Supersize Your Beauty Supplies – These Are Our Picks
Supersize Your Beauty Supplies – These Are Our Picks

Supersize Your Beauty Supplies – These Are Our Picks

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When it comes to beauty supplies, sometimes, bigger is better. Buying larger sizes of products you love and use often is useful on so many levels. Firstly, they tend to be a lot cheaper than their dinkier counterparts. Secondly, they save time because you’re repurchasing less. And last – but definitely not least – they’re the more sustainable choice, using less packaging and also saving on shipping costs. 

It’s also a comforting feeling to know that you’re stocked up on all your favourite products and won’t be running out anytime soon. Check out the Beauty Daily Editor’s hacks and favourite products here.   

Which is why it’s no surprise that supersized beauty products are trending. According to The NPD Group, sales of super-sized premium cosmetic products rose by double digits in the first six months of 2022. “While we recognise that there is pressure on people’s expenditure now, and people are seeking better value for money, and larger sizes and more potent formulas are more cost effective to buy,” Emma Fishwick, Account Manager, NPD UK Beauty explains in the report.

The great news is that some of our absolute favourite products are available to purchase in extra-large sizes. Below, we share our picks… 

What are supersized products and who are they made for?

“At Clarins, we refer to them as ‘luxury sizes‘ and they’re usually twice the size of the standard option,” says Charlotte McHale, Clarins Training Manager. “The reason they’re termed ‘luxury’ is because it’s a bigger outlay to begin with. But in the long run, you’re actually getting better value for money.”

If you’ve never shopped supersized before, you may have believed that these products were reserved for salons, spas and other trade purposes. But that isn’t the case.

McHale believes that if you already have a favourite product that you can’t do without, it may be worth investing in a larger size. Ideally, choose products that you’ve used and loved for a while and work all year round.

“At least at Clarins, it’s quite a limited collection of products that are available in luxury sizes,” McHale explains. “These are the products that we know people buy over and over again – Double Serum, Moisture Rich Body Lotion, Eau Dynamisante, the toners, sunscreen… You know, these are staple items.”

She warns against making the investment in products you’ve never tried before. If you buy supersized, you are of course, spending more upfront. So, you’ll want to ensure you will be using up every last drop.

“You need to know if the product is right for you first,” says McHale. “That’s why sampling exists! That’s precisely why we offer free samples.” If there’s a product you’re interested in, be sure to ask for samples at beauty counters before buying the full size.

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The best supersized beauty supplies to invest in

These are some of our favourite supersized beauty supplies that work for all seasons, genders, skin types and concerns.  

1. Moisture-Rich Body Lotion

body lotion

Body lotion is a bathroom cabinet staple. And the Moisture-Rich Body Lotion, £50 (400ml) is an iconic Clarins product that’s great pick for all skin types. The newly reformulated version has a higher concentration of shea butter and a blend of organic plant extracts. Together, they quench thirsty skin and strengthen its barrier and hydrolipidic film. 

2. Susanne Kaufmann Bath Oil For The Senses

What makes this bath oil extra soothing and invigorating? The blend of ylang-ylang, patchouli and lavender essential oils in the formula. And if you like the sound of that (and enjoy a good bath all year round), you may want to invest in the large 500 ml version of Susanne Kaufmann’s Bath Oil For The Senses, £75 (500ml). Plus, the stunning bottle doubles as bathroom decor. 

3. Therapie Himalayan Detox Salts

Speaking of baths, if you love bath salts, we recommend trying the Therapie Himalayan Detox Salts, £40 (400g). The concoction of Himalayan mineral salts, powdered amethyst, and lemongrass, juniper and geranium essential oils can help calm stressed nerves and soothe anxious minds.   

The 400g jar will last you ages, and when you run out, just pick up the 500g refill pack instead.  

4. Double Serum

double serum

Double Serum, £108 (75ml) is crafted with 21 potent plant extracts and targets a host of different skin concerns and signs of skin-ageing. That’s probably why people across age groups and skin types count this as a staple in their skincare routines. 

If you’re one of them, you may want to pick up a supersized version. “When we first brought out Double Serum, we only had a 30ml bottle,” reveals McHale. Thankfully, you can now get both 50ml and the large 75ml variants.  

“We also have the option to auto-replenish,” says McHale. “So, you can have it delivered to you regularly, if you like, and never run out.”

5. OUAI Shampoo & Conditioner

OUAI shampoo and conditioner

When you find a shampoo-conditioner combo you love, you tend to stick with it. So it makes sense to buy them in bulk. Which is why we love that you can buy 946ml refill packs of the OUAI shampoos, £48 and conditioners, £48. The core range is split into options for fine, medium and thick hair. 


7. Eau Dynamisante

Eau Dynamisante

If you consider Eau Dynamisante, £60 (200ml) your signature scent (like many of us on the Beauty Daily team) it only makes sense to push the boat out with the large splash bottle. “You can use it to refill your spray bottle, so it’s great from a sustainability standpoint as well,” says McHale. 

Or, alternatively try the mini sizes – check out our travel-friendly scents

Clarins eco sunscreen

8. UV PLUS [5P] Anti-Pollution Moisturizing Screen

Clarins sunscreen

The UV PLUS [5P] Sunscreen, £45 (50ml) is McHale’s personal favourite pick from the luxury size selection available at Clarins. While the standard 30ml size retails for £34, you can get the larger 50ml for just £10 more. 

“Personally, I think this one is a pretty good deal,” says McHale. “For me this is a daily go-to – I use it like it’s going out of fashion. So, it makes sense to stock up.” 

It offers UVA and UVB protection, with SPF 50 PA+++ and protects against five types of pollutants: atmospheric, indoor, pollen, blue light and photo-pollution. Plus, it’s super lightweight and suits all skin types. 


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