rounded up 10 expert-approved and science-backed ways to indulge in self-care right now, Home Spa Ideas or ways to beat Monday Blues. 

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