Bridal Make-Up Looks – The DIY Guide To All The Dos & Don’ts
Bridal Make-Up Looks – The DIY Guide To All The Dos & Don’ts

Bridal Make-Up Looks – The DIY Guide To All The Dos & Don’ts

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Choosing which bridal make-up look to go for can be a challenge, especially if you want to try something new. As it’s one of the most important days of your life – and one that you’ll be looking back on forever – it’s no surprise if you’re feeling the pressure. 

But while you might be tempted to try something super glamorous for your big day, according to Clarins Training Manager, Jason Roberts, it’s usually best to play it safe. “One of the biggest mistakes I hear from brides is that they opt for a make-up look that doesn’t make them feel like themselves on their wedding day,” he says. “It’s worth considering that your wedding day is more of a moment in time, and you’re most likely going to want to keep your make-up quite classic to look like the best version of yourself,” he adds.  

Roberts also explains that the best way to be sure you love your make-up on your big day is to have a trial well before the wedding so that you can switch some things up if need be. “You’ll be looking back at your wedding photos for years to come, so keep in mind that you’ll want to opt for a look that you’ll want to look back on. Do what you feel most confident with,” he says. 

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Bridal eye make-up looks  

Soft glitter

soft glitter bridal make-up 

If you’re a glitter lover, you’ll be pleased to hear that it’s not totally off-limits for your special day. There is a muted, softer way to work glitter without it looking too overbearing, with just a touch of shimmer in the sockets of the eyes. 

Bold shadow 

bold eyeshadow bridal make-up

Love a heavy eye look? There’s no reason to avoid a bold eye on your big day. A nice wash of colour can add some extra dimension to your overall look and be a real stand-out feature for your wedding photos. 

Rosey gaze 

soft pink bridal make-up

Team a rose lip and cheek with a touch of rose shadow on the lids for a soft, pretty and elegant look that perfectly complements any dress.  

Beauty Daily tip: Waterproof mascara is a must. Apply Clarins Lash & Brow Double Fix, £21 over your favourite mascara to instantly make it waterproof.  

Double Fix Mascara

Natural bridal makeup looks 

Totally nude 

nude bridal make-up

Nothing screams ‘you, but better’ than a subtle nude look. Team a nude lip with a light bronzing over the cheeks and eyes for a neutral, tied-together result. 

Flawless skin 

flawless skin bridal make-up

“There is a real trend at the moment for having flawless healthy skin, as skin barrier health is a big buzz for this year,” says Roberts. “I would recommend thinking about how you can start prepping your skin before the big day as in advance as possible,” he explains. “Our skin goes through a 28-day cycle, which is how long it takes for new skin cells to renew on the skin’s surface. Therefore, think about setting yourself a skin plan that starts at least a month before your big day. The better your skin is, the better your make-up will look and last,” Roberts adds. 

“Be cautious, though. Don’t do something that you might have never done to your skin before as you may get a result that you don’t want – such as an adverse reaction or inflammation. For example, don’t use a brand-new exfoliator the day before you get married. Use products consistently in the run-up to the wedding for best results.” 

Clarins Beauty Flash Balm, £30.24 

Beauty Flash Balm

Made with 96% naturally sourced ingredients, this fan favourite instantly erases signs of fatigue and restores skin’s radiance. 

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Beach bridal make-up looks 

Deep bronze 

deep bronze bridal make-up

Nothing screams summer like a deep tan. Try getting a natural-looking spray tan before the big day and follow up with some defining bronzing contour along your cheekbones on the day itself. A bronze eye and nude lip also go well with this look. 

Beauty Daily tip: Think about the season that your wedding falls into. For a summer wedding, consider using body make-up to highlight the décolleté or limbs (depending on what your dress is like).  

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Bridal lip make-up looks 

Bold red lip 

bold red lip bridal make-up

Feel your best with a bold red lip? There’s no reason why you can’t rock it on your wedding day. Pair your ideal shade of red with a more natural-looking eye to achieve a better balance. 

Clarins Joli Rouge, Grenadine, £21.84 

Looking for the perfect red? This lipstick has a good balance of warm and cool tones, as well as orange and plummy tones, making it a good choice for most.  

Rose nude lip  

rose nude lip bridal make-up

Rosey-toned nudes are one of the most popular bridal lip shades. If you’re choosing quite a heavy eye look, or just want to keep everything quite muted, a nude is the way to go. Get a matching liner and lipstick that you can apply throughout the day to top up on colour. 

Chanel Rouge Coco, Mademoiselle, £37 

This iconic lipstick adds gorgeous colour to your lips and moisturises them at the same time – perfect for avoiding dry lips on your big day. 

Barely-there lip 

barely there lip bridal make-up

For the ultimate low-maintenance lip look, try a touch of tinted balm, oil or gloss. There’s no need to go too elaborate – just add a slick as and when you want to amp up the glam.  

Clarins Lip Comfort Oil, £18.48 


Try this tinted lip oil for all-day hydration and nourishment. Some shades (like cherry) react to the pH in your lips for a personalised colour, and they contain ingredients to plump up your pout, too. 

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