The Expert Way To Do Smokey Eye Make-Up
The Expert Way To Do Smokey Eye Make-Up

The Expert Way To Do Smokey Eye Make-Up

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Smokey eye make-up, just like the classic red lip, is one of the most iconic beauty looks of all time. 

According to the pros, smokey eyes are universally flattering and it’s just more of finding what works for you in creating shapes and choosing the texture, taking down the hardness of black and mixing it up with blue, grey or earthier browns and golds.

Whatever your desired effect: we have make-up experts share their go-to mesmerising eye make-up looks to make it as easy as 1, 2, 3.

Smokey eyes

Where did our obsession for smokey eyes come from?

It is not a surprise that the smokey eye make-up dates back as early as 4000 BCE. Queen Cleopatra and Egyptians used black powdery Kohl and crushed minerals to accentuate their eyes and create a  smokey eye look. They used to line their eyes to beautify and ward off eye infections and evil spirits. 

Just like for the Egyptians, a variant of Kohl was also widely used in Ancient South Asia (Kajal) and the Middle East (Ithmid). According to archivists, kohl was popular for both men and women as it is also used for medicinal purposes. It has claimed to keep the eyes cool and clean, improve vision and strengthen the eyes.

But it wasn’t until 1920s Old Hollywood that put smokey eye make-up on the map as women looked at the black and white classic silent films for beauty inspiration. Today, women use a combination of eyeliner, mascara and eyeshadow to create a dark, smudged effect. 

The pandemic has had half of our faces covered with masks. This has hugely changed the way we put make-up to enhance the features that can still be seen – our eyes and eyebrows. Our findings show that 47% of make-up lovers prefer a smokey-eye make-up look to accentuate their eyes.

How to create a classic smokey eye lookClose up Smokey Eyes

Clarins’ beauty coach Rebecca Jones shares her go-to tips on how to achieve the smokiest of eyes:

Step 1: Create the base

First thing first, apply an eye primer to the entire lid for a crease-free application and eye make-up longevity. Decide whether you want dark greys and blacks, earthy browns or golden hues. 

Step 2: Build colour intensity

Use a gradient eye colour palette like the 4-Colour Eye Palette. This palette comes in four ultra-pigmented and complementary shades. Work on three main shades: light, medium and dark. Keep the fourth shade for sheer or sparkle. 

The key to a smokey eye is to layer the eyeshadows from the lightest to darkest shades to create drama for your eyes.  

Step 3: Eyeliner

Define top lash line with Khol. This multifaceted eyeliner has a precision tip and natural brush to smudge or blend the eyeliner. Distribute the colour as close to the lash line as possible to make lashes appear longer and eyes bigger.  

Step 4: Volumise lashes

Finish your eye make-up by using the Supra Lift and Curl Mascara. This mascara enhances lashes giving them that instant lift – that could pass as extensions. Jones says for added volume ‘wiggle the wand in see-saw motions and up to the tip of the lashes’.  Layer three coats give optimal effect. 

Step 5: Thicken brows with brow duo

This 2-in-1 Brow Duo sculpts and enhances the eyebrows creating full brows. This will give you an overall more lifted look and gives brown lots of texture and oomph.   

If you want enhancement in the brow department, our tutorial on Thin Or Sparse Eyebrows? Here’s How To Draw Them On Perfectly will see you right.

Lastly, ensure at the end of the day to remove stubborn smokey eyes with Instant Eye Make-Up Remover

How to use a 4-colour eye palette:

Smokey Eye Palette

  1. Apply shade 1 (light) from your lower eyelid up to the eye crease.
  2. Layer with shade 2 (medium) on top following the natural eye shape or socket line. 
  3. Use shade 3 (dark) to the outside corner of the eyes.  Smudge in the crease for an added depth. Use window-wiper style sweeping motions to create a diffused effect. 
  4. Lastly, dab a little shade 4 (glitter) on the inside corner of the eye and brow bone. This will illuminate and bring the entire look together. Make-up pros suggest pressing a little glitter onto the centre of the eyelid inline with the iris – every time you blink that shimmer will reflect light and create a subtle brightening effect.

All it takes is a bit of practice and mastery. In no time, you’ll be playing with different colours and looks. There is so much eye make-up you can choose from. Visit your nearest Clarins counter if you need some extra make-up application tips. 

Beauty Daily Tip: Want a smokey eye look in less than one minute? Sarah Joan Ross, Beauty Daily’s Editor says, “Take your eyeliner pencil and place it on the waterline just under the top lashes; close your eyes and gently sweep the product back-and-forth keeping eyes shut. Add extra colour on the lid and smudge with your finger – voila! A swift, smokey eye, done.” 

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