How To Get Glowing Skin For Spring
How To Get Glowing Skin For Spring

How To Get Glowing Skin For Spring

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If you’re constantly wondering how to get glowing skin with skincare, you’re not alone. The global skincare industry is booming more than ever, as according to research, it’s currently worth over £128bn – and is still set to grow by almost 4% year on year. But how do we achieve a flawless glow at any age without falling into the trap of a daily 10-step skincare routine? And should we switch up our skincare products now that we’re coming to spring? Beauty Daily asked Ridah Syed, Senior Medical Aesthetician at Skinfluencer London, for her take. 

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How to get clear, glowing skin  

Strip back your skincare routine 

Syed says spring is the perfect time to start decreasing the use of various products in your regime. “As the colder weather disappears and the warmer weather arrives, it is a good opportunity to decrease the use of any type of actives such as exfoliants, retinol, Beta Hydroxy Acids and vitamin A, as skin tends not to be as dry or affected by the elements,” she says. Consider switching your regular face wash with an exfoliating cleanser containing glycolic acid (normal-dry skin) or salicylic acid (oily skin) as a gentler approach to exfoliation than using acids directly on the skin. If your skin is sensitive, use a gentle cleanser daily and scrub once a week. 

Try: Clarins One-Step Gentle Exfoliating Cleanser, £25

Swap thick moisturiser for hyaluronic acid and a light moisturiser 

It’s time to push your thick winter moisturisers to one side in favour of something with a lighter texture. Using a product that’s too heavy on your skin in warmer weather can cause your pores to become clogged, and it isn’t necessary unless your skin is extra parched. So instead, try using a hyaluronic acid serum and a thinner moisturiser to keep things feeling lighter.

Try: myBlend Superserum Hydration Face Serum, £60 

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SPF is your best friend 

“SPF is always essential, so remember to apply it daily in the morning. Also, if you are using skincare actives, take extra care that you are applying enough SPF to protect your skin from the sun’s skin-harming rays,” Syed adds. 

Try skin cycling 

Skin cycling is the art of alternating the days you use active ingredients, such as retinol or chemical exfoliants, to resurface the skin, with days in between where you solely use moisturising ingredients to strengthen the skin barrier. This well-balanced combination helps to achieve a lit-from-within glow as it ensures that the skin’s natural moisture barrier remains intact.  

Watch your diet 

“Truly glowing skin starts from the inside out, so as well as drinking plenty of water and eating a healthy diet, snack wisely,” says Syed. “Cashews and almonds are packed with healthy fibres, fatty acids and proteins, thus effective in maintaining your skin glow,” she adds. Fruits such as strawberries and blueberries are also high in antioxidants and are known for their positive effect on healthy skin. 

How to get glowing skin at 60  

Use retinol 

If you want to reduce the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles, try including retinol in your night-time skincare routine. “This hero ingredient is used to reduce the appearance of fine wrinkles and mottled skin discolouration and to make rough facial skin feel smoother – so it’s a terrific skincare ingredient for more mature skin types,” Syed explains. “But remember, whatever strength you choose, it is advisable to introduce it to your skincare routine in a low percentage and build up the frequency of use slowly if you want to maximise your skin health and minimise skin irritation,” she adds. 

Reach for Vitamin C 

Incorporating a Vitamin C product into your morning skincare routine can add extra brightening benefits. “Vitamin C continuously eats up the free radicals we are exposed to throughout the day, originating from environmental factors including pollution, cigarette smoke and pesticides. If left on the skin, they speed up the ageing process,” Syed says. So, applying vitamin C to your skin daily is not only a line of defence against factors that accelerate ageing but also an exceptional skin brightener. 

Choose a lighter foundation formula 

It might go without saying that thicker, heavier foundation formulas can sink into fine lines and wrinkles and make them look more prominent. Try using a lighter formulation with glow-inducing benefits, as this product will sit nicely on the skin and not appear cakey. 

Treat yourself to a professional treatment 

Regular professional facial treatments can help to keep skin in top condition. Instead, try a bespoke treatment tailored to your skin needs to leave it feeling radiant and quenched. 


How long does it take to get glowing skin?  

This all depends on your skin’s current condition and your skin type. For example, it can take longer to achieve a glow on drier, more dehydrated skin, as moisture is imperative for radiance.

Is it possible to get glowing skin in seven days?

Opting for a professional treatment and a suitable at-home skincare routine could leave your skin glowing within seven days. 

Lifestyle changes that can help get glowing skin  

“Healthy skin will glow,” says Syed. “You should focus on hydration and keeping the skin barrier intact, so skin isn’t compromised. This can be achieved by following a good, professionally recommended skincare regime at home; regular professional treatments complement that.”  

As previously mentioned, you should also have a diet rich in fruit and vegetables and aim to drink at least two litres of water each day. You should also minimise your intake of alcohol and caffeinated beverages. 

After a great skincare regime, the next step is to getting glass-like skin can be found here.

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